Shirley Temple became an Hollywood star before she was 10 years old.

Hollywood’s shining child star has gone dim.

Shirley Temple, whose charming smile and cheerful voice made her a superstar before she was 10, died Monday at the age of 85, her agent said in a statement.

The “Bright Eyes” and “Wee Willie Winkie” star died of natural causes at her home in California.

“She was surrounded by her family and caregivers,” the statement said, according to the BBC. “We salute her for a life of remarkable achievements as an actor, as a diplomat, and… our beloved mother, grandmother (and) great-grandmother.”
Actress and former diplomat, Shirley Temple Black, accepts the Screen Actors Guild Life Achievement Award at the 12th annual Screen Actors Guild Awards in 2006 at the age of 77.
Actress and former diplomat, Shirley Temple Black, accepts the Screen Actors Guild Life Achievement Award at the 12th annual Screen Actors Guild Awards in 2006 at the age of 77.

Temple began entertaining audiences when she was 2, and appeared in her first feature film in 1932’s “Red Haired Alibi.” By the end of the 1930s she appeared in nearly 40 films, including “Dimples,” “Curly Top” and “The Little Princess.”

Her celebrity ebbed during the 1940s as she grew into a teenager, however.

Temple married twice in her lifetime. Her first marriage to Army Air Corp private John Agar lasted just four years, but resulted in the actress’s first child.

She then wed Charles Alden Black in 1950, and took on his name. The couple had two children and remained together until his death in 2005.

Shirley Temple Black departed the silver screen only to eventually take a place on the political stage, a move she insisted was quite rewarding.

“It’s certainly two different career tracks, both completely different but both very rewarding, personally,” Temple said during a 1996 interview.

She twice served as a United States Ambassador under two different presidents, first in Ghana and later in Czechoslovakia. She also served as the Chief of Protocol in the State Department during President Carter’s administration in the late 1970s.

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  1. A good example of how a child star can “transition” to adulthood. Instead of being a drugged up mess, and chasing former glory, some of these “ex” child stars fi guh read book and get a next career. R.I.P

  2. R. I. P Shirley Temple, you made your mark in history, safe journey!!….Phillip Hoffman, then Shirley Temple one more from Hollywood on their way we soon hear bout, Death walks in threes….

    1. Obara u know mi a look fi u from mawning tell mi if this no spooky why every morning n nite my eye dem sure fi ketch di clock when is 11:11 a whey dat could really mean??

  3. Chuety so many people tell mi de same ting aldoe fi some ah different times like 3:33, or
    5:55 and soon, It has recently began happening to me, I have investigated and by this I mean tapping into my higher self, (my higher consciousness) to get the answer and this is what I have been told, although I have been told that the answer is not complete because I am still going through the process myself albeit this is what I have been told by my messengers…

    There has been a vibratory shift within your spirit, and it will affect your physical body, mind and soul…. meaning God has placed you or is placing you on a higher level, which means that there is or will be a different understanding of ALL things in your life, for example people who you have known for along time but might be wearing a mask to cover their TRUE nature, it will come through it matters not if it’s even family, in other words anything hidden so far in your life will come to surface…your spirit guide is talking to you, be more
    prayerful and listen, also expect some great change for the good!!!!

    We here on this realm are in the third dimension and the earth is speeding up now going into the fourth dimension, we will experience plenty weather anomalies like the tsunami that happened sometime ago or the heat wave in Russia in 2010 and also Ontario Canada,snow in the summertime and so forth, Global Warming?? to say the least!! nevertheless the shift is still in motion and will not been complete for another fifty years (as a matter of fact this is what actually caused the war in Iraq, yes it did chuety..but I digress lol),

    When the rest of the information comes down for me I will make it a point of duty to seek you out and tell you chuety!!

    why me always haffi write a book??!! lol

    1. Obara I was guessing change of some sort for real n u know u touch a good point I am seeing somethings with close friends THANKS FOR THE KNOWLEDGE DONT MIND THE BOOK AT ALL I COULD THE WHOLE DAY BLESSINGS I PRAY OUR CHANGES WILL BE FOR THE GOOD

  4. Obara a very spiritual friend keeps telling me this is a major year and to watch out for many shifts. Can you elaborate. She keeps saying it is a big year for me as well. She is a reader person. When I was a youth up into my early 20 I saw spirits specifically persons crossing over right before death or after. I no longer see them but can still sense energies.

  5. we are indeed going through a major shift and it intensifies every year, many strange phenomenons will take place and yes it will affect all of us, however only SOME of us will realize that something is going on, WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE??…the ones whose vibratory levels have been raised, physical beings who are of this world but are awake!!! what is happening to chuety and who you are, the fact that you use to see people crossing over means that you are no ordinary person, maybe the woman picked up on that and this is what she means…your extra sensory perception may be turned up again or more during this change the earth is going through….that is a special gift you have, it has not gone away, it is still there but possibly through your own fear it has moved it self to the deep crevices of your mind, but it has not gone and with meditation it will resurface!!

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