Gud nite… Post these fallin angels inna white.. bout them a Flawless gurls from portmore dwl zoey Mélissa kimmy kay melly lol unu look really bad. Zoey one pickney mash up you, u ugly baddd till christ a ask why? Bout flawless😂😂😂 sad girls bye



  1. Well I guess dem a angels in training cause dem inna white :2thumbup. Mawning one and all pon di plantation.

  2. lol “till christ a ask why”… so a who him a ask.. senda yuh funny… tell di truth, yuh nuh like dem gal yah dou????

    1. Di sender need to show har self cause we don’t do internet warrior OK bitch oun get one uno get two and dem do look good suh one support to mash me up and go and look a life gal

      1. dutty bitch! yuh get call hmm? dem send call yuh? hmm……cause right now yuh comment a loooooo dutty bitch gal…. yuh know mi? yuh see chu u nuh know mi and yuh disrespect mi dutty bitch go suck out yuh bloodclaawt madda gal an go try form yuh words bitch yuh type like a f**ng down syndrome bitch……now check dat an come back mi deh yah all night

  3. You bloodclat grudgeful a thats why you a say them things deh me have a message fi the sender a want me want you step to one a them gurl deh inna the pic and you see summu you hear dutty gal,you no fi hide

  4. Dont nobody cuss me say me wicked. BUT the 1st on the left wudda fava Gully Bop woman Amari in the face and body composition. looool

  5. U nuh see seh a we get di trophy a dat a mad u gal because u nuh stay good n u nuh look good n u a talk bout pickney we pickney affi stay good here what mi know a nuh body from far send da comment deh so just come forward because a pure badness back a dat

  6. U nuh fi hide because a pure badness back a dat u bad mine bitch a we get di trophy we soon know u n hope u can defend dat

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