Wiggy say the time unnu spend a worry bout she an har twin. She can guh Jamaica guh live big life cause har mother spar with Tessanne!! And she nuh frighten fi pink wall cause she can call har mada and just have har picture pon the front page of the gleaner.. SO unnu fi low har…an nuh me seh so so dont kill the messenger




0 thoughts on “REALLY ~_o

    1. _________________________________________________________________________________________________
      And why she have it on her side table like that?
      Tell Mommy fi come tek har out di basement, puleeeeeeeze :nerd
      Mommy that connected big life should be lived yard and abroad…….doah?

      1. I agree with you completly quena, because it look to me that this young lady is living in a basement.. this is the second pic posted up here of here in that same room. Sweetie if you have it that good you should be able to get a house or at least an apartment. You twins on this way, how are your kids comfortable in that space?

  1. Good morning Met & Metters. Wha mi caan figga out. If you mother inna important position a Jamaica n wi know a links run yaad. Y u Miss Wiggy gone a fareen go liv dem kinda life dey, when u coulda tan a yaad n live betta.

    Da one ya have mi a way, canna craas it

    1. A dem battafoot offsprings here benefit from the “NHAME A FOOD” culture a Jamaica. Hope har mumma nu corrupt and nah thief fi supplement this waste of a daughter.

      My girl go hole da barbie chair de and have a rass seat and nu stirup trouble fi yu madda. Onu need fi know onu self and the power of social media. Go get a life and get off you mother’s accomplishment (klepto or hardwork you may cause us to find out). Keep yu renking messages to yu self.

      Progress fi Jamaica is on its way!

  2. Well from what mi a see she love f**k people man so maybe she f**k the mother man to and the woman run har.. cause this nuh make sense… or maybe the mother a the same thing wolf inna sheep clothing…All mi know something nuh right!!

  3. It rather low to send in someone’s picture & a dumb as story as this. This like grasping after straws I guess u never got the satisfaction u wanted from the first 2 manipulated stories so u take it rather far. These people have no life bcus if u talk so bad about the girl & her man & kids y give her so much attention. My view on this is someone is really hurt just reading the comments alone it seems u would do anything to hurt the girl & her kids or to create the wrong impression. Smfh. Ppl these days

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