My dear Met.

How u doing ? Hope all is well.

Met oooooo. I say how ar u today ehhh.

Well well well. It didnt take long for this little bitch to explode. Dont mi did tell unu seh she soon explode.

This gyal dont have any class or shame.

No man, she all a tell people bout dem mother on insta?

This part of the message is for you Sir The Hon. Bolt.

****If you consider a classless gyal marriage material then pay this no mind. ****

I urge you Sir Bolt to get all the pu@@#y you can and then cut. A woman that has no respect for a stranger’s mother will have none for yours. Kasi is slowly showing the world that she has no class and is a salty little bitch. She does not know how to conduct herself and will get you in trouble. Mi a warn you. Dem type a gyal ya only look good but dem behavior dutty. Use sleep and mark death. If u ever make the mistake and married da one ya you ago regret it. Dem type a woman ya mek u think bout a hitman.

Yes now met. All pinkwall di gyal deh pon. Har man naa sort har out enough inna boring bora suh she live pon social media a follow up argument. I saw some people comment on her page talking shit about she is a classy lady and a real woman and this and that. I am very scared for the future of this world if a woman like this is considered “classy” . No one seems to care about morals these days. It look like from you brown you automatically get a pass to rhatid. No sah . Why she dont private her page and/or just delete what she dont want to see on there. When you put your business out there like this you give people the right to comment. You no longer have the right to say “mind your own business” . All persons commenting on any forum are not minding their business hence the comments.

And to the people talking about mind your business on her pics and on pinkwall. Are ya’ll minding your business? From you a lurk and comment in any way you aint minding yours so stfu.

If Kasi did love Usain certain comments would not bun har. You know why dem bun har so? Cause she know it is the truth. you dont love the man you only love the hype. You will do anything for fame and you are going to lose you soul for it .

You will soon find your self in a very dark place. You ever see Usain online a gwaan so? You are an embarrassment.

When you go back in hiding things will be different. You need time to reflect on things. You should get a professional pr person to fix this damage.

Bad puppy Kasi, Bad puppy.

32 thoughts on “DI SENDER SEH TO SIR BOLT +++

  1. All of you harassing di girl on social media she have a right fi tell yuh bout yuh mumma if you cant take it dont dish it out.

    1. If she is so harassed, she can turn off the comments feature, no she love it. So now she no like it she a cry cree?

      Bolt had already warn her, so girl bye

      1. Met, just 1 question…….Sadiki posted a new born the other day on Snapchat…….I hear everything quiet. And then before that Warren Weir and his newborn. What a gwaan????? Mi need these teas

  2. So it is ok for people to harass Kasi on her page and she should not react give me a damn break. I see hollywood stars cursing out people who have the audacity to go on their page talking smack much less. I do not blame you Kasi curse out their behinds. Stop going on the girl page to harass wgen clearly she is not bothering anyone so f***g trifling and ridiculous. Some of you all are so f**g envious that badmine soon kill you all.

    1. I don’t think you realize that Kasi was on pages that are not her own cursing out people. She can say whatever she likes on her page. Pink wall is not her site yet she was here commenting. Spare me.

      1. So wait if the topic is about her she no must defend herself?

        Sender based on ur words towards her you not wife material either if you consider cursing lady like so she as company…….kasi tell dem bout dem mumma, ugly pickney and all yes. If defending urself make you less a wife then so be it some a dem already wives and a praise god everyday and dat naw stop dem man from bun dem, dem lucky.

  3. One minute y’all complain him nuh want har and him have bag a gal and now you complaining she don’t love him?? sender are you married? And did you really make a life-long commitment on an abstract and fickle emotion called love? Tell us how great that’s worked out for you then nuh instead of acting like you is Miss BC Cleo and can predict people life!

    1. The sender is ONE/1/i /uno person dont group up di res a people dem and being that the sender is ONE/1/i /uno person they r entitled to their own opinion and it may not be the same as ours.

    2. FYI, Love makes the world go ’round. You may not always like a person and their actions but you should love everybody. Even strangers.

  4. the gal all gone pon ppl page a cuss dem off, bitch bye. She can cuss ppl and trace dem all she want just like how we criticize har she can respond, but one thing she cant do is call herself classy.

  5. *yawn* Mi a get tyyeeerd a dis saga now. Unno stop full up MET email about what we have been doing since before she get con outta Rio. Do mi a beg yuh. All of you “friends” and “ex-frens” of Kasi, a unno mi want hear from.

