Hello met and readers. Want to tell Nancy happy belated birthday. But come now and tell me something – Michelle,hutty, or camele nuh have no sense? Unnu see how may pen a run right now – everyday is a different page a cuss Unnu and unnu really go do surprise party for firewall to tek pictures and post it? Either unnu love the disgrace or just nuh know what to keep private.

Nancy from the party keep the people nuh stop dawg yuh. Them say yuh f**k yuh sista man, dem say di man weh yuh did a promote party fa last year f**k and duck yuh, dem say yuh nuh look bout back to school fi yuh kids. When the new man find you out him soon gone left yuh because yuh body nuh have no big woman principle. Yuh nuh set no example fi yuh daughter dem. How dem feel dem school mate can see how people a do them mother pon social media? Yuh good good friend camele yuh chat as she turn her back. Me nah trust no gal weh f** dem sister man….

Camele a this you really leave church fa? Yuh nuh see God a show you a sign. Yuh nuh have no real friend me hear wid me own ears Nancy chat yuh. Puppy tail use yuh and diss yuh fi di world to see ….dem say yuh body stay good and nuh man nah stay a wah wrong. Me tired fi hear dem a cuss yuh bout yuh teeth. Every pan knock yuh on the spot but yuh say yuh miss di flight fi yuh son graduation. All now we nuh see di ticket but you post every party weh yuh book out fi di month. Wonder if the hype really worth all of this? Go back in yuh church!!! Since when you an hopie a family? Because she a give yuh money fi spend?

Hopie Flava a true them did a talk. The mate gone left yuh plenty plenty a lead. Can’t believe a you dat now.

You have some big man and woman weh a try follow this young people may pen scene. Karen, gq, jaro,Keshia unnu nuh know bout nuh big people party weh a keep a Sunday night time go listen two big people tune and easy. This a nuh fi unnu crowd. Gq you hate social media so much do everybody a favor and come offa it. True yuh old you gwan like you have more wisdom dan anybody else.

Rushanique me like you because you talk up di things dem on fb but you can done wid chin Dennis now. A your man she tek or camele you a buy dis out like it gone pon sale. Remember Say a you one dem beat. Leave people argument alone.

People unnu a mash up may pen party scene and unnu won’t learn. Unnu want di bag a friend pon fb, tagging, & the likes. Krystal yuh tek yuhself turn fool fi beg friendship..if yuh nah post bout yuh daughter yuh a post bout Nancy. Di gal nah pay you no mind. Look like nuh friend nuh deh Portland cottage fi yuh.

Hutty them say young boy a stress yuh. If she want young boy a fi her business. Unnu say wah young young kimar a do wid dance hall grandfather jaro..if she a nyam him out mek she gwan.

So a unnu undercover and sneaking yes serona and trissan. Chin yuh up front but you a gwan too bad now. Yuh p**y nuh have no bottom which parish you a go f**k down next? Who left a may pen yuh nuh f**k? How puppy tail beat camele and never beat yuh when you drive him car go sex next man . . .

Me say unnu a one big fake friend and secret enemy and unnu a mash up may pen party wid f****y. Me want to know if unnu nuh tired of it. Everyday a new page unnu famous inna disgrace.

Who a batty man ….. Alvin and cj can stay Inna di closet if unnu want. Lakisha brown yuh never look good… lakisha mc donald yuh forver look good. Unnu fi learn fi keep things private. When friend chat so called friend people hear unnu secret. 100000 Facebook friend and di people dem just a watch unnu. Yuh same friend a tell yuh secret …..Is the hype really worth it?

Unnu want one big barrel fi go roll down blue mountain peek inna. Still nah go learn.

35 thoughts on “MAYPEN PLAY PEN

  1. Met mi a cry real tears I swear may pen people have them own little world filled with drama but whoever send this seem like it’s Mizza Bling because they were all once close and the friendship drift and a she alone can have dem ya long file ya pan the people but all this is valid mi nuh see no lie Hopie love hype and young boy….Everything is true

  2. dutty hutty yuh stay bad and bleach out.. yuh look like a living walking dead inn real life. yuh nuh mind young bwoy and them still nah stay wid yuh.. yuh miserable like yuh think the money eh have can keep young bwoy them still nuh stay nuh matter how much oxtail yuh cook lol. yuh aunty know seh u a f**k har man wid live a foreign or nah? him a send yuh all a the money come give yuh.. yuh need to buy a whole new body yuh ugly like. stop inna competion a may pen with ppl bout yuh a best dress peron cuz u not. gwan guh cook some oxtail dutty gal

  3. Krystal wid har batty forveva outta door she muss think a good company she a push go inna. Them chat har gone to di doggg. Me nuh know if she nuh see say dem want no friend from har. Anybody weh dem and Nancy nuh talk camele play hypocrite wid dem. A so dem stay. Hutty start different parin.

