1.Hi how are you?
I am fine, thank God fi life.

2. For the record could you please you state your name ?
Owen Clarke a.k.a Roy Fowl/Father Fowl.

3. Let me first say it is a pleasure to have you on JMG/Pinkwall, how do you feel ?
Me good and is my pleasure being here as me always a hear and read yu updates

4.You have been in Jamaica after being incarcerated in England, how did it feel when you arrived?
Me was happy fi be home and just glad that mi time in prison was over. After 7 years incarcerated I was looking forward to be next to a naked woman, not to mention the sex.

5. How have things changed ?
When me get out Jamaica was a changed place, me couldn’t believe the airport look so good, the country was more developed and prices were very high. Before me leave 2k could full me tank now is 8k fi do dat

6. Do you have any regrets about the way in which you lived your life?

No regrets, prison mek me a better man. Me never waste no time there, just educate meself & working out hard in the gym .Bcuz me plan that when me get out me going have nuff gyal fi bun. So me mek sure keep the body fit & the brain kicking. Me just stay focus and be positive bcuz me know the time must done as them couldn’t hold back the time.

7. What would you change about the past?
Me could a stop sooner but u know money is a disease so the more me get the more me want & u know that to. But as me say no regrets & life goes on bcuz me do me time fi the crime.

8. How many children do you have and how did your incarceration impact them?

Me have 8 kids, 2 in England, 1 in Canada, 1 in America & the other 4 in Jamaica. Well it did hard especially as me did just get three kids who would not know me bcuz them did young when me go prison. None a them no grow wid me but they all love me so much so I have to respect the mothers bcuz if them never talk good about me the kids them wouldn’t love me so much. Me see myself as a good father as I spend as much time with them now as I possibly can with them and I also take care of them. I’m their role model to how them love me but I would want them to follow in my footsteps so I mek sure send them to good school and talk to dem. I let dem know this is not the road to travel.

9. Most men who have been deported to Jamaica have seemed to fall on hard times, from your appearances it seems as if your life is well. How have you managed to keep up?

Well me set a solid foundation, me build me fence strong bcuz me know say anything can happen as long as u in the game.

10. Scotland Yard, mentioned in a documentary that your organization was big but there were few incidences of violence and no one was killed by you. How did you achieve this?
Well me not a violent man, me know what I was doing was wrong but me do it fi get the good out of it, me never send nuh gun come Jamaica, me never buy nuh man nuh shot and nuh man couldn’t come a mi yard come beg me money fi buy nuh gun or bullet else me run them out a me yard no matter how bad them claim dem is. Me is a man go anywhere in Jamaica, me nuh look behind me, me is not a gansta me is a moggler. Me love life & the girls and me is a people person.

11. What made you remain in it for so many years?
The money, the lifestyle and the gyal dem. As me say before, the more u get is the more u want.

12. Did you really purchase suits for 10,000 pounds?
Yeah me wear dere things but that a jus exaggeration

13. Are you in a relationship?
Of-course I am

14. Will you ever get married?
Me married already but me a live my life and she a live fi her. She live in England and yuh dun know the overseas relationship naw go work bcuz me haffi enjoy miself as a one life me have and me affi live it to the fullest. Me could a get 35years in prison & God mek me only do 7 so me naw watch no man me just a live and enjoy miself, so me nuh hide from picture or video, me do wah mek me happy.

15.Recently , two very popular Jamaicans were incarcerated do you have any words of advice/encouragement to give them?
Well all me would a say is just stay strong a nuh dead dem dead as me say before them caan stop the time so one day dem will be out and just tell demself say a time put dem in so time will get dem out.

16. Do you think they could have done things differently?
Well me caan say that as dem alone know what dem do so only dem can ansa dat question. To each him own.

17. To a young man hoping to go abroad and hustle, what would you tell him?

Me would a say listen me things & times change, dem would a just a set up demself fi go jail. Authorities get more sophisticated & know all the tricks out there. So I would a tell dem fi stay in school learn all u can & mek sure u get a skill as is nuff other ways out there to mek a living.

18. What do you like about the Pinkwall and what don’t you like?

When me read all the stories bout me I laugh bcuz me love when the readers a dun me and most time nuff a the story dem nuh go so. Me nuh really see nothing weh me nuh like as me see pink wall as a fun thing. Girls me deh wid get upset when unnu talk bout dem and me just mek dem know if dem never important people wouldn’t talk. When unnu talk good dem laugh and then get vex when unnu a dun dem so me get fun out a dat to.

