0 thoughts on “DI SENDER SEH IF IS A NEX MAN DIS X_x

  1. eiddah di neckline too deep or a di drapp dung titi dem plunge it dung oddah dan dat yuh improving kizzy but mek a ooman advertise yuh products/goods nexx time

    mawnin shani n metters :peluk

  2. Good morningggg my ppl blessings Metsy Obs
    The dress is beautiful the wearer ahhhhh is challenging to the eyes Kizzy u see say a good cutting table is very essential to getting u to the level u trying to reach ok good one keep up the work

  3. Good Morning Ms Met, Cheuty, Zervah, Bakkle (yuh si u), The Truth, Ebony, Original, Mrs Beamma and the rest of the goodaz goodazzz Metterzzz fambily :peluk
    Very nice dress and the shoes works well with it. She should have worn a nude thong waist cincher to flatten her stomach a little. But all in all shi doesn’t look 3 bad at all. Kizzy you really improving :thumbup

  4. Nice dress and shoes…the look is classic and clean… yes we all know she is not the most beautiful, problem is that her face structure is very hard and sharp, she needs to choose a hairstyle that hides those manly jaw bones…but she does look really simple and chic!!!

  5. I think the dress is real nice and the shoes looks nice with it as well, I think a ponytail yes but hair going all the way back for that style better. But all and all I think the picture is nice and I don’t even know these people personally.

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