What is ur take in this. It sticky fi me because I’d rather a little girl have her father in her life, than none at allbut the gay dad part mind boggling.



  1. So y the likkle girl dem hair caaaa comb wit shirt on n y the fuxx dude a give we a just get fuxxed face inna the pic while the two kids tryna get ready for school
    No two man r woman should raise kids as a couple point blank

  2. Mi no like it!!!! Why? Why should woman be the carriers of these babies only for men to raise with other men?? What kind of message are we sending to our future generation, if we do have one?? Two men cannot have children, two men cannot prolong our future generation. Again why should women be vessels for these men who are cutting off the generation? God created men and women for a reason, same reason he created a pair of every animal. DON’T FEEL WOMEN SHOULD CARRY CHILDREN FOR THEM TO BE RAISED BY MEN THAT DONT BELIEVE IN THE DEFINITION OF A FAMILY. If you don’t like women what are you doing raising a daughter?

  3. Fi breed fi a battybwoy den run lef di pickney wid him nuh seh much bout di mumma!!!Stickly fi chew…dem coulda put on shirt doe. Dis half naked ting a beat mi bad..:malu2

  4. Singing!! ((((((a pair of every animal was saved in di ark)))))) so mi nah support no same sex fi raise nu pickney…bun dat str88888!!!

  5. Why these two battyman naked in front ah pickney n u can bet seh da pikney themknow exactly wat goin in dat house

  6. Met all i can say is speechless___________BUT why it have to be done with no shirts on? Each to their own but do kids really have to witness such foolishness. Its bad enough being gay dads on top of it expose the poor children to this kmt

  7. Totally inappropriate!!! They could have been wearing clothes shorts… They were interviewed by a reporter and they stated the children do not know they are a couple as they have separate bedrooms, but children are very intuitive, they are getting older and I believe exposing them to this lifestyle at such an early is choosing for them and wrong. They also have a son too…

    1. If they don’t feel anything wrong with it , why the seperately bedrooms and the secrecy ?? Parents show their love for each other and companionship. If they can’t it clearly mean something is wrong with the situation.

    1. True you can always find another man that is more than willing to play that role. No battyman naw raise my boy Pickney

  8. every child deserves to be raised in a loving home

    however , just like mommy and daddy would have be properly covered in the morning when getting heir kids together , these 2 men should be too

    it would be just as wrong for a mom in her panty and bra and dad in his boxers with that just fkd face

    and if the woman who gave birth to these kids somehow managed to not to raise them , then i commend these men for stepping in and helping any kid out there who needs a home

    as long as dem nah abuse dem

    1. I agree. There are so many children in the world who needs someone to love and care for them. I don’t see anything wrong with gay people taking care of children. Being gay and being a pediphile are 2 different thinks. as for them not wearing shirt, if men can walk around outside without shirts why is it wrong for them to go shirtless at home?

  9. They (the powers that be, because I believe there is a GAY AGENDA) are trying to change the MIND of the future!!..children live what they learn, when children grow up in this way, they accept THIS as the norm and what is known as THE TRADITIONAL FAMILY is no more……this is not how God intended it to be, I do not believe so, if so, men would have been physically structured to bear children and to accept the penis without the risk rectal prolapse, bacterial infection around the anus, due to the lining of the anus being too thin, (vagina has a heavy lining), making the anus susceptible to tears which can result in SOME NASTY infections among other things…God does not make any mistakes!!!..

    If yuh gay yuh Gay but that is a SEXUAL CHOICE, LIKE LOVE LICKING TOES AND EATING SMADDY NOSE NAUGHT TURN ANEDDA PERSON ON OR KISSING A GOAT AND CALLING A DONKEY YUH WIFE!!…these are sexual perversions, AKA MADNESS!!! PSYCHOLOGICAL PROBLEMS, FUNCTIONING MAD PEOPLE!!…..why introduce innocent children into it!!..an de so call ooman dem whey ah gi dese men dem children..oonuh have ah lot to ansa for!!!

  10. its wah too sad.. and why should women carry thier kids and have them raise it. the fact that your union cant bring forth kids means something is wrong.. smh

  11. No long talking …a gay couple can’t produce children on their own. 1 Female born Woman as the Mother. And 1. Male born Man as a father.