19. People often complain about how hard it is to survive in Jamaica, what do you think the government needs to change that would help its people?
This is a third world country and when it comes to money the government a gwaan like we is a first world country. So when people have dem money dem caan spend it freely dem fraid fi bank it bcuz when dem ready fi it is a big problem to get it. It seem the government just waan the money stay wid the rich people dem naaw create jobs fi poor people and wid the cos a living it hard fi poor people survive. Government need fi just free up the thing like Norman Manley and Bustamante time and things will be better.

20. Do you have any parties coming up, and what will be special about it this time around?
I have a cook out Jan 3rd and dat is a moggling cook out. Rite pon the British corner 8 Wavell Ave and its an annual event weh get bigger every year. We have food of all type so u can pick choose and refuse and as usual u know is my thing ;so celebrities from all over the world gonna be there. Big up uself and all u metters me know dem ago dun me afta this but afta this but me ready fi laugh.


      1. Met! Interviews a reach levels mumma! LOVE IT! Rican long time no see

        RESPECT TO FOWL ON RESPONSE #10 and #17! z(yu head big, but wise 😀 )

        I respect anyone who don’t corrupt we Island nation.

        “Well me not a violent man, me know what I was doing was wrong but me do it fi get the good out of it, me never send nuh gun come Jamaica, me never buy nuh man nuh shot and nuh man couldn’t come a mi yard come beg me money fi buy nuh gun or bullet else me run them out a me yard no matter how bad them claim dem is.”

  1. mrs esquire see yuh man yah a tideh yah sign in fowl coop tun up :angel

    good morning met,metters,peepers nd others…

    it deh rite yah ooooooooooooooooooooo

    1. simply :ngakak whey uptown deh dis morning ooooooooo
      fowl seh him cuden wait fi come outa prison come gi bun :hammer

        1. Ms Met yuh know mi like Fowl doah? Yes Ms Met mi loike him and you did a good job with the interview. All Fowl a chat bout is gal gal and more gal :request

          1. seems like him full a joke..which is the greatest lesson in life u cant take life too serious ..

  2. big up Roy Fowl str8888! :shakehand2 metty jmg metters to di moon

    metty mi did hurt dis mawnin wen mi luk ova one post an si nite a di living dead all tears come a mi yeye :nohope dwrcllll dis yah post revive mi

  3. Never had the opportunity of getting to know him but passed through closely. Seems straight forward, I appreciated his honesty in this article. Bad choices were made, did the time for his crime and moved on……..Live Mr. Owen “Father Fowl” Clarke, enjoy!

    1. and somehow there is an element of believability abt the not buying and sending gun etc, seems like a jovial person. good read Met an fowl wat a way yuh couldnt wait fi gi bun da da dee wi like how yuh love JMG. Big up Met!

  4. Mi liokie met :thanks2

    Straight question … Straight answer

    $10k suits …. From I birth

    8 kinds from 4 different country… Fowl a u say global

    We’ll him set him stay good financially kah him set up “shop” ….him know the streets can be a mean mother father . Smart big head rasas :nerd

    Dem ha fi love pink wall kah a fi dem access Hollywood , On Stage , Entertainment Tonight, Insider & tmz dis :ngakak

    1. mi tell him se unno a go laugh when unno read bout him and di bun him se das y him love di pinkwall because him can get some laugh pan yah to

  5. Morning Met n jmgers
    Good job Metsy mi sorry u Neva ask him if the diabetes neva teck a toll pon him “bun” tool r is if that Viagra is a good friend ooooo n a wha him give T meck she teck a set so oooooo lol

  6. Very nice interview but met,you know mi always find fowl attractive wid him big head and all and clean to him step mi nuh really like older man but Roy fowl could get it as long as him nuh have up nuh pace maker,ananda big man whea mi find attractive to was Karl Armstrong little bit on the short side but mi would a work wid him di only thing whea turn mi off a fowl is mi nuh like dem up front man deh mi like man whea stay pon di back page,and no mi nuh hard up fi nuh …. Mi just find di man attractive

  7. That’s y mi say to each his own but y o y Fowl farrid eva shine so when mi see it all mi waaaa do a conk him no sex nothing mi no see

  8. it shine suh dem can see the reflection a de phuckings …no sah sir fowl mussi a laff yah nung a sey wi bad e’

    1. U deh pon a diffrant levels lmaooooo reflection in di farrid —————————————————— tawk about watching u self while u phuckk lollllll

  9. lol big up yuhself fi day interview here Met! Mi like it! Mr. Fowl just ansa straightforward and honest,lol…a how him long time Pink Wall wifey Uptown nuh sense say him on the wall yet lmao?

