I really wanna know who really own these Celine bags brenty or trishie
Because for the pass three years they been back and forth with it all over social network smh and now trishie tek it too far how she gonna make her BF share shoes with a Battyman smh


  1. I would never shop where this little gal work wit my credit card . She stole ppl ifo & give that batty man to build cards off ppl credit . Me positive USA got eyes on u & that big snapper fish can’t more than flipper keep flossing in u name brands like u wok a wall street

  2. Dat little boy that u call baby father licky licky bad . Him look like cray fish with the big fish set a teef & nastyness bout ya .

  3. But I did here one long while back that when they were all friends GQ Dwight and Brent fall out because Dwight borrow Brent belt and never want to return it

  4. A long time Shatta and Brenton a share clothes a nuh juss now Shatta too licky licky and Trisha don’t have nothing bout her that’s why Andy run him cause all him wah do. Beg Andy bare 2nills and don’t want help move nuh work and Trisha did want him keep the baby shower but Andy said he need help he can’t do it alone suh him get vex Shatta baby boy yuh need a real job babysitting isn’t one go find a job and help Trisha out with some bills so she can stop thief ppls CC info

  5. The baby father soon start sleep with Brent if it nuh already start gwan he love likes too much same way he use to walk and begg in jamaica

  6. I like Shotta real humble youth! & I don’t think him n the big long black shine head b*ttyman wear the same size. As for the bags I think the just luv to buy the same plus they mutual colors. Just like rob as n apple dem! They all mixing the real with fake! >> check out fangfang5 that’s where all the geniuene fake bags r still expensive.
    everyday di trashy brentisha dress up n take pics outside like he’s gonna be nominated for a prize at the end of the year n the rest of these dancehall bumbs! Cloths is not all the do get out of style. I’m impress with assets & investment. Not a IG modeling millionaire brand on Instagram! -___-

  7. Brent tell mi seh he wanted to be the baby god father and juss because he was suppose to their a outfit for Shatta in top shop and he didn’t get it Shatta get upset and tell Tricia don’t make him be the child godfather really sad

  8. Ha ha Brent get dress to go steal and Trisha is his boss he does as he is told and yes he do share clothes with shotta he also borrow Trisha mother clothes its sad.the baby is starting to resemble Brent lol

  9. Yes its true shotta keep pressuring Brent to go steal him clothes in top shop and if Brent don’t do it Trisha will lock off his phone

  10. Yow anonymous@ 7:56 you a di greatest, mi nearly drop,off a mi bed after reading your comment. Weh u say? Di baby a look like di batty man?

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