Met, mi want open one file pon this liad man whey name david “squeeze” annakie. First of all my husband use to keep stage shows with squeeze in the tri state area. Squeeze is a low life, he sleeps with 50% of the girls that works in the media houses here in jamaica. As a matter of fact, a well known media girl left her husband and kids just to go to new york to squeeze for a weekend and squeeze came back amd bragged what this married woman did to him. For all who think squeeze is rich, he is far from rich and he is a broke ass con artist jamaican that looks professional women to date and they wine and dine him. Squeeze have this red ferrari that he rents, girls think he ows this car, but squeeze do not own it, he rent flashy cars to give others the impression that he is rich. Squeeze told people in jamaica how he is going to bring celebs to fiction every month and i hear only tommy from power he got to go to jamaica two times lol and one time chris brown ex kerruche. Squeeze s*x off every young girls him see, from once something in skirt he will s*x it, he is a nasty man dat prey on young girls. Link up media group is no big company its a little building they operate out of, at least boby from ire jam is more credible and have a little money. Squeeze is broke and a damm ginal and because of that 3 business partners disassociate themselves with him. Squeeze help wash scammers in the tri state area money that is why he is in jamaica talking as if he is a rich business owner when squeeze broke. That man dont even owns a house.

I know 3 young waitress that use to work at fiction before they remodel the club, they were paid $1,500 per night and they worked 9 hours or longer not only that squeeze wanted to s*x them and they refused and they let them off. They have a saying birds of a feather flock together, that is true, because Gary Mattalon is no better, he sleeps with some of the girls that works in the club fiction, tracks n records, the gaming lounge, i geard Gary is even sleeping with some new intern lawyer by the name of meike doll i was told. Those 2 men are sick bastards and love to abuse their powers to get s*x from young girls. If jamaicans in jamaica was united those business would never do well n only men would support them because women would stand up for each other and boycott those places. Squeeze remember ur wrap is a lengthy one and people in tri state have your file.


  1. Sender you late, d whole NEW YORK kn squeeze a ginnal , WHY u think Vivian fox left him, cause she find out sah him don’t have d money or assets him claim to have

  2. Suh sender, you is one of the little girls him sex off and dump?! Come tell wi more. The fact that, you sent in a book on insignificant Squeeze, means you are talking from a place of hurt.

  3. Seems like a bitter bytch who got phucked and ducked, don’t worry baby girl we know all you bottle girls who work in the various nightclubs in Jamaica are whores anyway, so telling us he sleeps with his employees isn’t surprising. Now go find a nice hole in the wall bar to work at and leave pink wall with your bitter bytch complex.

    1. Kmt it obvious seh him nah nooney and who ever him a par round is either a scammer or drug dealer from long time Jamaican men be doing the most to seem so type of way

  4. anon @ 10:53….i kind of take exception to the “we know all you bottle girls who work in the various nightclubs in Jamaica are whores anyway”….if you’re referring to the sender as an individual thats one thing….but to boradstroke and paint all these young women in that way is downright wrong….these young women are usually not from the best circumstances…. i dont even know if they get a salary and im quite sure not every night is a good night for tips…and they’re on their feet all night….im pretty sure they work damn hard for the little money they make…..i had a cousin who was a bottle girl in asylum back in the day and i know for a fact she is not a whore…..now shes in the US and has a very nice desk job with her own little corner office….in closing…i hope you die today…..that is all….

  5. Why dem cussing di Senda, mi want di suss. Whe say Senda Vivica Fox? dem whappen o di whole heapa cars him pose up wid? Big house upstate or in Jersey or was it Ct? Dem is not fi him?

  6. Meike doll please say this ain’t true, why unnu want to try tarnish the youn lady’s reputation though mi like her. I find Gary to be real genuine and doubt he would jeopardize his marriage nope

  7. Sender, it’s not fair to label all bottle girls as whores. We all know those positions don’t pay much, but some of the girls have some dignity.as for David, that’s old news to most of us on Jmg. We and David “squeeze” Annikie go waaaaay back!! :hammer

  8. Lol lol big up dunoon technical high school,him was mi class mate lol, boy always hungry n a nyam off mi fren lunch. Squeeze did always pretend to be rich from school days Hahahaha, this yah bredda look like him fake it and still can’t make it, lol. The man must have money lol because them say the man a business mogul lol, how him fi suh broke and dem refer to him as dat. Suh fiction n the whole kle group a fraud then if dat be the case. Mi listen him some time pon radio wid this immigration lawyer girl, but him have high staff turn over a di likkle radio station, man always want f**k off the staff. Nah lie mi know him personally and him cocky bad and very full a him self LOL. Him seem like him have a sex problem, him f*k the w in women before it dung spell out fi chue. Bwoy squeeze it look like a n only the gal dem a Jamaica dont know say u broke and a run u dung, a nuff gal a Jamaica a run him dung mi hear LOL. Boy u file dey pon smaddy desk a re open LOL. Den vivicia fox really suh fool fi tink squeeze did have shit in his ass lol lol.