  10. great interview Met, I suggest you try to get more dancehall celebrities, to do interviews ,like LADY SAW, SPICE, GARY SHERLOCK, DOLLY AND SWEETS ETC…..

  11. great interview met. :peluk he seems like a nice man :ngakak :malu :ngakak he could not wait to get out to give bun :ngakak :ngakak mr fowl u make my day

  12. mawninnnnnnnnnnnnn Metty n Mettyers :peluk

    fowl nuh easy at talllll em juss deh pon di gyal dem n bun cho em soun like em haughti suh much luv an metty big up yuhself enuh tra888888888

          1. hayyyyyyyyy yah guh lowe me n mi crush enuh :maho

            talk e chuet man em nuh luk fuxxable? :nohope

          2. if di veetle nuh cum in time use weh the late pikky use..foot doah fail me nowwwwwwww :ngacir:

            chuety mek wi tek a trip n guh fowl cookout…mi need fi get a autograph fi mi room wid mi crush…a care zero bout a mate :cool

          3. U know say mi nah meck da trip deh wid u no cause imagine fi him farrid n the old time young gal farrid mi rasss when u come back u black n blue from di buck dem when a di fuxx u di fi get lmaooooooo

          4. chuetyyyyyyyyyy :ngakak wat if mi sitdung pon it like aidonia seh oooooooooooooo cum man mek wi guh fowl wi sen fi wi to

            quena plz to lowe mi i wi tek a slam as long as fowl seh tank yuh maam n den add mi to di list :hammer

  13. The things you do when you were young, to live fast etc. But even when he is older, he seems to still like the fast living.

    Having 8 kids, wife and four baby mothers and still his goals is to get more girls and floss, having no living relationship with his kids, more of a financial one. Yet he sees himself as a role model for them.

    Every body must enjoy their life, but there comes a time when everybody must also grow up !!!

    being a grandfather in the dance looking young girls doesn’t really cut it

  14. Morning Metisha…lol. Me ago give him points because I like the reply to QUESTION 10. Good interview.

    Fowl, I won’t ‘dun’ yu any further because I like your answer to #10.

      1. Nu worry him we still get him laughs wos if him go pass out again and have de same bird dem pon him arms.

  15. @ cnn dolly & sweets? Gary Sherlock??? Look here
    A REALIST we want not FAKERS! We want people who have
    Lived experienced & LEARNED not ppl Weh full of shit like land crab

    Good day met & metters!

  16. Good interview, however i dont believe the not buying guns and ammunition part bcuz as we all know drugs and guns goes together……….i remember some years ago 3 men from the british link up crew where killed in east kingston by gunmen armed with high-powered riffles.

      1. This is the same person who did an interview on national television (with cliff hughes) and stated that his crew was formed when he and some friends cooked boiled and roasted corn to fund their parties held at la roose. I wish MET could dig up and find that interview.

  17. Zervahhhh lol mi seh .. Dem woulda tangle up mi brain .. Met woulda have so much grammatical errors to correct she woulda mad all next year she nuh done correct .. She woulda give up by question #2 .. Those people haven’t accomplished anything or done anything
    For anyone to acknowledge them or even motivated ppl … the only question I would like to ask all 3 is that question in they gay topic … As a homosexual How do you feel when you enter the house of The Lord?

  18. Enjoy reading the interview, but will remain skeptical of the extend of the truthfulness of Father Fowl. One doesn’t run that size enterprise without a significant level of violence. That is just part of the game. The Trident guys did scoop up a lot of his soldiers and would love to hear what happen to most of these guys and does he think he “owes” them anything after they were released. Part II possible?

      1. And there are many others that do they thing widout violence. A lot of times it’s the likkle soldier dem mongst’ dem that take on things without being told.

        Fowl was a real hustler, you have dudes that can’t make up their minds as to if they are Hustlrers or Robbers, thats where things can take a turn. Go in make your money but when the robbing begin…..

      2. That is the reason for me giving him a bly. If Scotland yard verify that den a so it go…nu law enforcement body of that size would state that if it isn’t so. Especially where a black man from the “third world” is concern.