    All dem a say is dem neva see Nancy so happy tru she a baddadon deh. Me give dem not even til december cause a shame Nancy shame di foreign man diss har and a man she a look fi seh she have true him a keep back dance. Notice she nah promote it. Di two dancehall dog a eat birthday cake no sah what a thing. Everybody run truu. Girl never happy before cause she nuh live no weh and caan cook a har yaad and nuh ramp fi beg wear & lef

    yes we tired fi hear bout camele teeth her friend dem must tell her bout di foot dem. Nuff more duty bungle nuh reach pon dis story. The dirty laundry out and stink bad. All a dem turn joke. People just laugh afta dem.

  4. I’m from Maypen,don’t know any1 of theses people personally but mi like see the pics them on fb!! Leave them alone…let the people dem party and tek them one another man in peace..we have enough violence a clearendon that’s common assault ..mi see one of the foote lady a cuss firewall bcuz har pic nuh get post!!

  5. G stop run een a defend Hopie kmt Hopie is another drama Tpc her file too long fi read out big old lady Hopie yes you stay outta dance and go tek care of your kids kmt you’re just a social media mother Memba Enuh Gyal nuh your son did rape yuh daughter a Canada and Suh him get deported Suh yuh hide him dash him guh to another place? Uuh fi get please nuh Mek mi let your file loose a goodly you send een this post because uuh wha hype again yuh love young drugs boy too much man shall continue to use yuh before yuh mature up yuh self and settle down with a man that’s 85 he would be a lot closer to your age but yuh think ya spring chicken gweh Gyal yuh affi do raffle fi see which pickney yuh ago mind this year cause yuh have too much

    1. Dat woman takes real reeeal good care of her kids especially Devondra! Rape?? How a u alone a talk bout rape? Hopie put eeen her work suh shi must enjoy her money now! Everybody have a little bit of hype ina dem suh wi not to cuss a soul.

  6. Is definitely Diedre or mizza send this een cause mi nuh know how dem nuh up deh and dem love di mix up or a goodly firewall ooman because mi nuh see Weh firewall affi do wid dis lol chin oh chinmoy you were the best thing that creature name firewall had him Likkle dirty young girl just sick me she Eva fava wha mad scientist chin a you Mek him look decent but yuh see when young girl love hype hmmmm dem do anything and anyone

    1. If diedre send in this that’s the pop calling he kettle black!! From Lennon days mi know that slut…which man a Maypen she nuh sell har body 2 and nuh have a thing fi show fab /her daughter ran away the other day mi see she post it pon fb!! Gal need fi spend time and tAke cAre her kids and leave the dancehall scene!!bitch need fi set an example for her jits yow!!

  7. Hopie loose the flavor. Chromaz mash har up. Why dem never tell tena say dem a go have firewall at the surprise party what a gal tuff and favor crush bullfrog. Me tiyad fi see dem. Nancy not even have dry shit fi wipe outta har batty. Some a di old one dem fi go sit down. Look pon nasty puppytail too. Kmft.

    1. How chromaz mash up Hopie??? And Hopie and Doh a come frm waapy kill Phillip?? Hopie have her own.. Dog is still doging so Chromaz naas win only ting shi win is a belly. Hopie have her businesses and x6 weh Chromas have??? Deeclaare

      1. A she tek her man and from dog left hopie mash up and mawga. So me haffi call it say a she mash har up. Me nuh know why you a tek up do hopie wen a tru. X6 and business nuh have nutthin do wid it. Dem a come from far and him still lef. She a gwan boose up camele and a say a fi har money a spend so she want di hype. Dem a go want do whole a it one day.trustme.

