hello goodnight I beg you hide my ID

you can tell me please how yanique look so without make up and lace wig ..and this is a recent picture taken from a video tell me now and I thought I was ugly in real life


  1. She doesn’t look “ugly”, she just looks different.

    Its stupid comments like this that make black females feel that they have to have on weave and a whole load of bangarang in order to look nice.

    We’ve evolved to have a distorted perception of what “normal” looks like, it really is so sad.

    Im telling you, that Comment from the sender irks me suh til!!!

  2. She look tired and hungry. That’s why she act like that, never see come see, she wasn’t born with body or face so no she discover makeup and plastic surgery she get overhype.

  3. Sender do you have low self esteem? Yeah she looks “different” without makeup but idk about ugly… and love yourself sender, js

  4. If you can call yanique ugly mi fraid a u! I’m no fan of hers but that gal nuh walk near ugly! Sometimes mi convince when some a unu nuh like someone unu sit n look for the smallest flaw to bash them with. The body argument stale now so u gone to calling her ugly! Move n gweh dirty sender

  5. First of all ….pictures that are screenshots of videos…. are usually somewhat distorted. Second….as much as Yanique seems overly sexualized…..she is far, very far from ugly. She is one of the prettier ones. With or without makeup or weaves.

  6. Yanique still naturally beautiful n never needed the enhanced artificial beauty makeover to rock n pop.What is not up for debate though is the fact that Sender is ugly in real life..always believe someone who confesses their own truth.In fact I commend u sender cuz a good book quote “physician to thine own selves be true”.

    Gwaan through Yanique cuz dem only can chat bout ur character, dem have no credibility fi question yuh natural beauty that even Stevie Wonder can see!

  7. seems like it was just a bad picture…regardless she’s not an ugly girl..she jus nuh hab nuttin bout R…thats all

  8. She kinda looks like Hood Celebrity in the pic. Surely not ugly, just surprised at her non-fandagles look.

  9. Yanique not ugly n have nice skin…if the makeup mek her chin look long she needs to stop using it cause I dont see no long chin here

  10. She looks very tired and in need of rest. Not ugly at all. Her character UGLY, BETTA U DID SAY THAT…

  11. Sender mi love how di Metters call yuh out on your BS cuz u wicked n lie bout recent pic from video shoot. This pic is YEARS years old…ask me how mi know cuz Yanique nuh repeat clothes!!

  12. I’m not a fan of hers but she is beautiful in her natural state. Her skin is clean no blemish in sight! YLT mi have on spellcheck and Google at mi disposal, mi nuh able fi yuh tiday (yes mi mean tiday lol).

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