    1. Anon, he said that ” He” never provided guns n’ weapons to his goons dem, so whateva them do on their own time with them owna money or pay in order to secure them tingz, that’s on them and not him. He cannot be blamed for ah next man’s actions…every man for himself..

  19. Metty!! How yuh so large pon inna di Wednesday day yah?? Interview was very nive he seemed VERY down to earth. Sounds as if his time spent in prison humbled him and made him appreciate living life. Good job Metty!!

    1. i doah noe a wah dat she ova fi har wall a duh but wid a record she caw get no significant work suh bak to kitchen n bathroom chats aka interviews :nohope:

  20. Good interview, fi some strange reason he now seem way more like able than before. I like his views on the pink wall, I laugh and kept it moving…………………..

  21. pon a big ooman level met,mi wuda love yuh get all a interview wid the honorable Portia Simpson-Miller no joke thing cuz the crises a food stay a way ppl a nyaam all sort a animal just to survive it sad

  22. There is a big difference between not caught using violence and no violence being used. Foot soldiers and ‘disposables’ carry out acts of violence. When there are large amounts of drug money then guns and violence and betrayal are always integral in that mix. The smart ones try to keep their hands clean

    1. while watching the documentary they did on fowl, a police man did make the claim that after fowl was arrested, crime went down significantly in the north west london region.

      fowl farrid cum in like a crystal ball, it can tell u ur past, present an future. di farrid cum in like a mirror inna one steamy bathroom.

      good day miss met

      good day fellow metters

      1. Now lundun you a gwaan bad, a wonda wah kinda readings mi woulda get from him nanny buck buck farid

        1. ispy, fowl farrid can tell u weh u eat fi breakfast, lunch an dinner last month. deh farrid deh luk like a satellite, mi no know how him manage get ketch wen him ave deh farrid deh weh can pick up all kinda signal.

  23. Shani….next time yuh link him….ask him weh him get di name “Roy/Fada Fowl from? Mi waan know if him used to sell fowl…teef fowl ..or f**k fowl when him yunga….or if a tru him used to eat bare fowl….Lol. But mi like how him str888 up an is not like we a glorify what he did….but him stand up to him punishment an have positive words fi di yute dem. Mi like dat….An most man who live a certain lifestyle always on di road an cyaan too sekkle….suh him not playing an active role ina him kids life is just try di life him live. Most hustler have kids all bout an provide financially but are often missing physically….A jus suh tings go in dat world an ooman know dat too …..suh dem too….fi mek betta choices. Big up Mr Fowl….and salute to the ever brilliant and positive…..”Ms Shani…aka….”Met”…aka…”Di ooman weh own di wall”…. :cendol :peluk :2thumbup

  24. I love the interview, but can i play the Devil’s advocate what about the many women that were drug mule for Mr. Fowl, and I know one lady that died when the coke never wrapped good and buss inna har belly. Another that was badly beaten, because them never wanted to pay her when she reach England trru she nuh have no big backative…One come from Cling Cling and the other from Henderson Avenue. These ppl were mules for Father Fowl

    1. I Spyyyyyy….yuh know Roy Fowl was laffing from him log on dis mawnin till bout 2:14 pm….Dwllll…Yuh mek him stop laff I Spy….Lol…Not even a smirk…..Dwlllllll….In yah mash up tidday…I Spy yuh bad eeh nuh. :cystg :cd

      1. What did I do, most if not all a waltham and the surrounding area ppl did a took off like kite, before Queen Elizabeth issue Visa pon wi and dem stomach di full a di British Crew products.

        Metty ask him next time how him feel fi know nuff pickney life mash up because dem mumma di a look a way out and carry up him drugs and ended up inna prison. Thank God his kids ok

        1. No ISpy…..yuh nuh do nutten Mum……..But how yuh jus fling eehn dat brap sooooo….Mi know Mr Fowl start scratch him shine head yah now….Dwllll

        2. That’s the other half that will never be told. Those that were caught will never get another legal Visa. His Waterloo is yet to come….. Mark my words!

    2. same so ispy, fowl naah chat truth, him a joke out di ting a so mi si it. him might neva do di tings dem wid him own hand, but him send orders.

        1. big hug chuety :peluk

          fowl farrid cum in like di mirror on di wall weh can tell u who is di fairest of dem all.

          him farrid tek up all a him yeye space, a two peas di farrid leff him wid fi luk out of.