  9. When the sender dem send in women all a unuh jump pan it and tear down the women, but when men are sent in somehow the sender is bitter??? Mi wah hear the tings dem bout the dutty man dem cuz everybody hush hush. Some a unuh woman a some real pussyole.
    Bitter or not keep it coming about these dog shit, lying fake ass men, especially the one PJ Wright cuz me wah know if him rape the little boy or not cuz me hear seh a true but dem a cover it up. Talk the bloodclaat tings dem.

    1. just like what they said about Roderick Reid

      the promoter that they killed a couple years back

      always hanging out with young boys

  10. You know say I did a wonder where he gets his money from. I can see the fake on him. Nasty man a run dung so much gal all dem must have something a spread

  11. Mekie doll!!!!! she seems like the type of girl that has her head on her body. God I hope this is false.

  12. Sender squeeze a dutty man, him lease cars an meck gal lease dem fi him, wen him up a farin him have 4 car one time. Him lie. Uno did tink a lie ragga did a tell dat him a scammer. A soh squeeze tan long time d whole a new York kn. Please noh meck him teck u or no bady fi fool

  13. Wen people run dem story uno tap cuss the people dem, uno a real rass ediot in yah more time, before uno mek the people dem spill dem gut uno a cuss dem, some a uno in yah is really a set of dunces fi chue. David dont own not even an inch of land for himself. Him use to par wid jammins the man name george and 3 other bredda a dem form jammins. I use to go cpac a show a see squeeze a hang wid dem so him use to hype n still hype and wen show time n money fi put up squeeze eva have excuse a so dem run him out a the group n him go form link up media. Link up media use to go shows all over and provide coverage n interview people, dem use to have website but it look like squeeze get literal squeeze lol n get double broke. The sender nah lie him broke nuh fuk n love gwan like him rich. Mi know fi sure him f uck off the gal dem a rjr coomunications group, and him f**k a few from cvm, him a daag shit fi real. But the gal meike doll squeeze soon floor har das if she nuh get floor by him already. Mi nah lie i dont know how squeeze trick the jamaican population so much thinking him a big business man a ny n das the furthest from the truth. All dem big old drugs man n lotto scammers him dey round mussi a full up him head. Man goodly have std plus other things lol.

  14. It simple, if these girls wrk and he doesn’t want to pay dem then find two dogs fi eat him food..Everyone wants to take advantage of the poor, even ppl from the same background..A stright bullet and fire boom dem must get in return.

  15. Mi ratid. Ova ya dangerous. No sahhh. Seet deh..things send in bout the dirty man and the woman still a get beat over the head??wtttfff. I am at a loss for words. No sahhhh

  16. It’s true senda all true because him use to have link up radio Inna one upstairs right at 222 street and White plains road, and whenever any artist from Jamaica come here him pull fi di red vehicle fi come maggle. Squeeze is a scammer long time him used to work wid di Berstein lawyers Dem fi scam him own Jamaican people dem

  17. Anon 4,30 squeeze did a con people bout some health product him was selling dwrcl. Yow squeeze slick nuh rass, uno ask nikky Z about squeeze because because because because, jah know smfh. Dwrcl no sah, it dirty ova yah, well all a the likkle gal dem n some grown folks it good to run back ground check pon media, entertainment men before uno open up uno legs. Wen mi see squeeze pon er a chat bout fiction mi a wonder if dem think squeeze have money to pc, lol. I tell u image n lies can really get a man close to the top till people find him out n di lies tun back pon him clath, a dat a go reach squeeze. A mussi because squeeze use to hang around club eclipse a nj, c pac centre ny, him mussi think him rich to pc lol lol. All one lawyer gal him did dey wid, gal run because him wanted the gal fi chusss things pon har credit card fi him damm wukless bid seed boy squeeze lol. Mi nah lie at least jabba better dan squeeze, jabba a criminal too but at least him have 10 cents, at least ire jam youth nuh too bad bobby clarke. Big up Ire jam crew and Ire jam mattress Nikky Z dwrcl, dwpcl, lol.

