Met I have a story about these three girls purple, lisa and tiffany barbie who just ah walk and ah (Edited) the whole of the United States..

The one in the black is purple, in the red to that look like a man is lisa and the last drag queen looking one in the cream is tiffany barbie. Where should i begin all of them are boarding inna purple mother house, purple have a no good man who she ah mine, every little money she get she tek and give him so him can buy (Edited) and mine him other woman dem, she also ah f**k baldhead from the bx just cause she tink she ah guh get a name off of him. Next is lisa OMFG where to begin lisa cotch from house to house cause she have no resting place, she where she was living with her dad in co-op city fi bounce roun ppl yard wid her little 4 yr old daughter, she from left right and center. SHe have baby from one of the unruly boy dem and she f**k 4 more men out of the crew, she f**k ricman di man weh did beat up di girl in the previous post (her babyfather’s friend might i add) she f**k sadiki and now she ah f**k rico di cuban cause he think she ah guh get some money off of him everytime him f**k her him promise her all type of money and up to now she cant get a red cent from him, and poor lisa nuh know seh rico wife will murder her bloodclot. She just wanna think u have money and think u might spend it on her and she spread her legs. Lisa will buy clothes and hair wid her money and neglect her (Edited). Tiffany barbie my gosh her list long like bob marley funeral. Tiffany f**k lisa babyfather lol, she f**k half of bronx from di selector dem to club promoters, she f**k fresh prince, indian, steve brightworks from NC, she ah f**k popeye caution now who she just go down to miami fi guh see carnival weekend, and she all ah f**k her african boss (Edited) just fi get more hours then her friend dem. Dem gyal yah walk wid dem pu**y pan dem forehead, non of them go school and try make something of themselves all them do is siddung and plan who dem wan f**k and how fi get a papers off of them.Dem gyal yah ah run bronx ah way.


lisa n purpz baldhead-Optimized


rico and wife-Optimized

31 thoughts on “DI SENDER SEH 3 DI HARD WAY

  1. rico realy my youth ,u is a battyman :bingung bcause that ting in the red is a man :ngakak :malu no sah tashy is not the world greatest but she look way better.and she have har likkle job me neva ere har name call up pon no bag a man ,,,, dem gal yah nasty no clattttt ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  2. Yes Maury that’s Jason he use to go to school with my bredda then he went to the Bronx n came back with breast n butt it is are was n still is a MANT

    1. I have flatlined and I can’t git up______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  3. i dont know about tiffanny or purple but me sure bout lisa..unno fuka off lisa dont box from no house to house.. only house is from her father where she live to her aunt across the street and lisa go bbcl school so unno f**k offa who so ever send this in have a nice day..tashie i feel sey is you..yuh need fi ask rico bout the girl him have inna the cut…lisa and tiffany and purple a run yuh foot red and yuh mek up story and come tell lie pon lisa….dutty tashie wanna be your sister in law so bad and it naa work…nuh body want rico..rico mouth look nasty like a shit pit..unno ever see him up inna video a chat..unno waa vomit,,,rico look hungry nuh bbcl..and rico need fi tell why him a walk a tell ppl unno business and unno yard..unno come offa lisa name anybody wey send this in

  4. :ngakak :malu :ngakak …I say it already and I will say it again.thats a man in the red rico wutless f**ka me angry fi u badd enuh if u realy talking u yard story stop it nasty man dutty MAN DAM BATTY MAN :alay

  5. tiffiany barbebie love ball head bad,she nuh stop talk bout him.she tell purp and lisa seh him nuh stop call down har phone when sk not around.tiff say she and him ca left because him love her more than sk.dem claim say sk getting used by ballhead.

  6. DIi girl dem Nuh look like Nuh man..unuh jus love criticize people smh mi see DI one inna red and DI one inna black a NUFF party and dem look nice fi young girls and dem can dance too. Only thing mi see wrong a DI wol eep a makeup dem paste pan dem face dats why unuh probably a Seh datt. Mi Nuh know dem personally doh but mi always a hear DI girl name Tiffany inna mixup a she mi hear Seh bald head love and him a use Skay fi get back him name a road true him did lock up.

  7. met why you took the all the pics dem down and only left a few. stop being bais if that’s the case take the entire post down. seems like they the one behind this page or they your friends.

  8. yes met wey d rest a oic dem d3h…say the post y u deletw the oic wid the man/lisa ina di red top wid him/her frenz dem…lisa u look like d last stage a life….wey unu mus look suck out suh fi young gyL……

  9. purple is a slut I guarantee that!! you kno hoe much naked picture a go round. mek she stay deh a play wid ppl man dem soon fix har business

  10. @fraud 2 why you deh pon lisa suh, a wah, yuh wah nyam har crotches mek unuh a tek set pon di likkle girl, low the likkle girl dem mek dem party and enjoy dem life. mi see lisa put up har test score dem pon fb and she a bright girl weh look like she have har head pon har body. rico tell yuh baby madda fi low di likkle girl alone who she fi pick pon she nah pick pon wid her big bloodclaat no baby hair patchy head side.

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