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That pink wall shit even more hilarious then Lipstick Alley if u take time to read it they really put bobbette and toniKay on blast. SadeRush set up bobbette and got her robbed at gunpoint but wen dey sold her bags most was fake. Dey sed how Tonikay father that pass away was a thief n murderer n dey grew up watchin him steal n kill. In Jamaica they used to live at 10 Kingston lane && dey was known in JA to be very poor didn’t even have dey own bathroom to use. Tk father use to beat her moms knock out all her teeth in front of dem ( bad enough they all got a gap lmao ) also bobbette is rumored not to be able to have kids explains why Mophead Ugly Toya was postin subliminal tweegrams sayin “y’all bitches still can’t get pregnant” that was for Bobbette 4 sure . Toni kay n bobbette are annoying everytime I see dem in my timeline I roll my eyes dey think dey bad but dey not . All look like zombie includin dey mother
That family looks wicked.
It’s all in the eyes.
Stay away from vodou/obeah y’all
Yes talk di ting dem. ! But it’s true tonikay and bobbette keep doing surgery on themselves as if it’s gonna make them cute tonikay did her stomach and she’s still fat bobbette use to be realllyyyy dark but she bleaches now and I guess she believes because she’s lighter she’s suddenly pretty. Yessss the mother so ugly just like her kids they all ugly the entire family. & you can tell they not use to nothing all they do is brag now and they mix real with fake. Tonikay always wear her stuff and return them including her shoes and she even return her son clothes after he wears them


  1. Robbas how much people rob you? First you say Travis 2 fly now you say toya ?? How Sade rob her when Sade was with her when she got rob fix Unno story and come back again.. Pernnnnnn Gweh !!

  2. so waittt how unu nuh know sey di robbaz an sade dont talk cause afta bobby put up sey she a treat sade fi her bday to vegas, robbas come bk and sey she want back di money wha she spend…….chapta and den it start, robbaz all a thro word bout baby mada an no car, what people dont kno is sade she a chat bout. unu nuh see di video dem whey robbaz a post bout fren an all dese ting, but wait a want sade see har an buck har down, robbaz luv galang like she too bad an bitch know she canr fite fi save har life, how u fi sey u atreat fren pan ig den tun roun a ask bk fi money, these bitches live too much internet life. as fi tonikay she naked like bakkle. a so she wear di clothes a so she carry dem bk. di mumma and di daughter dem go road togethr go tief, who is dere fi bail out no bady. den di next batty man one miss daffy she evry whey dem go fi thief a him a di chauffeur, what a day when di old house tuble down.. robbette stop hype and mine sade calm you. cause unu luv unu one another so much an as unu nuh chat robbete start banton sade. sade beware cause she talk all tings how u a hypocrit from long time an dem been catch u a chat dem and how indian cant mine u you child.

  3. What a rassclattt woieeeee :ngakak :malu :ngakak no sah from I was a little girl till now a who call bobby robbette gakak :batabig I need a doctor 911 I cannot cross it :ngakak :mewek2 :mewek2

  4. Bobette went to Vegas and f**k travis2fly from flatbush the same night she met him she even pay for his ticket to be change so he can leave the same night as her but she so call lost the stolen I’d she was using as traveling document and the police had to put her on the plane without knowing it was not her I’d. She got back to NY drop Travis off and when she got to her place 2 gun man was there waiting for her. They took her inside took all the bags and shoes which they found out later that it was all fake. Bobette then start to say Sade set up Travis to rob her house. Bobette then told tonykay who is f**king Tony class from 50s to have the 50s niggas take care of Travis. The 50s guys saw Travis in ace party and almost beat him to death with bottles. Tony class is in jail and is involved with a couple woman but bobette sister takes care of him

  5. All this family do is walk and work voodo the mother is the main one she love to work voodo on ppl.all Babette do is dash word on Trisha on instagram saying Trisha is taking care of two kids because Trisha baby father don’t work she say he just live off trisha

  6. The mother walk and suck off gundy hood from down a good hope restaurant him stomach strong cause she ugly bad. From I here Babette mother was sleeping with him I stop eat from there because I don’t want swallow no obeah rice.

  7. Somebody come get anonymous quick quick…. Ah cyaa manij di drama Ina di night yah….. So Robette Travis phucx yuh and rob yuh? What ah boy terrrrble! Soh Robbette, yuh couldn’t gi him 2 more phucx and beg back couple ah di bag and shoes?

  8. Bigger Tory Toni Kay was f**king Bready from la that’s why him get so salt and a go jail back 2 back,she did mine Bready hard .

  9. The plot thickens, dem life come een like mini series.. Tune in Next Week for another episode of…. Unu finish di res cause ongle ova yasso di show can get di proppa name unu bad pan dat

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