New look?? Or nah?? Lol. For all my worried ppl and well wishers dont worry im cool. Took a wild bottle to the face tho. The kid thought he was in danger so him jus swing and run… He wasnt tho, dat anno SUB style. But i prob woulda done the same thing too. THERE WILL BE NO RETALIATION AT ALL FULLSTOP. SUB is about progress and sharing this food up. No petty violence. To the websites and konz haters that been saying i got hit in head with pipe and mobbed and rushed to hospital in critical condition tryina make ppl ketch heart attack and trying to make it look like artiste vs producer mortal kombat lol. Heres a pic you can use to help spread your version. Real ppl, the kid did not attack me, he just panicked and overreacted but ultimately defended himself. I actually went to pull people off him after so no bad blood at all. Sincerest apologies to @supahype007 and the #007 team ,the owners of suzies and all the patrons

0 thoughts on “THE SELFIE KING ARISES FROM THE POTASH *granny vice*

  1. K Swizz di producer name…him come frm Mandeville and use to produce fi Gridloc artist dem along wid a yute name Beatz.
    him call Manchester already so if anything happens to him Geoges Valley, Comfort and Greenvale man dem gun ago rise and di man dem say konshens cant pass or do nuh show up a Manchester to St. Elizabeth if him do K Swizz nothing.
    K Swizz say konshen held him by him throat and a bring badness to him ova a song which he didnt intentionally leaked.
    a him produce I Octane “Giggle fi mi” song, kartel “u pussy tight” song and alot more songs for Konshens n Delus

  2. Morning Met, somehow in the back of my mind, I do not believe Konshens when him say “there will be no retaliation at all”. Nuff a dem artistes ya have dem “yes men”, who will do anyting fe dem. If him really mean wey him say, den dat mean say, dat he is really a scary cat, him seriously nah promote no violence, or him learn a ting or two from Kartel case.Time will tell.

  3. Him think di bwoy a idiot konshens neva know seh he wud have defended himself plus have up him people weh wi dun konshens and him crew, I feel di bwoy people dem call konshens and threaten him suh a dats why him want it fi done… But cuh pon yu to bout yu a bad up man weh badda dan yu…a suh dem entertainer yah stay when have dem one bagga followers weh dem a pay behind dem..yu did well plan fi guh diss di bwoy but it turn round pon yu den yu ketch yu fraid and call di bwoy a beg him fi done it..dwfl…yu seh him a yu fren suh if yu had a problem with him why yu neva call him pon di phone or meet him somewhere else but no yu did a plan fi turn di next vybes kartel weh go round and mek him fren dem beat people..

  4. I don’t believe this story and him saying there will be no retaliation is just a facade..them just a wait til the smoke clear because all of them, if them smart, must learn a thing or two from the Vybz Kartel saga. A good fi him,too cocky and hype. If he wasn’t talking negative about the yute and what him going to do, him fren them wouldn’t try come circle the yute..unnu pick sense out a nonsense. this is the same person who said his friends cannot do nothing w/o his consent

  5. Blessed morning jmg…..konshens wat on god green earth meck u did tink yuh hav di power fi grab up anybody an dem keep fi dem hands a dem side? Smfh.

  6. I don’t like his vibe at all and his mouth seems loose…also, the explanation for why he was in a somewhat compromised hold with the assailant is suspect…
    he seems more scared of the dude to me than anything. I don’t think it’s a gimmick saying ‘no retaliation’. I think he actually knows better than to try to retaliate.
    I try to like these Jamaican entertainers but they just leave so much to be desired.

  7. And he’s the same one weh sing bout doe chubble mi and im turn roun guh chubble people…practice what you sing…

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