1. Is this babycham and mrs o big friend in their lawless crew??? this dont look good. wow im scared to see what he gonna wear next year

  2. Only women clothing item left fi dah pan yah wear a 1 g-string, & who to tell him nuh have on it under dis ridiculous get up with him matching bra to, Oh & a high heel boot. Damn pappy show, kmt!!! Dem bwoy yah need fi guh back inna dem aquarium!!!!

  3. Wire fe yuh shizzle yuh wan light
    An torch.
    I can bet say yuh have on ah french cut.
    unda yuh bloodclot skirt
    Living gal boot dat yuh ah wear
    De skirt worse.
    Man ah move like transsexual
    yuh can’t tell mi say yuh hood
    nuh shit.
    Batty man settings fire fe yuh

  4. Dats why when yuh see dis tranny
    Inna dance him can’t move.
    Him tan up stiff bloodclot french cut ah squeeze him.
    Mr.im so sexy in my skirt
    Yuh batty ah bubble like soup
    Drop ah Sleep an nuh wake up back

  5. no no no. A Ja him deh inna dat masquerade outfit deh? Him look like one back in d days old woman to bloodclot n dat big foot girl took a picho wid him. I still caan believe Dancehall lost its flare like this. These punks should get flogged in d square for this kind of behavior man. This is outrageous.

  6. This man need to be stop!! enough already with this woman boots and dress.. i wouldn’t be surprised if he don’t have on a thong!

  7. Oh lord, most Ras ah run fi Africa, the Motherland, but dis Ras yah a run to Scotland, the highlands, to kaarkaafart. Di Ras confuse Jah, das why dem seh u must pay attention to world geography Sizzle. smdh, but mi a dwl

  8. Shizzle you and yuh faux leather skirt and boot need fi bun!!! Yuh ah tek dis battybwoy dressing too far now, and di real man dem need fi clear yuh foot :marah What next???? Bodycon frock like weh di ooman next tuh yuh eena? Yuh sick dawg stomach.

  9. Is not a woman boots met it’s a pants him have on under di shirt wid some black shoe suh dat’s why is look like boots but di shirt thing now dat doh look good at all trying to be like kanye but it never look good when him put it on either dem ppl a tek dis FASHION ting too far now .

  10. This look wrong from all angles… Shizzle definitely love women clothing..and people find his behavior amusing…smh…theyve been entertaining this clown for years

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