1. Omg all that investigation necessary, chill babes, when you have to do all of that then something is wrong…..
    No disrespect intended, just been there and seen life with these serial cheaters that’s all

  2. A dumb she dumb, curry gravy but 2 fish dinner and 3 forks? It no tek a genius to see a 3 food the man buy. So my girl side chick no want eat to? You damn lucky he reach home. Thank that side hoe cause she a think bout you cause me and him would have ate those damn fishes, sex it off and go sleep. He wouldnt even remember seh you exist muchless home lonely and hungry

    1. @DWRCL yuh no see seh a ungrateful she ungrateful afta di mate a look out fi har an sen home fish she a complain, next time she nah get nuttin not even di man a come home :travel

  3. Met, you need to initiate a petition to all ISP carriers to request a psychological evaluation prior to granting internet access to these birds cause first of all, all this investigative work, calling restaurants over a plate of food isn’t normal and second, airing it on social media screams for help.

  4. My gurl yuh sound hopeless and destitute. Is di first yuh ketch di man in a lie? Mi knoe di restaurant di ah wait pon di call cah yuh is ah regular. Next time nyam di likkle food, nuh badda count fork……an please mi ah beg yuh…..nuh badda post it cah yuh friends and followers dem tired fi laugh afta yuh…:travel

  5. Sass crise me not even did read di pawt bout call di restaurant.. Ok inch high private eye, ok nancy Drew, alright Angela Lansbury from murder she wrote!!! Yuh a beat up yuh self and a investigate while di curry goat/curry chicken eata belch an gone a har bed KMT

  6. Good day one n all Metsy metters but watch how the man fava Charlie Chaplin to no KMFT my girl go hold all seats damn idle rawsee

  7. a can bet she use to getting bun from him the mate is very conscientious u shoulda glad a 2 hrs im tek an cum bk no sah social media shall be the death of sum of dem

  8. :ngakak Never and I do mean neverrrrrr have I ever believed that there are so many eediats of this world,well Social Media has made me a believer.
    Poor stupid girl is proud to say she caught ‘Dre in a lie.Sender ask her when she found out he was lying, WHAT HAPPENED, WHAT DID SHE DO ABOUT IT?

  9. lol, unu leave her andre look like a the best thing ever happen to her.
    all him and the cc thing weh him a use buy liquor sell pple pon consignment soon gone dung.

  10. If you have to do all of this to catch your man which is pretty pathetic then maybe you should separate sweetie or continue to turn a blind eye. But this is way too much work to catch him a lie. The lady at the restaurant was probably like wtf.

  11. You know say mi really haffi come back and comment again because this nuh normal behavior she needs a psychiatric evaluation or even better iyanla vanzent so she can fix her life.

  12. metters please be nice anuh everbody have self control.. let people air what they wanna air if it makes dem feel better afterall what would we have to laugh about? If you ever know how many times I felt down & out but when I log on & see these comments, man I laugh so much with no regards to who wanna hear yea thats how loud it sound respect all blogers unuh incomparable

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