77 thoughts on “DI RES A PIC DEM TOMORROW

  1. Pretty face but Happle pulllleeeeeeze get a Stylist since money ah run! The two outfit looked a mess…..yuh just ah show up yuh two sandbag weh siddung pan yuh chess and it doh luk gud!!

    Looking fahwud tuh Jay next event…..sexy, classy wud ah nice! :cool

  2. Apple always look like she a dress to go bed.Mi hate those shoes I dont care what is cost are the brand. Yanki Michelle u look terrible in that blue hair and pink dress. Jadion u fi stop bleach u turn pink when the liquor dash pon u.party look empty and where was daffy and his wife bobette? Mi just tired a these want to be celebrities..

  3. I dont like theifing bobette but she dress better than apple she change up are style,Apple always dress like a stripper one style only she have..

    1. Can you imagine both husband and wife rub up a night time with the bleaching cream before bed? :tkp none no better than the other.

  4. Apple expression when she walk up in a the “EMPTY” party killllllllsss meeee :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

  5. apart from him pigstail face JayIcon does look nicely put together, but why dat gal spend off the money pon the man suit and she look like she lose har way from Monday afternoon strip club? she looks so cheap and tacky, like she gonna serve bottles and give lap dances. Get it together bitch. This is not what less is more means.

  6. So They had an empty party? I called it on a post last month, I said “Dancehall people getting tired of them” :ngakak They don’t get it, People tired of how you Mr. Pink face and movie star Apps a show off on poor people when unuh tek poor people $20. :ngakak These rich dancehall celebs could NEVA get a dalla from me, I prefer to support a little man who humble. Pink face hykonalic it’s time you find a next hustle my youth, having parties naaah work fi you again, you and your wife too damn show off, is now you go run to the illegal ish, unuh go work and stop tek poor people fi poppy show.

  7. Great couple the rich couple . Yankee Michelle come on we all know you borrowed those shoes or rent them from of those girls in your circle. Hear your caption on Instagram you now how long I have these shoes and never wear them bitch please that’s not your shoes .

  8. Apple u disrespect Hermes bag by wearing that shit u have on! It might as well be fake cause u Mek it look Cheapppp. 1st of All why would u wear 2 of the same shoes has a change outfit in different colors and same black color outfits. The boots was hott but not how u rock it. U should’ve of worn somethings with colors for the blue boots and the white something light. Where is all this black going??? U just made Bobbette take another WIN just cause u didn’t sell ur boots or bag. U look plain and boring make up was dry and ur outfit was dark and stripper ish. Nothing new u losing ur swag but u still def have the best body outta the surgery crew I’ll give u dat

    1. Daffette and Bobbette reached back from Friday….sumn inna sumn…only Twinny and YM mi see..Autopsy Body nuh miss no dance no time but she wasnt there….no Dolly no Jodi no Kim…the place look empty-ish to me.

    1. As someone said below……Kerry shawt ah clothes, JU JU Bear ah rob time, whole heep so it difficult fi keep up appearance. Not to mention the store dem ah New York have their file :cool

  9. All i have to say is that icon when u a bleach u need fi rob all of your body it don’t look good omg you foot them blackkkkkk, and to you barbie woman pls young lady you have a little girl wear some clothes let her look at her mommy and say mommy looks good not make her think that you are selling your body come on its time for you all to be a good roll model for the kids.

  10. I’m just shock to how these ppl really waste time and go to this. First off him want $30 fi tickets in advance and at the door them start charge $40 and after 2am $60 then inside him charge $150 to $160 fi a bottle of champagne. That’s why nobody was buying out the bar! None of his wet up crew showed up! Money bruk Team shared a 2 bottles outta 5 of them
    Money Train stand up dry hand an mout all nite!
    Paul Range sip Pon one bottle Fr 1am til party end.
    Damion Thomas and Passion share 1 bottle all nite Yankee Michelle stand up looking thirsty half di nite while her man share wit a nxt mon.
    Bare Fish in dere this year Fish who tek off J icon shoes ah wet him up was GQ last year was Wacky Fresh prince did do it. Jadion ting gone to da dogs party was wack

      1. Can you even imagine? paying $60 to go in a them pawty? Then the next day you see Miss Apple on Snapchat a go in a Hermes store with your money in her bleach out hands a show on shapchat like “Damn B*tches I got your money” :ngakak Or she foot kock up in a brand new porsche a show of pon black people, or she go do over har batty. SIMPLI you no see say Icon and him Wife tek we fi puppets?

    1. Caution is Icon competition now so he have to raise di price to mek him money cause nobody nah go ahead him party like before.

  11. Apple look so lonely in the party none of her so called Hott gal crew dem rolled out.
    The party should’ve of stayed in Queens. It wasn’t worth the Manhattan location they didn’t fill up the venue and the crowd that was there was boring EVERYBODY watching Wat everybody have on. Even the man dem. It’s sickening! No vibes no fun jus watch an chat.
    He didn’t make the money he intended on making that’s for sure cause no one really was spending or in the mood to spend after paying so much to get it in guess that turn off ppl vibes fi drink. But it was definitely a overpriced event and u didn’t get ur money worth at ALL
    All the food weh dem claim free cold n taste bad bare chicken dem kill ppl wit kmt

  12. What about Cecile lick Daffy at the party? I hear that she rush Daffy and ROBBAS as soon as dem come in and security escort Daffy out? Daddy is a real pussy.People people come talk the things. That is why Daffy and ugly Bobette had to leave.