  25. call a spade a spade.

    having multiple kids with multiple baby mothers and a wife and having very limited physical interactions with you kids. Being in drugs and locked up. You are not a role model for your kids !!! he needs to check the dictionary or google ‘role model’.

    Roy Fowl is a role mode for people in the dance. he is a role model for Flippa etc and those who want to floss and enjoy themselves . Nothing wrong with partying, but at some time you will have to grow up. It is not cute to see people like Roy Fowl or Lady Saw who could be grandparents a try keep up with the young ones in the dance

    1. In Fowls defense, he said ” I’m their role model to how them love me”.
      My translation of your language is not always good but it seems that he is saying……the affection as to what they feel for him, makes them view him as their role Model and that he sends them to good schools and such so they follow a different path from him!!!
      Cut him some slack wid di role Model thing!

  26. @ pmrm but if the people dem waa keep up wid young people a fidem business.. people young as how dem feel…me caaw mek dem tingz deh badda me!

    1. you are right, it takes all kind to make the world go around. But if you lose 7 years of your life due to prison, your kids grow up without you, when you get out, I would assume you would want to spend as much quality time with the family/kids.

      I don’t expect you to a spend all your time a run down frock tail in the dance to try catch up on the seven years you missed out on.

      but I guess we all have different priorities

  27. Good day MET – Thumbs up na lie good interview and based on what he said I dnt think him have no reason fi lie, very truthful to actually admit being very promiscuous and still is… me never really see him a campaign fi no role model so me na throw no stone as long as him d madda dem n d kids get along n him play him fadda role which a go b limited being that him caan travel

    1. Yeh, he speaks of now since getting out of prison that he spends as much time as possible with his children. Sure the line of work he chose helped to ruin a few peoples lives but they also made choices. Good to see Mr. Fowl offered no remarks on the people recently arrested as well as going on to tell the yutes of today “pick up dem book and get educated because being about that life will surely end you up in jail”. Policing has become very sophisticated and is very hard to beat.

  28. You can also ask him what is his relationship with ‘Sashi’ like now. He used to keep a big party called “Sashi” which he said was named after his daughter, who I imagine would have been the apple of his eye. Sashi is probably a big girl/woman by now. I wonder how she views him…

    1. I think ur mistaken that party was kept by John shop if my memory serve mi right fowl was not a part of Sashi boy ppl bad eeh no man daughter name Sashi yessssssssssssss gawddddddddddddddd

    2. him neva use to keep nuh party name Sashi, him have 3 girls and 5 boys. di oldest daughter live a America and she pharmacist, 1 deh England and di youngest deh a Canada.

  29. The first time I hear about British Link up etc, was a party that was name ‘Sashi’ . Puff Daddy was supposed to be there. It keep a James Bond Beach. big event. lots of promotion. I just started to party then. I remember the event, and them asking about the name of the dance..etc.

    So it look a way to see him still a run down dance and party after all these years. A parent and them kids should not a buck up inna the dance

    1. Pmrm I know the party that ur talking about it was not run by British linkup maybe in the later yrs but a John shop use to put on that party Shabba made a magnificent comeback at that show one yr.


  31. Two different dudes Sashi dude was different from fowl party him and Stacy di freckle face big lig girl use to par, him a druggist too and was convicted a think

  32. nuff gyal fi bun—-wooooooiiiieeee. Love it. big up Father fowl and Met. Best interview so far on JMG! I Really love it. He didn’t throw nobody under the bus, take responsibility for him action, say him married, and talk politics. Even Father Fowl read and take pinkwall as fun/entertain thing. Him straight up way be. Very good interview! Very impressive! Good job Metty :maafaganwati Now, I wonder what tamika and Mercedes think! :hn

  33. All mi know sey I love the way his house always looks pretty at Christmas time. When mi a did pickney a grow up we use to go up there to take photos at Christmas time.

  34. @Met, guess you can double check with Fada Fowl whether ‘Sashi’ was a British Crew/ Row Fowl event. I am going by memory here, but that was when I first knew of a Roy Fowl

  35. Well Flippa can use him and see how things will end up.. In seven years time Flippa get deported to Jamaica, he can look at where Roy Fowl is and then decide his next move.

    Same M.O. Same Lifestyle. Same Outcome.

