0 thoughts on “BEENIE FT JAYX

  1. Betweenie man blow wid the breeze, but him a him mek da song fi him part loud! Him doing him job mek music get paid feed yu family.. drop the hate!

  2. Good Morning Met,Metters,Peepers nd Others….
    Fuh-Fah song dis Beenie or kizzy?!?!?!?!…not chee bad at all him a cum a long way caan knock him for being determine.

  3. Mi love it…thank goodness fi Beenie pon di track cause fi him one verse neva make di song…well unless a him write it.

  4. Beenieman has time to waste with that cruff, who has no voice and cant ride a rhythm. Go and get a job you time waster!!!

  5. Sendah a wandah which artist a guh pan mix widout payment,you tell me dat, but si yah? aftah mi “exhusband, innah mi mind, at present” ah nuh allibutton. Wuk im money yes, how u expect im fi get paid? Nuh know how mi feel bout di song dou, it can gwan.

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