  12. Dem a tek time a force dis nasty living pon wi…dem all get very vocal and brite..See Rickardo “shuzzr” smith cum outta him closet deh and have di heart fi a bun out sizzla at di same time…all a get big write up..God soon cum fi him world

  13. eeerrr….why ppl say dat being gay is a choice??…….being heterosexual is not a choice either………you are simply wired that way……..the choice is whether or not they engage in relationships and sexual acts with other men….the same principle applies to heterosexuals…whether you want to be celibate or have sex with 300 women…………an example is the “down low” phenomenon……..these men are gay already….and they made a choice to be with women for whatever reasons…….therefore if they go back to sleeping with men……they made another choice…..notwithstanding, i hate when ppl bring up god and all dat bullshit when it comes to dis argument….because if you believe everything that happens in this world is gods will then you also have to believe its gods will they are gay……in which case if its not gods will they are gay then the issue of freedom of choice arises doesnt it…..so again, its a matter of choice……..so shut the f**k up already………which leads to the question….all ppl are born sinners……and no sin is greater than the other….except blasphemy i guess…..so the questions remains is being gay a greater sin than lying to your parents as a child, or stealing candy from the store, or prostitution or murdering someone for the $10 they have in their pocket??……your great and wonderful god made these gay men too…..so dont blame them for being gay….blame the one who made them….but of course you’re not allowed to question gods will…….simple as dat…and all who want say mi a support battyman can go suck unnu mumma wid a bloodklaat straw………the preceding statements are philosophic/logic and if you didnt get that you need not ever address me on this forum because i dont talk to intellectually challenged ppl………now as for whether or not two gay men should be raising little girls im on the fence about it….i know fi good goddam sure i wouldnt want them raising little boys……but the issue with girls is simply because one of them is the wife and it will confuse the children regarding gender differentation and also the masculine modeling required aka every girl wants a man just like her dad ……but on the other hand….if girls have strong father figures they are less likely to end up on the pole at a young age….figuratively and literally…….i tend to view these situations as a sort of social experiment…..if the experiment proves detrimental to the children i am more than certain laws will be passed to stamp out the trend……just like the trend back in the day was for pedophiles to rape then underage girls then turn around and marry them as a means of avoiding prison……this was detrimental to society all by itself……therefore the F**K law was passed to prevent little girls from being taken advantage of by grown ass men……and for the ignorant, if someone went to jail for f**king an adolescent its because they went to jail For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge of a minor….did anyone know that in the state of oklahoma…to this day….a 14yr old girl can be married to a grown man of any age as long as her parents signed off on it….

    1. God’s will cannot be any decision man has made so u a mix up di ting desso. We are all born in sin or born with the capabilities of sinning . I will say this since you say these people are wired like this..what about murderers and thieves who are born wired like this? Do we allow them to be what they are wired to be like?

          1. that also Metty is Mental Illness….we all know right from wrong good from bad, and de urge for someone to do something which is not normal is actually some kind of brain malfunction, or chemical reaction, for example the condition known as PICA… people like me who love eat ice..or others who love dirt, powder, ajax, smell glue, gas etc…the urge may come but if you can be strong enough not to act on it, then you have overcome….


    2. Hhhmmmmmm god forgave the prostitute because she sold crotches for lively hood, she could always stop sell pussy. The tief could stop tief , the murderer can stop murder. Now with your counterparts one they start sleeping with their one another there’s no turning back, they can sleep with as many women they will still be considered fags(mi know dah word deh a burnout you rass oh well pad it up)which is why god burn dem with fire, it’s the devils work, don’t blame god for that. The devil never like anything that good which was why he made eve ate the apple to delete the human race. You no like nobody else’s opinion on the topic go suck you man

    3. My youth mi caah tell you how wrong you be and mi nuh agree wid yuh so mi will gladly tek the suck mi Madda my youth god nuh have nothing fi do wid fishing same sex thing if you read yah bible you will see say a thats why him bun dung Saddam and Gomorrah ……like dwrcl say a the devil works a one thing mi ago say if you a comment look like it a uphold the batty man thing and all a blame god you have batty man tendencies done talk if you huh like that go read the bible

    4. The choices you made ARE NOT CONTROLLED BY GOD. Therefore a person has the freedom to choose which ever. Being gay is a choice, yes, but was not created by God. The Bible teaches that “fallen angels” from heaven is the creator of this nuisance. Sin is sin ys but as in the Old, the New Testament revealed the hatred and the punishment God has for this lifestyle. It is a choice made, yes,but it is a choice like ANY other one does not have to obliged to.

