Gm met …went to poor & not famous BBQ the other day imagine all for the loves of likes this dog shit DOW DOW that the police & (Edited) is looking for came to the party like he is untouchable like seriously Jamaica hard now & really want dem hold you & send you back fi go dead ? You fi bill my youth f**ing bill & chill ..can I tell you how this yam p**y boy was walking up & down like he is invincible & doing money pull up while him Pickney dem a dead fi hungry Kmft half a eye boy go mind your kids them bout you a pose up with Stinking pussy Sophia kids go pose with yours & show dem same love .sophia you with your big butterfly arms & shape like a big lamp how you feel your so call man was busy watching all his current/ex girlfriends that night loool Sophia you need a beaten fi gain back your sense mind you I forgot you never had no shame.DOW you sane one take the microphone at Sophia flop cook out bout certain man dem a get benched we all no you & Sophia was talking bout rich


  1. Imagine this fool fool boy dow really don’t have no shame like seriously who do that shit, old woman Sophia nobody don’t want your son Dow you walk down the whole place a pree sheka jade Juliette the way dow a circle them like fly pon shit drinking alcohol like water while your grandson was in your cause Kmft like really who does that shit ? Dow stop the money pull up & mind your kids or better still save it & go Moorgate a house & you & Sophia come out of the run down gayhurst estate uno too rich & hype for live there

  2. Putting him on blast is not going to make him mine his kids. It is going to make him have something else to hold against you – think about it

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