1. di bredda inna di red jacket wid di yellow pants and floral shirt….fava pichary to raasklaat…..a him next man have a spin and twirl like maypole to raas…..dwrcl….

  2. Can any of these men show us a high school diploma or GED? Can they hold a reasoning? I’m sorry I don’t know what women see in these dancehall flies

  3. Junior P could get it from me if I was a dancehall Peggy. Something bout him look like I could just sidung pon him an just bad him up while mi a fling on di ting deh. Him look like him can lay steel. Nowwwwwww…..mi know them is dogs…. all a them. So my comment is strictly….Ifffff…..only iffffff I was a dancehall groupie. Dwlll. Ok. But them a some of the few dancehall men leff ina dancehall who nuh bleach out or who nuh turn battyman.

      1. Lol. Lol. Yes Shani. Mi like not so good looking man. Dwlll. Plus him look shy and sexy. Like him look good outta him clothes. It look like him koki small too but mi nuh mind. Dwllll.

  4. U mean dancehall worst list ‘ if a laugh me jawbone implant teeth shift from place . Ring the alarm dancehall doors shut il spare them this morning cause they are men . But this list noooooo who no look nerdy just look tacky & never look refine to me sorry .

    1. @ Hold dat….mek we talk likkle. Who look Nerdy??? Cause mi like Nerdy man. Dwllll. At least dem one here nuh bleach out an mi never hear dem name call pon a next man yet. Lol.

    1. @ DWRL u know u nuh tan good. Dwlll. Come back yah man. U nuh know say we don’t know none a dem by dem real name. Lmao. Come tell we a who name David. U jus touch an leggo so. Come back man. Dwlll.

  5. If I could get the definition of “HOT MAN” It would really help my thought process, Hmmmmmm, then again, it says Dancehall so it will appeal to the dancehall Ladies to define “HOT” Because if you don’t have a Job, have no intelligence, Live in parties day and night, Have one heep a Baby momma and not taking care of your kids, Driving a range rover while live in a basement or a one room, wear name brand clothes, spill champagne on the ground and dont have a bank account and the list goes on and on in My opinion there is NOTHING HOT about you. They all look common with one goal and that is easy living while hitch up in a dance every weekend. #Nonprogressive Males will always appeal the #Noneprogressive females. And if Hot means cute none of them fits that description.

  6. Anonymous hand shake to u ‘ public service hot man dem Ya no benefit or security just dancehall & moscato & champagne . Thanks for hard working black woman that pave the way for some of them & good baby mothers & great mom .

  7. @Mamacita, come outta mi BL@@DCLAAT head nuh girlllll!!!!! Yuh know seh mi AAAALWAYS say it (to myself though, I’ve never verbalized my thoughts or feelings, that boy name Junior P does SOMETHING to me, I can’t even explain it! There’s something about that guy! He intrigues me, TRUST AND BELIEVE! Wid ALLLLLL mi seh him fayva on roach (him head pawt….Mi nuh know di way it ), I have an interest in him and though I’ve NEVER seen him in person, he does something to me, something I cannot explain either, something like what Jah Cure and his songs and the way he sings, and Popcaan and his songs and bad boy image/persona. But yeah, my little drummer roach/teenage roach could DEFINITELY get it….Iffff and only Iffff I was in them circles, and time and circumstances permits, and situation and chemistry gels…..

    1. Mi say. WNPP….. I not lying him is not the cutest but him look fuqqish man. Yessss. Him look like a sexy ugly man who mek up fi di ugliness by being perfect ina every odda way. Lol. Like him smell good an him skin smoooooovvveee. Dwllll. Him quiet an it mek mi curious. Although them say quiet man give trouble. Lol. An is di same thing wid Jah Cure fi real. Lol. Boy oh boy WNPP…..is like we have fi same taste in men. :thumbup :2thumbup But wid Junior P it would only be…..iffffffffff I was into dat circle. Ifffff.

  8. Mi aguh report yu to yu huzban. Yes you!!! Ef yu tink yu bad gi Junior P some and nuh gimme none. See how faas mi reach a yu huzban werkplace wid di suss.

    1. Willie how yuh bad suh :ngakak Dem fi share out fi yuh plate fuss and afterwards gi di leftovers tuh Junior P or else ah straight ah di wrerk place yuh a head :ngakak

  9. @ MAMACITA you r a comedian a like you. More time mi deh ya a spree you u can be very amusing a like it a respectful at the same time. BIG UP!!

    1. Thanks GENUINE. I try to laugh at the things in life won’t kill me or put me in jail. Lol. Too many ppl dying from stress and misery. Happiness is like good koki. Once yuh experience it, u get hooked. U try fi hold on to it for as long as you can. Thanks for the compliment hun. Happy to make you laugh.

  10. can someone please point out who is benjy in the pics… i want to see this ugly fuqqish man that mamacita talking about….

    1. Kemmy….NOT BENJI….I saysssss Junior P. Him is the bald head big eye mawga one dat look like ET bredda. Except him sexy badddd.

  11. Weh Tawkchuet deh doe sah….Cita outta control today. Citation, a yournz dat inna di full blue?

  12. @Met, benjie sexy man chaaa and him cholate skin smooth and nice…@CITA, it burn me fi u usi, bout Junior P..Di man nuh nice luking rostah and furdamore him inna jeggins…

    1. Genuine mumma…all ah dem put together caan mek one destent man. Dem breed ah man deh hurt mi eyes. How man fi wear tights and still be ah man. Mi nah mess up Cita fantasy….but how Junior P yeye dem fava him ah look ah bush so :cool Is cock eye him got…mi doe even waan touch di odders…. :maho

  13. Junior p is a undercover with those tight ass chokers he wears around is neck he looks like a f’ing bug! Somebody need fi bring him n joe joe up to the time! Take some of that squads money and update unno closet! Nothing about JP say manly man him little like smh

  14. benjy and burgs how yll figet burgs kmt chocolate wouuld do me good…but benjy got ambition and he prob the only one with a 9-5 he makes a good check too…idk much bout dancehall men cause i only date real money but benjy was that boo thing one time that dude smooth as f#ck *bit lips*

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