This is a so called uptown nurse,who slept with har fren man, fren d girl listen all bout the man (from LA) then turn round trap d man “give head in heels” and carry false and misleading news to the man and cause a breakup. She even call police pon har own fren over d man after she called the fren to apologize fa f..kng har man,n she is sorry from her hearts of hearts. When the fren and d man breakup,she went back to sleep wid har x man n dump the fren man( seems no money Neva did a run) she and d X, d rasta did almost live,heard she breed twice n idk muss I loose it,,now it seems d X cut lef har again,warning to d males in the pic,,,,u are just d next victims,,deadly cock sucker who goes after,men in position with wealth,,or if she realise u and u woman a go smooth she work hard n break it off,,,,seems she single and on the MAN HUNT again….PLZ WARN DEM man deh,,,,wonda which one she after now…she appears very professional and brags about being nurse, but has no punany principle,,,,,so beg unuh warn dem man deh plz. Lonely dog seeking bone again.




  1. Kayann Clarke of (DO NOT PUT ANYONE’S ADDRESS,THIS IS YOUR ONLY WARNING). y don’t u go find something do progressive with ur life n leave di gal alone , now u put up pic wid di gal n her cousin n a talk a bag a shit again … Look like from u send weh u one Pickney gone a country gone live u have a whole lot a time fi a write shit pon pink wall , u need fi so sort out u life n leave ppl alone … Ok mi long time link from GC lol

  2. Well,,mi no care who n who left,mi glad d sexy brown one single,n run d idiot man weh full a tatoo like rc graphite t shirt weh dis har,tell har d man never want har,,(no my biz) she Neva listen bout she love….ya mon,wonder if mi can run in yah now,no like blond prefer d natural look,,@GC Foster a long time mi a look har,,weh u say she have Pickney?look good u f***k,,,,mi a try get a link pon har,fi occupy har time maybe she need a man,dis ya story a stale news u zimi,both woman Lego dat n move on d bwoi Nuh rate nun a dem,mi nigga dem run him profile n it dutty,cuz mi rate off d girl weh dem say rayy,,cuz yow mi mek after har n she a mek mi know she naw violate har man abroad u zimi,fk up how it end,but better fi me,worst mi no see har in the streets with no man,mi wudda fk da one ya to,mi de,road and hear d tatoo man a style d other girl u zimi,Jah know some man luuu star.

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