  36. Flippa will know the playbook. He may get a lot of years as a sentence. But he will get deported in 7, because of “Good Behavior” ( plea/snitching)

  37. him want a lick fi question #6. dem teach man how fi gi bun inna prison now???? and how him get fi practice?????????????? dwl

  38. Boy Met big up pan the interview real talk cause a Scotland yard documentary mek him big. So he is a psuedo celebrity lol. But on a real good fi hear weh one a them floss-fi-get-ketch idiat have to say. And it seem like nothing no change, cause this rass man a talk bout no regrets and live life and still a party.

    He is talking about how the government not doing anything for the ghetto youths. Well he and his flossing friends aint exactly no robin hood. One of the best ways a man can gain wealth is by measuring himself through a value system of self worth. Most of the people living in so-called first world countries don’t even have dry shit in their batty sometime not even a good 500 dollar saved in them account. But they have work ethic get insurance etc and manage until they can better themselves legally. Them just a teach the youths fi run down fast money.

    And therefore anothe Flippa Mafia will born tommorrow and another Dowzer will die and the world will go on.

  39. Mi say the interview sweet & some people just SOUR!!!
    Good job met well done! ARGUMENT DONE
    the rest is not met concern unu find fowl & do unu owna interview


  40. Lawddd a niceness yah Likkle mose miss oooooo. Metty dis noiceeee. Short and spicy piece a interview. Metty yuh shudda ask him bout di money dem pic outta him pocket a dream, and what cause di break up wid Leana bryttishhhhh :hammer good night JMG PEEPS!



  42. @OBS…. Am sure tweetie bird did a peep ova Sunday dagga wah nite an si yuh a rate yuh self 5 outa 10 in a di bed, suh yuh tink him aguh welcome yuh wid dem deh score deh? Lol

    1. yuh nuh tink a big man like dat caw teach a lilly gyal like miself how fi count from 5>>>>to 10?? hayyyyyyyyyyy a mr fowl em name enuh, a which one a dem wake wi up wen daylight agen before di clock alarm :hammer

  43. Yea da interview ya SHOT a dis the world did a wait fa an it finally reach ya a swear Big Up Fada Fowl The Best dat eva Live an to all the Haters just remember u Cant keep a GUD Man Down. AN THE BRITISH LINK UP CREW IS A DIFFERENT CREW FROM SASHI an Metty BIG UP fi get da scoop ya loving it. FADA FOWL u a WORLD without END.

  44. Candy Cane i could not have said it better you are so right lets not Blast him lets help praise him lets give Respect where Respect is due an he is Man enough to let the people know whats going on and show us who he really is I salute Him I salute a Great Man.

  45. Metty u cant get a interview wid APPLE. ,LIL MISS , RAMPING PLAZA , CHINA ,SCAMINI, or LEASH?????mek we see dem human side too…

  46. Yes, by the feedback, they seem to be two different crews, both were big in the early 2000 and use to put on lavish parties. They use similar M.O. lavish parties used as a front and a ‘washing machine’.

    The game never changes, only the players. Always look more closely at people with lots of Cash and no obvious source of making such money..

    just wondering how Joe Bagdonamoney get him stash…

  47. ive been a fan of ur site for quite awhile although some of the articles r fr ppl in chaos wit others n seem to b entertaining there r many that i truly enjoy n one such is this wit Fada Fowl i dont kno him personally but hav been to all his events in Jamaica n as far as wat ive heard fr mutual frens hes one that is genuine to the core i can appreciate wen u post articles like these to c that there r still ppl wid a little more than others who still move humble keep up the gud work n i look forward to being entertained by u more.

  48. Yo, You might remember me from the week you was going snaresbrook, and we share de same room in court, u ask me to look at u papers, also we did work inna de same workshop inna pentonville, all jamaican inna jail did follow u, and all de english inna jail did follow me, my name is tall man surname Reid. Good to hear you get release and ting an ting, my life change and it sound like you see things differently now, you never show me bad face once.

    1. RIP to a real one, he’s one of the last Mohicans..You can feel the love for him; when I heard of his passing I too was sad and upset and I dnt kno him personally.

  49. Most of these so call badmen in Jamaica cannot even get a plate of food from the people they are doing the killings for. Dumbest set of MF’s in the world..

  50. nonymous
    on September 4, 2014 at 9:02 pm – Reply

    Roy Fowl nuh fraid him guh back prison, if him ah gangster fi life how him name start ring up all over di place like him ah fool!!

    on September 4, 2014 at 9:31 pm – Reply

    Prison might be the least of his problems. He might end up dead like many gangsters before him. Maybe he wants to go the way like Willie Haggart. This is from 2014. So ironic.

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