  8. Suh den G how yuh can answer everybody and a play hero fi Hopie Suh but when mi speak the truth yuh defense drop lol uuh nuh easy at all but Mumma Met stay deh may pen is a zoo by itself pure animals deh deh from finger inna batty gq jahcat right back to suck pussy Nancy lol the same mouth she use a swipe out farrina batty and pussy fi legacy a di same mouth she use a kiss ar oh so loving children dem but I shall not unleash no one file yuh hear di time Unu tek a pit Unu one another pan Pinkwall Unu guh build a foundation and call sumn Unu own.. Trissan yuh eggs dem a dry up mums pretty clothes and heels caay hold nuh man fi Mek dem breed yuh Suh stop waste time

    1. Naaa sah cyaa drop! Anyhow How Hopie Mawga? And a she lef Dog??? Whole a wi as woman aging yearly suh unu need to stop seh di woman old cuz Chromaz not all dat! Mi a affi mention wat she have! Why? Cuz if a man lef shi can stand her own!

    2. Sometimes unu not to allow people to pull ya’ll legs :maho cuz dah rape argument deh a news to BC tho mi nuh believe still.. have a good day ya’ll this

  9. G yuh realize the store was only a distraction so no one question her about the drugs money ? Or being a drug mule ? Listen me if Hopie had so much to declare why some of her children suffering ? Since you’re her spokes person nobody caay dash no word to me because I personally hear Hopie a bawl n plea to someone that she owes $10,000 U.S to not to loud her up Suh stay deh Mek she fool you all bout x6 and store that’s all she can declare

    1. Chromaz affi a put een work too0! If Hopie a mule so iz Chromaz! U make it seems like the woman has 8 kids u too bad enuh :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

  10. Nancy sister them a do har so,every week uno cuss the gal Lowe har build maypen mixup it get delete now uno come a pinkwall.

    1. A tired timberland dumplin and butter and bikey church frack firewall woman a work and make di page dem yuu hear. Dem catch dumplin and butter di other day she swear blind a nuh she. A dem same so call friend

  11. Met start charge fi promo ya lol G today fi Hopie tomorrow fi you Unu hear that I know too much truth about Hopie and the rest of May pen social media flossers to even bother with this met this is only the half of it I know too many of them come overseas and talk how them a struggle and want a Likkle Mek up but yet them deh a Jamaica a show off but it shall bring them disgrace a Suh Hopie entire family stay them love floss and hype but behind closed doors dem bruck like dog and always a beg

    1. Pwahahah hellooo hiiii Hopie iz di only smaddy mi defend and mi nuh know r personally! Mi just a enjoy yuh writings mi love! Bout tmrw fi meee if i pwahahaha! Later for you??

    2. Hopie is a very loyal and supportive spender, bruk or not suh mi will defend her. From she is not ur enemy dont wish bad for the woman.

        1. I said she’s a supporter of businesses! Therefoooore i’m a legitimate business owner! Damn bright! so yes her money goes into my cash register and so does mine in hers! F**k outa here! BIG UP THE English AND Canadian dem down a Rocky!!!

  12. Met you have nuff juice doah?? I wanda how ur life look.. u av plenty of time pan u hands mi a tell you. weh u achieve today after this post? wash u dutty mouth pah ppl, ya get pay fi watch pussy and cocky??? U come fi disgrace and belittle ppl. how u fi give ppl advise when u not in no position?? look like u tiyad a ur life? low d ppl dem mek dem live.. G- look like flava a a give u notes??? i know dat girl, she getting her own, does it matta how??? d dependable girl weh dog av a cost him nuff. Memba seh u cah tame a trained dog? dem we stray but always return. Flava mi rate yuh as a young/ole gal u do fi u own and help out nuff ppl in a u lickle community!

    1. Rae read good Met naaaave a ting to do with this post! A people send it! U see Met comment? Suh how u fi a seh she a wash r mouth pan people??? Dont go there

  13. Met- no da gal de flava me see collect how much awards d ada day??? bwoi if she a get so much recognition she must a do supn good. she hype still but nun no wrong wid dat?? a badmid ppl one av a problem with ppl who a hype wid dem own tings

    1. Exactly!!! She supports people businesses suh mi naa chat bad bout r! Everyone a wi hype sum just over hype maybe thats Hopie but shi wuk fi r tings wedda legally or illegally. Big up ROCKY str88!

  14. If camele poop she post it pon fb. No way this girl miss flight for son graduation and nuh post di ticket dwl.

    This nuh have a thing to do wid badmind. These people put up everything on fb and chat them one another that is the problem

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