0 thoughts on “SENDER SEES A NEED

  1. Clearly someone needs to give the sender a “get a life ” challenge because you clearly have no life. Worrying about a next bitch .

  2. senda unless it can benefit kids inna the no school fee challenge. unu too instahype, fi people’s acquisitions whether it be a rass happy meal or some other form of monetary consumption. unu get instafrighten. she harself need a beating wid da filter deh cho my girl love yuh brown skin yuh nuh black don’t believe dem. look how yuh fava scared dem inna the second pic lol

  3. She again, weh a mad over Rory weh nah look cause she no Rory type at all. She desperate so till she put up his pic n take it dung quick quick. She didn’t even get the blink a him eye. Don’t know why she Nuh stay a yaad, cause the girl them a yaad hotta than hat n she come from Miami n a shop a jamaica. Poor u! But she Nuh cute in person fi tru, so she can use the filter. Rass a the video weh she did have up a dance with hat friend michaleena show har toughness n ugliest. I nearly dead when I see it, she tek it dung ppl did a laugh after the post!
    But tired to see her here now!

  4. I admire her ambition but she is very hype, love hype pon people when dem ask har a simple question and yes she ugly fi true because I saw her put up a pic without makeup and trust mi , it doh look good in my tony matterhorn voice…

  5. Yuh know seh I onli c this girl doing Better no matter how di ppl dem try bring her Down. It nuh look like u badmindess a wuk senda. A nuh the 1st me see har pon ya suh me start watch the progress . She a do har thing n nah focus pon di ppl dem weh a tri bing her dwn. Mi rate har . If nuff young gyal did stay like she it wud be a good look. But Jamaican ppl Dnt like see others doing well. BADMIND IS ACTIVE

  6. Mi see the gyal mek a post yesterday and she have a point. People have too much time on their hands these days . Unu busy a worry bout the gyal and the gyal don’t see unu . She a do har ting n Mek har money . More while unu tek up ppl pon unu head. Sidung n a watch and chat ppl when nuff a unu don’t even have one achievement . Sender yuh need a f**king life.

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