Me hear seh dem two germs yah go Spanish town guh war two pan one and d gal whole Ms Goldy locks and mash out r hand middle wid bottle and she loose r iPhone woooii me weak! Met me hear seh d salt gal sus petite guh mash up r own man party to how d gal salt all when fi r war done about 6 more me hear seh gwan after. real crasis gal and u know weh me hear seh start it sus claim to seh she and d girl dem inna facebook beef! Gal dem a real idlers sus from me know yuh from when till now yuh cant change yuh just likkle and loose suh not only yuh behavior but yuh ole and me hear seh a trow yuh haffi trow liquor inna d gal face fi grab r yuh nuh bad and yuh itchup back a d stinking head one a trow bottle lick yah gugu! And every body know yah bate cause me hear seh d gal down pan d ground a feed yuh friend face with lick where were you when all a this happen gal ball whole night and a faint weh unu should a dead d bottle should a bruk inna yuh face and nuh yuh hand weh u gone a spain gone war fah stay inna unu lane town big enuf fi we a me wah buk yuh inna wah town party fi shell unu dung to.

10 thoughts on “LIKKLE PICKNEY TING

  1. Them need a job fi occupy them time a dat dem in need of somebody can really a fight bout fb beef dem get Weh dem deserve and should a get more two pan one nuh count me stand up and watch everything the girl Inna d black never stop trow lick although a one she did a penitrate pan she whole on pan d gold hair girl and did give it to r me nah lie she beat d shit out a her anybody Weh see and seh a nuh d girl Inna d black win a bias and her friends dem nuh good a one gal stand up to the two girl dem she brave and she never drop suh she Stan up firm pan r foot is a man push dung d girl Inna d black and all when d gal drop she nuh let go off a d gold hair one she did Inna d ground a fiss up r face me see dem bruk bottle fi wah idk cause all now dem nuh use it. And me hair seh dem nuh give the gal a scratch kmt if a never fi d bottle dem couldn’t seh dem lick r dem bottle not even bruk and d gal have a magnum bottle n bruk it pan one a dem real baddaz how Yuh mean.

  2. A who send in tha story yah it a talk facts but me hear seh the girl Inna d black hand cut but a d magnum bottle Weh she bruk pan d girl make r hand cut she get a scrape Inna r back and when she drop it look like she lick r head pan d stone cause a bay mall did deh pan d groun and d side a r face get a small stone can’t believe all them a lick r she wouldn’t go down dat a Weh Yuh call tuff dem lick r in vein met! Use up all a dem energy fi ntn yes a suh it fi go nuh gal nuffi come Inna Yuh area come beat Yuh Stan firm and make gal know dem self all if a did she one wid d two a dem me a congradulate har job well BBC done!

  3. Me glad a nuh me one see d girl Inna d black win big time!! She give d Adda girl some hefty lick essi and is a man push r fi real me hear seh d man come with the girl name sus! U see dem a evil but it never pay off one bit. Look pan Unu bout Unu come a Spain a try make problem me can’t believe how d gal mash up d party sender Yuh nuh miss ntn tho cause everything Yuh seh pan dis a truth suh if dem deh a dem yaad a talk lie me glad somebody decide fi talk d truth me hear seh ppl a seh how d gal get beat up Unu too lie! A two a dem pan d gal grab one n feed r some good lick Unu fi guh look work a dat Unu fi do.Unu need something productive fi do

  4. This is how it go! And a nuh hear seh this! Me watch from beggining cause me did done see the vybz crystal punch please stop change Yuh name Yuh name nuni and kky Yuh talk the facts cause a suh it go and ppl a talk and a twist d truth Unu fi guh Weh all r fren dem fi guh Weh to d gal a one man army anyways…. Let me begin suh d girl Inna black get liquor Inna r face den she grab d gold hair one and a beat r Inna r face wid d magnum bottle d other friend lick r wid a moscato bottle two time Inna r head but my view is that she nah look pan r she a focus pan d one Weh she whole me nah lie me nuh know how me a hear seh r head nuh bus to how she get dem two lick deh she raise a bottle off a d gal Weh she whole n pan an is like d gal whole up r hand when she dweet! Suh it catch Inna d middle of her hand Yuh know wah mysterious me hear is a magnum bottle and we done know magnum bottle nuh easy fi bruk but to how hard she a guh wid DA bottle deh it bruk up Inna d gold hair gal hand when me seh gal hand middle mash up me a talk bout mash enuh..anyway continue… D gal dem a wrestle and a man me hear seh the man come wid sus push d girl and when she fall pan d ground she still whole on pan d gal n a tump r up when me seh none stop thumping like is a man a war a dat me mean enuh! When Yuh look Inna d gal hand middle blood a spray!!! Can’t stop!!! Me seh a piece a determination did deh pan d gal she decide seh she haffi give one out a d two a dem a good piece a beating! And ask if she nuh dweet!! Me rate r me nah lie d gal never stop trow lick dem never see it coming met any how d gal never get d liquor Inna r face me know she would a deal with dem the real way gal dem a bate fi true.

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