  14. The only thing I see issue with in MY OPINION is that they are without shirts, I’m not going to read into their picture as we may all read differently.

    In the Dancehall Community there are many Women who have abandoned their children to baby Fathers, one Woman in particular I’ve learned of here on JMG. If there is no abuse involved I see nothing wrong with these men raising these girls in a loving home. Straight or gay aree both guilty and capable of abuse……we here of it in both households daily.

  15. mi nuh care wha nobody sey…IT IS WRONG!!!!!, BOTH HOMOSEXUALITY AND DEM REARING CHILDREN!!!..MY OPINION!!!!…I AM NOT A CHRISTIAN, NOR DO I PRACTICE CHRISTIANITY BUT I DO BELIEVE IN ONE SUPREME GOD, HUMANS WERE CREATED WITH FREE WILL, (JUST REALIZE SEY MI AH TYPE WID CAPS ON), this is why we innately know right from wrong!! the urge these people have is REAL but they CHOOSE to act up on it!!…NO BODY WAS BORN THAT WAY!!…and some people will say that dem know this lickle bwoy/girl from dem bawn ah so dem act, this may be some trauma during or after birth…this homosexual behavior was once deemed by the world of psychiatry as A MENTAL ILLNESS…..now it’s cool to be gay, IT IS THE NEW NORM, AND WHEN OTHER PEOPLE DO NOT AGREE, DEM AN DEM SUPPORTERS JUMP DUNG NORMAL PEOPLE THROAT!!…GTFOH!!!!!! MI NAW STOP SEY IT..DE SUPPORTERS ARE DE WORST!!!

    1. same sohhhhh OBARA!!! Mi nuh noe why dick hed suh hawd dats em a tel ppl fi shut da fuk up puhleezeee state yuh pint n kip it movin sum a unnuh chat too much til unnuh chat fuxxery caw mi nuh noe ow GOD’s will fi be a “man’s” decision SMFH anyway like wi seh OBARA…IT WRONG!!!!!!!!!! an it caw rite no dayyyyyyyyyy

  16. I use to always say it’s wrong, even though I don’t agree with the life style. Then one day I watch a documentary and seen they are the one the adopt the crack, HIV, aids and other children nobody really care for and I respect that. But I’m not understanding why their shirts have to be off, most men don’t walk around like that especially in a household with female children.

  17. @ obara meji………so let me understand this….”the urge they have is real and they CHOOSE to act on it….nobody was born that way”…….i have a question of logic for you….if they were not born that way were they were taught to be that way?…..ppl are born left handed,….but they can be trained to use their right hand and thusly make a choice to be right hand dominant…….and for a while back in the dark ages left handed ppl were branded as witches and heretics etc etc…..so they had to modify their behavior so as not to be burned at the stake…..again, the issue of choice……so the way i look at it is not so much as being gay is wrong because that is; to use your word…an innate part of the individual….its the choice to live as a gay person that is wrong…..

  18. I have no problem with two men raising children. But the picture does nothing to help the case of same sex parenting. Two half naked men in a mirror , one overly administering his half naked state didn’t help the cause. It sexualizes the situation, and makes people uncomfortable. When people lick out pon homosexuality they have only themselves to blame. Being a parent means putting your children first and caring for their well being. These” men?”did neither.

  19. Mr. Dick….I believe wholeheartedly that they have a sexual urge, the urge to be with their own sex and they CHOOSE to act upon it….many of them try to FIGHT the feeling and it just get the better of them…..I believe they KNOW that this (their choice) is not of the norm, but are unable to control their (sexual) feelings, it’s simply stronger than them….The lifestyle is based upon sex, yes I agree as they become more involved with each other emotions can take over, then dem sey dem in love and all that but the whole cruxx of their being is SEX, UNCONVENTIONAL SEXUAL URGE FI LAY WID DEM OWN KIND..AND Mr. DICK WHAT ON EARTH CAN THAT PRODUCE??….THE LAWS OF NATURE DOES NOT SUPPORT THIS ACT!!!….if is sex alone dem want then they should go ahead and sex each other all day and night if they choose, but what I do not like is that it is being forced down OUR throats,… WHY DO WE HAVE TO ACCEPT THEM??? SHUT DE BED ROOM DOOR WE DO NOT WANT TO KNOW!!!…Mr. Dick there is no way I as a responsible human being can accept this behavior as normal, especially someone as I who understands the laws of the universe..nopes I cannot!!

