Hello met How are you I just want to take the time out and really applaud this lady here she goes by the name of Erica savy on ig .she is very intelligent and classy and always respond to her customers she shop in la and really sell Nice clothes lots of ig models and hype people buy from her like tunya,sketel bomb ishawna and others. So errice and ugly Edel should take a page out if her book to know How to run and a business and respond and answer customer questions


  1. Morning Met
    Sender next time advertisement will come with a Fee nothing free Roun here except advice Thonks please don’t do it agen

  2. Erica been a thot cause she a big woman late 30s she and her baby fada use to run posh and savy di mam get bruk and Erica lef

  3. Sender what the f**k are you doing with your f**king sad life? I bet you broke. Stop watch ppl caz ALL a dem gyal ya a mek dem money. Seems like errice n edel a hurt u head ? Unu a promote the people dem busibess for FREE caz unu nuh stop send dem over ya .

  4. Sweety at mis tassy am not broke or very am very comfortable if u read my post u will see what I said am talking about their customer service dealing with people this lady is very customer business savy as I said I don’t hate edel or errice.just that they need to deal and value their customer better and follow erica footstep.

  5. And I don’t know Erica from a can of paint I follow her on ig and am not promoting no business for her I don’t even live in Jamaica.

  6. Well sender you are oronoting her business. You shouldn’t feel bad you stated your opinion at the TOP. Why you defensive. If she good she good. We as a people need to encourage and celebrate good business practices from our own people

  7. Erica and d whole a dem a blow dem own horn or some1 we a tek d TNS boy dem a put dem up fi we done dem cuz Erica deh wid one a dem to or should say a F**k d one name jigga. D whole a Dem a one piece a shit house. Kmt bout business lady chile plz.

  8. Don’t know who she’s involved with in her personal life and I could care less, but as far as the way she conducts business, every clothing store owner in Jamaica needs to take a page out of her book. She is very polite and deals with her customers on a professional level. I never see her cussing her customers, making filthy videos, and acting like a ratchet mess the way the other young women specifically Edel and Errice do. It is just a fact. Great work Errica

  9. i follow erica on ig too and whether she is a skets or not we are talking about how she conducts business in comparison to edel and errice
    to me erica clothes look wayyyyyy better and she is always pleasant and professional in her response to clients
    maybe because shes older she know how to act
    edel look frighten and young and errice need to find herself lol

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