  18. Squeeze use to mek money when raga was there at the station. Raga get bad mind and wanted more. Not sure if he making as much anymore with the bio life. Me ah tell u it use to sell. Some days him use to sell 40 dollars or more when di ads dem run. Yes he does leases his cars. Him fck everybody fi true that’s not a lie, all a him staff dem. And him chat nuff. See di white gal tek way harself lol

  19. Unnu love use poorness as excuse fi f**k down the place . work work work if you ah work then that’s that you nuh have to f*k the whole club down due to your circumstances… UnnU bottle service gyal ah whore fi true Unnu run down man due to you so called circumstances work work wowork the minimum wage a week in Jamaica is 6200 that is jamaica unnu know weh unnu did a get pay before unnu hired. Stop the f**kery and if unnu work hard tip is included squeeze ah eediot and trick unnu fool fool gyal lol

  20. Squeeze fool up big educated women too, him fool some top media girls from rjr and i cant believe dem fall fi his lies. Him a liad n playa suh a nuh just the waitress dem him fool up. Even jamaican artist squeeze fool up, dem tink him rich wen him drive the rented/lease red ferrari lol. Look yah all artist squeeze borrow money from n con dem in a business ventures old scamma n criminal, den dress up in suit a duh interview like him a smaddy. Why jamaican so easy to fool, why why. Den the gary matalon him, i think him using squeeze for something because if squeeze broke where him get money from to invest in fiction, unless a lotto scamma money n drugs money him a wash. Look like gary mattalon a use squeeze fi wash him rich fren dem drugs money???? Das y mi nuh go fiction because the day things go bad mi nuh want in dey wen scamma dem upset bout dem money and dealings. Mi never trust dey mattalon boy dey gary, dem nuh duh business wid black man suh i know something muss in a something. Lol a wonder if squeeze swing though haha.

  21. Anon 1:1pm come back yah is how that story go? If it in court den no badda ansa but mi well want know. Unnu si dem wanna be uptown “celebrities” ya some dem lifestyle dutty baaad.

  22. Dwrcl anon come run the file pon we, mi a chill one cream soda fi this, the kiss cake a wait till the soda chill fi dis one. Lol. But pj wright nuh one party promoter, big n fat a sour like rolly polly bear, u want see him girl, she only dey wid him fi money. Mi tell u every other uptown man a nastiness n low life. Gosh, u have a group a party promoters who are known bi sexuals and leach on 14-19 year old girls. Das why mi nuh go dream weekend, sunrise breakfast, french connection, back yard barbecue n those events, i would be a hypocrite if i go any of those events. All the i love soca event no sah, and most of those promoters who acting like dem born uptown, a country plenty a dem come from n from poor backgrounds den come town a brag like dem born uptown. Man a spend money pon some a dem boys, send dem to uwi or utech n dem lib a the man yard wid all wife as fren nephews wen dem a di man boys. Boy jamaica must get something by year end or mid next year, musttttt.

  23. I believe the meika doll story and sleeping with Gary. This girl emerge on social media and put up all these lovely quotes a day time and tries to come across as so decent and simply a diligent law student who cannot mash ants! It bun me because I know otherwise! That girl and her tuff fren use to date white men and give them threesome and look the girls to join! They used to go to parties in ochi and look girls dem for dem nastiness!!!! I definitely believe she sleeping with matalon! I really dislike these instagram pretentious hoes!!!!!!

  24. Cause mi always a wonder why mekie doll them always a party n dem nuh have money like that. But a men carry dem go hotel n places in exchange for 3 some, what a nasty life. U have this gal name I am shanz she dey wid a white old man dat could be her grand father, she and sadiki a fren too. Dey gal post up pic on ig and name out them career lol. Why people suh desperate fi society accept them, she from country too, clarendon. Look like iamshanz run out a pic n profession to post suh she a post tbt. Dem ig whore yah u see, den if mekie doll come from st Thomas go see how much obeyah dat likkle home wrecker whey nuh stop tek people husband work fi get man and job. Meike doll a look women all up a uwi fi engage in 3 some. Uno ever notice when dem internet whoress a tek pic is like a man a woman dey cotch up pon dem one another ass, sick nasty sluts. Well a dem gal squeeze love, him goodly duh an I OWE YOU pon mekei doll puss sy already, knowing how squeeze sharp. How meiki doll expect fi f**k around and think people nuh know a suh she damm fool.

  25. Ha!Ha! Social media going to be the death of them. The Meika Doll Girl was really building her brand image, it’s sad to think her file dirty.

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