  20. oh Mr. Dick I didn’t realize that I did not answer your question, YES, THEY CAN BE TAUGHT TO BE THAT WAY…I have told this story on this site before, but I will tell it again. I had an employee once, a very nice fellow, he was Gay, some big ole gray back, tuff gray tone man use to come pick him up ah night time after work, but mek mi get back pon track, he use to tell us that his uncle began raping him from age five, he told us that his mother sent him to Trinidad when he was five and de uncle tek a set pon him lickle baby bottom… he cried when he spoke of this he said if he ever see that uncle he would kill him, he said the uncle did not let him be the person God intended him to be, I asked him if it was not possible for him to be with a woman, and he replied what good would he be to any woman when he has been broken….he was ashamed of his life…he was turned out…defiled by a scum bag…nuff more story fi tell Mr Dick!!

    1. Me dick who is gay !!! Only man pon d post Weh a nam up himself ol DL kmft
      What man gets heated over a gay ass convo .. Or even part take if he ain’t a faggggg

        1. Mi jus a tink d same thing, may Dick just passionate in his expression but I totally concur with the argument that the lifestyle is a choice, but why do they have to be shirtless? this is the part of their sexuality they perpetuate ever so often when the opportunity arise and the part I am most uncomfortable with

  21. seventeen ah dem rape one lickle young bwoy ah Jamaica couple years back, buss up de pickney, gi him date rape drug and doneeee himmm!!..he was hospitalized and ah string dem haffi string him up inna de hospital room, him cudden lay dung, these the men who did it were all bishops and pastors and church goers, de pickney ah falla back ah dem an neva know sey dem dem did ah plan offa him virgin bum!!!!

  22. this is some bull…there is nothing wrong with two men raising kids neither two women raising kids….you guys keep saying no one was born gay well no one was born STRAIGHT either …its something we learn ..as babies we dont know sex so clearly we dont know gay or straight…also why are you guys saying because the kids have two same sex parents that they will become gay…explain why straight have gay kids?they see their parents everyday being heterosexual so how do they automaticall become straight if thats the case…it takes a male and female to make a baby no matter who raises the baby….a baby cannot be made without male or female whether the woman carries the baby 9 months the male has a part as well…..i believe in love and if those two guys love those kids and is taking great care of them like they should nothing is wrong..they dont have breast so they can be shirtless ..people love looking at the negative instead of the postive in things ..teach the new generation love not hate….and if youre asking yes i’m a lesbian and we raise a child …

    1. wen unnuh talk unnuh fi really stop use GOD and sin and casting stone juss seh unnuh gay n like it n dun but dis trying to convince di mass wid dis GOD ting caw stay notice how mi capitalize di master as GOD and di ress as gay

  23. I will never change my stance……. and since all this Kartel case where me did end up a defend a mad man sake of trying to go with the times……and bring out the hippie vibe. And a talk bout oh man, let them be…let live and live let. Not a rass 2014 a serious times. Them people yah need fi go hide under a rock.

    We do understand that many kids are left in group homes who need to be taken care of..and while there are many gays who are very much very organized and disciplined people…..Some man a suck cacky how many years and no one knows cause them suck them cacky go them job and just keep it normal. So yes rather than have kids unattended to for eighteen years of their lives, I would want them to be adopted by a respectful gay individuals. Not two gay man weh a flaunt them abs pan facebook.

    Just as I would not want a straight couple adopting kids, and then posting a picture on social network with them shirtless in the background. Why would you take a pic with your kids and be shirtless….straaaaaaaaaaaange.

