Zuleka john john Brooklyn babymother is a scammer and (Edited) her main contacts are in Miami that’s why she’s always flying over there. John john don’t take care if their son together who is a spitting image of him they look like twins at his sister baby shower john
John barely acknowledge the kid which is sad . Zuleka come out a jail and a do the same thing theifing just the other day she almost get catch a theif a saks fifth avenue the givenchy shirt wid the dog on it but she run so dem never ole her and now she deh pon ig a brag and boast how har lifestyle nice and how people jealous of how she look and har clothes but a bare filter and blur she blur her pic them because she nuh cute har lip them big and black and she use the pink lipstick but the blackness come thru . You have nice handsome son now go and find a decent job go to school because scamming and theifing is not a lifestyle and plus you at not very good at it seeing as you been caught more than twice you and John john are sick and sorry example of that beautiful baby all u do a brag about the clothes him have on and how much it cost but I never brag about his grades . U soon get what your looking for plus the smuggling of cocaine in your griddle to Miami how long u expect that fi work maybe the first 2 times but be careful I have a son to watch stupid gal


  1. Her last pic is beautiful :2thumbup …mi confuse pon one ting weh di senda seh…smuggle cocaine in ar girdle or grip?

  2. Filter is a hell of a ting. What life? First you need to start with your own apt you can’t floss with a rented room.anyone can go miami . impress us by leaving the country

  3. Single mother have it hard.. I Dont want them to ketch her she has a son to take care of.. But she need to stop the illegal stuff thou.. She just want to shame the dad mek him feel away.. But she Dont have to steal..

  4. Senda yuh funny wid di “griddle” argument :ngakak Although mi knoe seh ah girdle yuh ah deal wid. But mek me ax ah big and serus question tuh all di attractive gyal dem weh ah thieFt, mule, and scam……ah dat ah di only ting unno can come up wid, ah ambition unno really nuh hab??? It nuh nawmal an unno need HELP. One last ting….mi address all di attractive gyal dem suh please mi ah beg all di ugly poison-face gya dem not tuh respond.

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