DI SENDER SEH;-Mr. Frass likes it hairy

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  1. but a wen since ooman muss shave caw mi membah one time man luv dat n see it as sexc an evn now sum still fine it dat way…..if unnuh wah mr frass become a mate an lowe di gyal foot

    1. Same way Zervah. My hand dem have hair an every man fascinated wid it. Yes mi shave mi legs only because mi want to. Yuh know mi see it long time an nay tink nutten of it cause mi know dat is sum man preference. An is not like di hair coarse an barky. It look well lay dung to me. To each their own. At least har arm shave. Lol. Not a ting nuh wrong wid hairy leg.

      1. citaaaaaaaaaaaa matey a ded caw she well bald an di mans till naw lukkkkkkkkkkkk big up di oomaan wid di hairy foot n still hav up mr frass :toast

        1. Zervahhhhhh…..yuh bad to raas. Dwlllll. But a true. Look pon Mo’nique and she a big celebrity. A hope she nuh switch pan di hairy girls an go shave it like how she switch pan di fat girls an get slim . :nerd :nerd

          1. cita mi wah noe dis…mi wah noe if di gyal dem weh tek fuk inna dem batty did shave out di hair in an aroun di ole caw mi noe batty ole hav hair FOH to each his own how dare yall wanna diss di gurl puhleezeeeeeeeeeee

          2. Bit Cita Monique get back thick again. Yuh nay see ar pon Love n’ Hip Hop reunion? She ain’t skipped a damn meal.

        2. Lawd Servy why yuh haffe suh explicit ma’am? I ah dead tuh rhatid!! :hammer :hammer :hammer :hammer . My legs dem have very likkle hair on them and I’ve never shaved mi legs but damn Servy n’ Cita, disya ooman av more hair pan ar legs dan ar head top. Servy, as to the shavings of dung deh suh, grooming is mandatory ( no entry to my exit) :hoax2


  3. Remember frass love man , wey u guys expect him comfortable with madea front & hairy goat foot . Ven u name goat foot gal .

    1. Dwrl! Shave that shit ladies, just like fat , hairy legs naw wear. That’s nasty. Too much damn shaving products for women to be walking around looking like cave MEN.

  4. Mi cyaan say a word, because mi hairy plus tax, BUTTTT…My hair dem smooth and pretty…Dem long suh til you would be able to plait dem at one point….When mi used to wuk ah Tax Office ah Jamaica, di man dem used to go CRAAAAAZY when dem see di hair dem through mi stocking, and if mi wear a black stocking ah problem! It doesn’t make ANY sense for me to shave the ones on my arms and legs, it’s a waste of a lot of time and energy! Merka cold kinda reduce them a tad bit but….

    1. Pet people, me love ah man wid hairy legs, that is hella sexy to me but I am grossed out when mi si man wid curly hairy chest weh fava whole unprocessed peppa corn seed. Mi love hairy man, but as yuh seh, it mus be smooth n’ slick like the feel of satin, silk or high grade polyester.

        1. Metty, mi seh high grade polyester ma’am . Dem av some breed ah polyester out deh weh look and feel like silk, at a fraction of the cost. :hammer

      1. Hair belong on men not on women. I hate hair on men chest though not my thing. If they shave arms, legs and balls then they just gay. NO HAIR ON WOMEN IT JUST NO LOOK RIGHT. I mean hair that is noticeable like the pic above. If it can braid it can shave

  5. Some man love hair some dont the point is if u ven like it dont shave to please anyone i think it look good. Monique y u keep sending in ven and frass is one year now move on now

  6. @Zervah and Mamacita, a fool dem maan….Well mek mi tek dat back caws to each his own. Yuh waan see all mine dem when mi ah bathe! Mi used to shave dem, ah follow ppl, ooman at dat, and when mi touch uppa Judgement Yawd Miguel say “Shanna supn different bou’ you, ah waah gwaan? Ooooohhhhh yuh tamper wid yuh beauty, AH FFFFFFFFIIIIIIIIRRRRRRRREEEEE!!!!! (and di lecturing and di foolishness).” And dem dem breed ah “fire bun” deh last fi months! Den mi siddung inna one corner and shame like dawg, cawzen seh when di whole ah di hundred million Bobo dem come interrogate mi, mi cyaan give a good answer as to why mi shave dem, because mi neva dweet fi ME, instead mi listen to women and follow fashion.


    1. Baxide. Dwl. Di Bobo dem lace yuh wid fiyah nuh true. Lol. But yuh know mi hate dat too. Man an woman alike alwaysssss come pull di hair pan mi hand…..yes ….strangers too. Yesssss….it hott too. Lol.