    1. Most gays are narcissists , it comes with the territory I believe so dem ab showing was also done fi show up dem wonderful body. Mi cannot agree with this way of raising children sir

  24. people will say many tings to convince themselves that their lifestyle is of the norm, and deep within THEY KNOW IT IS NOT!!…BUT THEN AGAIN THAT IS THEIR LIFE!!…and you are correct Met, de shirtlessness neva needed deh so, but as mi sey before de lifestyle based on sex, sex and more sex, so de showing off ah de abs ah more dan showing of de abs!! consciously or unconsciously!!

  25. I don’t see anything wrong with it. As long as those girls are being cared for that’s all that matters. Who am I to judge. I don’t know how they end up with those girls anyways. Some kids don’t have a father so :2thumbup to them. Keep it up guys.

  26. @Mz_Flirty I totally agree with you. If you check out their instagram you can see what a solid family structure they have. Even the mother of the girls and their youngest child who is a boy is involved as well.


    THE DEVIL IS ALWAYS OUT TO STEAL WHAT GOD HAS GIVEN! but if u have a relationship with the LORD he will protect and guide you from falling into the DEVILS traps! the devil pry on the weak and the unstable (in most cases) im so sick of people saying they were born gay! THERE IS NO SUCH THING! god created gays NO WAY I DONT BELIEVE IT! I believe in negative forces upon us stealing souls and ruining them!

    as for the pic i have mixed feelings and cant even comment at the moment! but i hate to hear ppl say “god created gays” and “people are born gay” those to phrases grind my gears everytime! god makes no mistakes THE DEVIL IS TRICKING ALOT OF YOU INTO THINKING A LOT OF THINGS OUT OF THE NORMAL ARE NOW “NORMAL”

    good evening met and metters

  28. Wake them up early send them of by 6:30 ,then them come home and tear dung the place! Them showing that there good parents while advertising fi ah modeling contract,that’s very good!

  29. This wrong!!!!!! The blood a Jesus ……. and Dick r harde now mi know why you use that name dwprcl you comment LEAN mi naw lie……. mi say mi memba the ten commandments story and all when god deliver them from the slavery and bondage the ppm Dem so ungrateful and figet and still nuh believe a same so some a unnu stay the devil tan up Inna unnu strong but this is a site weh you can write up yuh opinion freely so go thru

      1. A pan the DL him deh is a show fi try fool wi but yuh caah hide Yuh true self all when you try fi hide that’s why batty man so popular now because it Inna Dem head say a god mek Dem so ,so it gi them the opportunity fi go luu is a lifestyle a Dem choose it……….FISH

  30. No real Jamaican man suppose to agree with no battyman lifestyle him have di right name dick get him Hardy yes n pussy me is a man u can’t fight god no lesbian or gay suppose to raise children wrong on all levels

  31. No mainnnneee unnu badda than peanut trash round here eno :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak
    But wait a dick r harde really have a crush pon Tracy?

    1. then Chuet yuh nu know that? I was a bit taken aback with his position and the passion displayed anyways we all entitled to our opinions mi sill a ded wi d comment

          1. chuet i care zerooo bout em a defen gays none a dat roun ereeeee mek em cum oooooo mi hav mor thong dan em an dem nuh wah retred neiddah

  32. Them doing a better job then some you cayliss woman all unu do dress up inna false nail,slashes,hair, etc and can’t take care a unu pickney….

    1. oh gawd man nuh mek it luk suh bad ooooo dem two man up a tapp face n badii well duh upp all dem hair juss lie dung suh like ded hood :hammer

  33. many people Gay inna dem mind, they haven’t got the courage to ACT of the feeling, or partake in the lifestyle, so they live their lives through the admiration of the ones who are involved in it….. probably they fear many things associated with the lifestyle so them quench dem secret feelings,….often time these are the ones who becomes the Gays strongest supporters, I AM NOT SAYING ALL….BUT THIS IS WHAT I BELIEVE…MY OPINION!!

    Clive Davis said he was married for over twenty years and never even had a gay thought then all of ah sudden when he was age sixty ah two man him one did stawt tek, all at eighty de batty still ah galang…kmt!!!

  34. Aftanoon. Dead at Obara meji 1.38 “all at eighty de batty still ah galang”. As fi dem two saucy ass nukkas uppa top? Dem fi put on cloze…….

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