Who the f*k takes pictures with their head braided in a circle for a sew in then pose on FB?!? F**k wrong with dem dancehall woman yah?! China you is a woman weh always look good however mi never would Eva put up a picture with my hair bout fi get sewed on !! By the way who still braid hair in circle for sew ins in the year 2014???


  1. Weh mi waan know is wah she mean by, “my life is based on a trur story? ” cuz even so called true stories, the author some times take certain liberties and add embellishments and make certain omissions. So what is true or false or exaggerated in her life? What does it all meeeeaaaannn?!?!?!

  2. China yuh no tell the ppl dem the real reason why Yuh did a hide out? . bitch f**k a boy from California and give him all type of std and fraid him come back fi her, man was planning on coming to NY to shoot her up. Now she transfer Ann of that on money train, plz beware of them. Anyone f**king him or her PLZ go to the doctor ASAP

  3. Who money train no f**k no born yet.what happened to him woman face omg the things dem big woman do fe look young.she look ugly.

  4. U know a youth tell me one time in a universal on church ave sey china give him scratch scratch ‘ but a let it pass by my ears like music . That’s sad for grown woman walking around with STD in 2014 to 2015 & claim u a goodas :malu2 :malu2 dat no look good china .

  5. China life sad bad she love attention and nobody looking china f**k from east to north and south to west to model on people.china you life is base on a lie everyday smfh

  6. Mi nah jealous her cyaa she have Hair on all four of her head corner. Most gyal nuh have any, nuff fraid fi tek off dem horse Hair cyaa dem look like DAWN of THE living dead. China your head corner tun Up. Real natural Hair still have Life round dere. Fertile group. You heard carna nuh barren.

  7. China pussy stink and shit up. Nobody want this old bitch walk an f**k like dog.. Hold on don’t she and her sister at war???

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