    When somebody have some BRANDS SPANKING NEW TEA, sen it come. Until then, mi a tun down mi tea cup caahhh weh a drop bitttaaaaa and howwwl. KMT.

    signed, premium tea sipper.

  6. Gm met,
    This is a bit off topic. But yuh nuh hear say dexta daps do one show a la and there is a video of a man there was a man there fiesting on his woman in public. See if yuh could find out anything more deh muma.

  7. I think Bolt needs a pr person to represent him. There are tons of negative views out there both locally and internationally about him and it has definitely affected his image. If you read the comments below any recent article about him on TMZ, Daily Mail among others, the vast majority of it is negative. Bolt needs to understand that he is a national icon and a representative of Jamaica wherever he goes and whatever he does. Anyone who defends Bolt’s off court activites doesn’t understand his position and his value to his country. If he doesn’t respect and appreciate this value, don’t accept these national awards as you can’t have it both ways.

    The other issue is ‘the 1st lady’. Kasi needs to know that once Bolt considers her his girlfriend, you are a his representative. You will not be above criticism and if she makes her life public on social media she will have critics. As first lady, you can’t be telling people to ‘suck dem mumma’. If Kasi is going to reply, do so with some dignity so people will be inclined to have some respect for you.

    I hope for Bolt’s sake he starts recognizing his value. How about do a few interviews and correct the misinformation and misunderstanding that you say exist????

    1. TMZ and Daily Mail are full of dumb racist rednecks every comment section on TMZ is negative. Especially stories about black people.

  8. if any ah gully bolt cheerledaa read dis, tell him we want him fi come chat to wi inna pink wall. nuff questions deh yah fi him ansa…..

  9. Met remember Bolt said he hopes she can handle “IT”. It meaning all that comes with being his first lady whether it be positive or negative. She has clearly shown she can’t manage being first lady. Mark you i would be immensely upset with the “trash” and harassment. However if you make your life public that’s what happens.Be like the real first lady Michelle obama who eloquently answered kayne West dissing her. Kasi still young as far as i am concerned she n bolt needs to attend finishing school.

  10. Sender guh suck yuh mada backway sideway and around. Look how them a tek set pan the girl she have q right to defend herself however she pleases. Yuh mada did too classy that why yuh fada left her fi yuh classless auntie move yuh bloodclaayh

  11. I trying my best not to “hate” on the young lady, but there are ways to defend yourself with class. If she feels the need to actually do so…she really doesn’t have to say things like “inna yuh mumma”. She clearly attempts to demonstrate she has some class (by probably googling and using the thesaurus with some of her word choices (eg “unfathomable”). I mean…if my memory is any good, I think she was tweeting about watching the democratic convention. My dear Kasi, if you remember what Mrs. Obama said, they go low…we go high. I was really routing for you (more because you’re Jamaican) but bwoy…you v*aginafax look like the mileage outta whack for all the wrong reasons plus you just way too hype and probably need to calm down. I not sure if you’re 26 or 28 but you old enough that you must can dial it down a bit…I mean I’m sure you did a lot to get recognized by Usain (and no I don’t want to be in your position mainly because he’s hard to look at-but to each his own). My girl just take it easy…this is only the beginning so think really hard about what you setting up yourself for. Best of luck…(my response as usual all over the place but definitely because this is a circus aka poppy show business) :siul :cystg

  12. The facts still remain, she handled it with no class. ..telling people bout dem muma?! I hope when she fall out wid Annmarie vaz an de res a de uptown dumb crew , she tell dem bout dem muma too!

  13. kasi tell ppl on her periscope that her fadda live a boston and him have nuff pickney all ove de place. look how we a blame poor kasi and pa is no different.. i guess the saying about chip is tru….

  14. me nah “follow” them pon IG but Assassin wife & Vaz wife nuff u fk. Neva see a set a woman dem frighten so til, especially Sasco wife she, post 100 pic a day a try justify a perfect marriage/home & Vaz wife has this sad look like she going to cry in every pics no matter how she dres & smile something not right. Something not right with them.

    ps. my life not perfect nor am i judging anybody.

  15. How sad that Jamaican women are so hateful against their own. If Bolt had picked a white or foreign woman, you would all bow down and kiss her ass. Try to emancipate yourselves from mental slavery… none but ourselves can free our mind. Good luck Kasi and Usain.
    Most of you making negative comments are maties without any education, asset or class. Go ahead and deny it!!!! Sad to see Jamaican women so low class and bad minded

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