  13. Just went and look at the pics. I think apple is living out the fantasy of her next life time. STRIPPER/PLAYMATE/CENTERFOLD

  14. And NO I can’t want back my money for something I never attend
    This is all being discussed in group chat from ppl who did attend.
    I wouldn’t dare waste my hard earn money on ppl like dem weh Richer than me an di whole NY. Its entertaining seeing these fools pretend to be someone they’re not.I have all the time in the world to sit back and laugh at them

    1. Yes sah, people a catch on to these teefing people who are indeed the RICH and FABULOUS of NY. You are so right, why would WE give them OUR hard earn money that we have to work a 9-5 for? While they stay in bed and bleach all day with the party money? $40? Hahahahahaaaa what a Kaka fart. My money? NO Hiconhalic you and your RICH wife coulda a neva.

  15. Fr Kerryann catch di lockup Fr the girl ah Bronx she ease up from the party scene
    And plus Jadion tired fi buy she and Apple clothes for every dance him keep
    Cause it did stink ah Bronx seh Apple man use to swipe fi Kerry an Apple tru Nuttin naw gwan fi Kerry an outta respect fi Jue

  16. When me see miss Apple me nearly dead .. No sah :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak Apple really ???? U never look good I have seen u look better it was a epic fail for me :berduka :berduka mean while your mom on fb , cussing people Christine please have several seats in the retirement home and go cuss u tuff face u jawbone dem lock up like wah .. Yankees Michelle :ngakak :ngakak u need to stop u did look like bozo the clown :ngakak :ngakak not a fan of Robert but she a win right now :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

  17. Candy morisha sister from north west London fly fi go get batty pump up candy yuh too nuff and stay bad yuh never look good wannabe bitch stop try fi run up inna Christine and Barbie dem not even give yuh a feature the gal nuff yuh see. The gal love walk and beg friends all miss Lou bed she inna a eat food met yuh need fi run s file pin her

  18. Unno sure a boots dat? cause from my view it look like a plaster Polish shi have on pan har foot, a wha?shi Bruck har foot a run out a Saks or berdorf?

  19. first of all robbas never need rotten apple,to go, she got all rotten stuff before she went to court, only the shoes them she not keeping ,keriann still moving to ct, hello don’t forget, is the two a dem move up there ,she say she running from Shoshanna aka baldhead killer baby mother lol, keri playing house wife for turnip bro ,ahhhhh,just through them hate on caution that’s what happen, evil apple,black foot jaydoin stop fight har fi di cream

  20. Party look like a bunch of old hoes trying to make a come back. Yankee Michelle. You look about 50 in that wig apple ask your husband for a ring upgrade why is your wedding ring a flat board of crystal clusters. Also take some of the bag money and fix your teeth your teeth should of been the first investment you look like a 1970s hooker your son must be shamed of you because i would of surley put my foot in ya ass then jaydion ass if you where my mother.a f***g disgrace jaydion look like he was prostituting you to the highest bidder of 10 dollars

  21. Ana 13 Party was not empty, it was a good crowd naw lie people start leave before Mr & Mrs Icon arrived after 5am, dem tek so long fi come people start leave. thats why nobody in the pic with the champagne throwing Daffy and Bobby were there they came after the Icons , as soon as Daffy came in his side chick boxed him in his face right in front of Bobby and thats why you don’t see any pics of the couple Because it was a wrap for them after that ,He did not do shhhht Mi laugh till me week.Mi neva see Kerry fi real Next time you should come it was worth the money to see Daffy Get Box DWL

        1. where Apple nd har man a guh after 5…a wah kine entrance dem waan mek suh as tuh de box weh Daffy get nuh badi neva a video de empty party fi ketch even the end a the box him get?!?!?!?

          1. Remember dey r stoorsssssssssss so stoorsss go place late fi mek an entrance but mi neva a si a husband carry out him wife naked yet so till mi si dis.

  22. Side chick box him smack him in front of his bad gal wife Bobbete could never :tabrakan: :tabrakan: buck up buck up :sundulgans :mads

  23. bwoy mi just see one next pic of dem and is like dem did a try filter out him look but him end up being pinker and him foot black …..she need fi tell her husband fi stop bleach him skin very much stubborn and refuses to budge

  24. So Bobbette & daffy go pon vacation so must the icons what a set of ppl can copy each other monkey see monkey do . Them just enjoy copy clothes shoes and lifestyle from each other a wonder who first going to buy a yacht & a helicopter out of the crew .

  25. Mi naw lie mi nuh usually have nothing to say bout di bitten but today I shall type… Nuh dweet again!! Neva you show dem ugly titty deh again… never again! Nuh dweet man.

  26. Lawd god mon, apple you an your man a real celeb, shake off badmine..but fi real thou..yanky michelle let me down…har man look better , she did too colorful mon..

  27. Noooooo sah Daffy get box in front of his bank book lawwwwwwwdddddd mi weakkkkkkk
    I woulda piss up mi self! Afta him darling wife tek him Pon big bday trip him cum back to a box Fr him side boo unnu Lego di video or pic of this brave ooman pleaseeeeeee

  28. me look pon the photos them and honestly jamaican people in america ugly and tuff bad,when me go jamaica the girls them done there nice and better looking so how the ones them here in america look so,them should be more refine.

  29. More than likely its Hawaii, Vegas,or Florida or some US territory. Dwflllllll bitch upgrade and fly international. Tired of these BASIC bitches

  30. She looks like a hooker going after a John . No movie star obseve Kim & Kanye if you guys trying to pull off the look come on enough of this stripper look you claim your married now ease of the pole now . Apple you can be sexy cause you do have a nice face to bring it & the remodel body but you always looks like a hunt point hooker upstate stop let jadion have you looking like he’s a pimp & you work for him .

  31. Met why daffy get box ?? This need its own post the bad gal Robert and danisha and them run leave I need answers to this ASAP

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