A only one pair of shoes she got and in a d ppl dem clothes so y yuh a walk and tek so much man fah and nuh own a ting fi yuh self my girl mi igggy fi yuh… tap yee man bout yuh name gud in d streets and yuh a top gal in a yuh place wen yuh nuh recognized fi nutnuh gud and nuh man nuh want yuh stop borrow wear d only ting mi si yuh own a dah sneakers deh and d old white flip
flop slippers every weh yuh in a it.. go and look a life


16 thoughts on “DI SHOES WHITE DOE

  1. When you have to go in front of other people yard to take pics cause where you live stay bad even weh she live a nanny ville bout name good a road hahahah !

  2. Bad mind a kill unu tru mi man niney a mine mi yes a dat mi say MY MAN NINEY unu cum off a mi now a me say walk and f***k and suck tek gal man and control him mi say it a ready and say it again mi a top gal a road and mi name in a d gud book mi puss a guh mad unu and all a mi f***k dem a wah duh sum dutty gal unu say unu happy but unu life sad nuh rass wanabees don’t draw mi out unu cum kiss mi ass

  3. Bouy a she duh you suh mek you caa stop write an talk bout her aso she famous smh nutten that ur Talking not even matter rite now cus you still nah get no ansa fr har so continued write till you feel better

  4. Sender life sad and mindfull of the girl….looool you go and look a life and get out of hers. U dumb bitch if anybody know Brina them know say is a girl weh nu do “PPL CLOTHES” hey Gyal yu sad u can’t go a day without lurking on the girl ya waste u post har till u nu knw wa fi post se lmao jealousies I tell yu smh

  5. Top gal where? Coulda neva Inna ville! this pic nice thou! But sabrina is not a top gal from I know this gal can call out all of ville top gal and this bitch is not in the line up! Your name good a road fi get beat fi ppl man michie mek sure a that fi niney!

    All you coulda stay a ja visa nuh fit yo all you a travel it nah show! Don’t know why the sending a waist time pan yo! Guess u f**k the wrong gal man!

  6. Ok so I’m going to stop now. The only reason I was doing this is because my bby father love r but I’ve come to realize that the more I post her on pink wall is the more him want har. So this is it I’m done you already have him in Ja so there’s nothing more I can do

  7. Hahahah this top gal a road thing a get me a dead! Top gal where? You have niney Inna yo mind wonder what him main woman have to sah when she find out yo still and hide and f**k him hahah is a next beaten yo ago get! Yo don’t even have a name a road! Only people know you a the people man u a tek woman this gal life sad she really a live a life inna her mind she swear she hot in her down a town swag

    If you a suck and f**k mek it show

    We all f**k but sum a unno don’t make use a unno pussy all unno want a food haha

    1. Bitch MI have bbc niney every weh pon MI all ova mi meechie only a spend Har money fi hole him and him spend it pon mi a me in a d house d car all ova him she nuh worry me unu fi tell har sey fi start suck d hood shi deven tan bc gud bleach out an tan bad kmft BRINA HAVE D BETTER PUSSY NINEY TOLD ME SO ABBBBBAAAAYYY BYE BITCHES

  8. But all I see this gal a hype and gwan her ex friend Sade dessi Parris life more up than fi har own

    Gal a mek life a NY wid her husband

    Look how she did do her so call fren pan FB no sa cah trust ppl.

  9. sabrina Yuh life sad you don’t know is which gal put you up you put nicloe name we know is you type this and send in Nicole name cause you don’t know is which one a the man to own up cause you did a f**k her baby father too

  10. Bitch please don’t call my f***g name i don’t care about u and jukie keep calling my name and i will send met all your pussy pics.leave me out this please.you f**ng a million man so go figure out who did that shit

  11. Brina, gwan do you thing. The rest of you jingbang bitches sound like Brina pussc a cock block unu.gal whey figt fi man never had him fi begin wid. Cock no stray from good coop.

    Dumb bitch bout visa nuh fit…you a dumb hoe without a visa! Obvious

    Next bitch bout down a town swag…you retarded widout doubt. Bitch the same clothes down a town de up a town wid different label.

    All you ghetto rats good fah is fe gnaw pon one a nada. Unu need fi go pass subjects and change unu deprave family fortune besides watch next bitch pussc gauge. Damn zoots!

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