    2. wen my man cum near mi every strawn tan up a di bess feeling..evrythin caw juss bawl suh legs n arms fi hav hair an pumpum cah stay clean..not a ting rong wid dat but sum gyal nuh possess hairy skin dem baddie bawl like dem hed suh dem fine a prablemm wid hairy skin females FOH

        1. Quena, jus caulk yuh ears when wi start chat si batty business ma’am, cause it is a part of the human body. Jus caulk yuh rasas ears ah kip quiet nuh man…CHO!! 😡

          1. but mi nuh noe weh she tek up mi comment fah…wen she tek up di ooman foot an a chat bout laser mi neva see har suh mi nuh noe how MY HAIR INNA BATTYOLE WEH DEM A USE FI COMFORT DEM MAN IS A PRABLEM :nohope: frass nah fuk ven foot suh mek it bush up til it caw use plant yam a fi dem biznizz

        2. Wi all know seh yuh is high class and yuh av yuh own personal butt cleaner but some ah wi workin class people have to tend to wi owna batty, so it is a part of our discussion . Doe mek me ah yuh kick off again. I thought you said you would do betta and behave yuhself :mewek2 :mewek2 :mewek2

  7. Raaas Zervah. Yuh know say mi a talk bout Comedian an actress Mo’nique an see anonymous 8:28 a talk bout a next Monique_________________. Mi gone. Bomb a droppppp (ina mi Ele voice) Nopes. I are natt here.

  8. She a bleach are skin hard but the toe tip them still have likkle dark mark on the tip its coming though, some man do like hairy legs ,but it should not be about what they like ,more on you!

    1. yuh is a real bloodclawt stakah no man guh get a wok wid feds yuh yei site a guh to waste…. imagine ppl a amerka hav dem foot inna boots fi almos half a yr caw a di weddah weh wi inna an toe blemish is a muss suh wat is really your prablemm har puxxy or har toe?? :nerd

      maddddddddd dem mr frass

      1. Zervahhhh….dem nuh haffi shave di hair ina dem batty cause di friction will do jus dat. Dwl. Rub it rite dung an it nawwww grow back. Is like shortcut a JA. Di track tek nuff walking till grass stop grow deh. Lol. Nuh matta how long yuh nuh walk deh, when yuh go back di shortcut is still dere. Dwl. Dem too shallowminded. My front and under-arm and legs shave cause mi want to. And the men I dated nuh care if it hairy or bald. Di pussy fat an juicy same way. Lol.

      2. Servy bit ah same ting mi ah wonda…who coulda ah stand suh close to the lady or even zoom them camera in pom the ooman foot dem fe tek pic fe scandal ar? That’s like someone taking pice of someone’s nose hairs

  9. Monique frass hate yuh bloodclatt him tell ppl say u ah di worst woman him ever deh wid move on mon gosh yuh cann find ah man :bola

  10. Yesss Mama, di Bobo dem FIX mi business!

    Dem fi GWEH wid dem DUTTY hand, ah come ah pull ppl hair! GTFOH

    One eediat weh used to par wid Black Blingaz, used to walk wid a comb and like Beyonce say, in di darkest nightttt, dat mof***ka search choo ANY crowd…. All mi can hear WILDA! WILDA! WILDA! (Him call mi wilderbeast)…..Den him run come wid di piece ah comb, come harass mi and badda mi gut ole….

    1. Dwl. Yuh mek mi tea bun mi. Cho!!!! Wilda an his comb are coming to town. Lmaooo. Di Bobo luv off di dawta wid di hairy skin ♥

    1. U know anytime me follow mi mind mi Neva wrong mi see say u is a mad person from yessiday enuh lol wooooiiiieeee if any vein pon ur foot look so n a grow outta u skin pls seek medical attention ASAP matter of fact call 911

  11. I don’t understand why everyone is so down that Monique write this… People must really envy this women cause mi nah see why she would waste her time to talk about the people them… Everyone come off of Monique… Obvisially the people don’t like this ugly gyal and this stay bad man. MONIQUE LIVE YOUR LIFE THE PEOPLE DEM HATE YOU

        1. an it burn you ehh…yuh too close to dem…tek a leave a absence :nerd to each his own..juss like sum man nuh wah no bone fi nyam :cool

        2. You must be apart of this wack ass power couple… Two dumb ass people together… FRASS AND VEN are both wack. And need fi sit down. Every year FRASS ah f**k someone new… And VEN nah better. Them always say wicked people will always be together

  12. Me as a man with hairy legs just like hers when summer comes around it hot and sweaty me no like it but each to them own low the man woman him like it and she like it so wah at least the have womanly features she sexy with it mr frass any time u no want her no more me deh yah a wait me pic up the garbage and mek use with it uno stop hate pon the power couple

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