Tunya bestie Asia nuh supposed to over 30 years old now ?? Look how long you been escorting …ntn to show ? Bout you visiting family ..time you stop sell now and go find sumin else do !


  1. But a whe d claat. Never know Jamaican gyal so bold a look man through personal ads pan Craigslist. All a post picture LOL like the rich men in Jamaica a go pan Craigslist fi go find gyal. Try gwan a party and bars go stalk the man dem and hope u get lucky like the rest a d gyal dem. A try tek the easy way out wid u ole self. Lazy! Looooooool no sa

    1. Lauren Hansle Ala LaRen lol is famous for this. Craigslist prostitute. Met she got her breasts done. Word on the street is that her new victim is Anju Blaxx. Him really need to research….one crosses after the other

  2. I don’t knock nobody hustle. If she is selling then I’m buying. Its her pussy and her right to sell it.

      1. Lol so funny . This Bitch is like a celeb in blogs . Whoever wrote it must be bored and must really like this bitch , but to hate on her is so lame and wack . Why you mad cause she only like the way the dick feels if it’s paying bills and she is into seducing and reducing . Let’s keep it 300 , what man wouldn’t f**k this chick . Lol bitches f**k different guys everyday for free and get no fee. That bitch could be my wife any day . I’ll take a Bitch that’s about cumming up instead of just cumming any day of the year . Give me a go getter over a basic bitch

  3. Advertising your pussy online ! Wow, them is a disgrace. They don’t have no skill or talent but fi lay pon dem back! Waste of life

  4. Stretch out dun out can never breed again tissan where your ad? U don’t need one everyone knows it’s written in your face

    Out for Paris,after years and years of escorting see, she finally get one old white man a DC, to marry har she find him online and within weeks den married, so props to this one for giving it a shot you never know lmao

  6. Lmao sound like some haters on here . I only like the way the Pussy feels if it’s paying bills , typical as hell. Who speaks on another person Pussy or lifestyle . Who ever wrote it must be bored as hell lol you had time to write a post about another person , this bitch is on your mind and everything . Stop hating on the Bitch . Her swag is killer lol and let’s keep it 300, you show me a dude who wouldn’t f**k her . The Bitch is bad and if she got to seduce to reduce then I’m all for it . You got to use your inspiration to get to your destination . Lol why worry about the next bitch . Only squares and lames do that . Not no real one

  7. Why would somebody hate on a pussy selling bitch??? If we working good money and dont have to bust our legs open, or do wat eva nastiness the man dem demand unuh fi do. U cya tell me seh a everytime u inna the mood fi fck unless u is a sex addict, unuh HAFFI run pussy or unuh dead fi hungry. U know when Lady Saw did sing seh “sometime mi sorry fi the stress weh dem a bear”, a gyal like unuh she did a chat. Easy u self, cuz a stone unuh fi a get stone thank God fi the country weh u live inna.

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