Them say them wah the story. She n boot a talk years now on and off. Cuz she love a foreign. People always a talk but he always know better and go back to her. Them talk everyday. And she fly down to see him when she ready and a nuh she pay fi it. She love gal though. Bare gal and she freaky nuh ra**. But good gal thing. Him. Live the freaks


    1. :thanks2 Maybe is predictive text on the phones beating them bad. It gets the best of all of us sometimes, but when you’re sending in suss at least re-read nuh man.kmt

  1. When stories like these are Hot Topic ppl get happy fingers 9/10 time…suss like this mi nuh mind re-writing

    ” Since they want a back story here it is….

    She and Bolt talking years now, on and off that is being that she reside overseas. People always a talking about he knows better yet he stays going back to her,they even talk every day. Mandi ever so often flies down to see him when she’s ready and Bolt is the one who pays her way both ways. She loves females a lot plus she freaky bad which is even better cause Bolt likes/love himself some freaks. “

  2. mandi a whore sell pussy all over USA and Jamaica fly come a Jamaica to sell her pussy for 200 bucks #facts

  3. Damn I knew he was a dog but now that everything is in my face and I realize how sickneing it is. None of them are special, he’s special and thats all. I really am disappointed in the fact that Samantha is with him. He might be “the fastest man alive” but she is way too good for him. She is beautuful, very well educated and highly ambitious. The only thing u could say about her is that she is with him for status, because she is definately wife material. Hope she wise up and realize that this is not where the ring is. I bet she nah lead cuz she nah do nuh nastiness like that.

  4. Nah lie, all of these women coming out of the woodwork is a huge turn off! Bolt is making history this week and his legacy is being overshadowed by rumours and whorish behavior. Groupies are expected but it look like he doesn’t have anything about him and will literally sleep with anything.

    No decent woman should want to be associated with Bolt until he’s 35 and admittedly ready to settle down. Because if your name gets called now, everyone is going to see you as an automatic groupie because that’s what he’s going after now. Shameful.

  5. Lmao, who write dis don’t know this gyal ere, Sam sell pussy like it a go out a style, I know for a fact! Usain only use har fi 3 sum. Sam bruk n hungry like dawg.

    1. I think anyone who write this and most of the ppl here don’t really kno the girl. Sender n those who wah call the girl this n that n don’t know her.

  6. Sam a real girl. N she keep it real. F**d up people gotta try n talk shit about her n try bring her down when all she a do a live life.

  7. good afternoon gentle folks i just got the time to come pon met site and see this little scrimmage a dash had name in the mix. Sam u know that u nuff bcuz look how long ago u was a bootycall. Member you couldn’t even say hi to bolt in public member say a only when bolt a left from club and nobody else no ansa the are u up text u get a call buck u always available. sam u nuh married woman y u a try up u booking cost from 200$ by using usain name sam member who nuh f**k u huh born yet. Sam u naked like and look like any tranny. Sam member u a every man freak member u a whore from u come out of your mother. ambitous where sam u have green card and all you do is drive up on down and wine pon snapchat. Sam member when u go Jamaica nuh body huh see u much less poor bolt. U been a look a come up and u not going to get it from bolt. Sam go look a school and stop try become relevant u need a bra and a little bit of ambition mix with self esteem.

  8. Lol I didn’t know whoring Sam still a frig bolt. This girl use to walk and tell anyone with a ear that she a frig him and a bare threesome them do. I don’t know if she sell sex but I know she’s married . She took the fat from her tummy put in her hips and ass. And from then is all naked vid on Instagram and snapchat. She should a do the long titty them too. This gal is 27 and still a tek her friend them man and still a do 3sum. Gal ugly without make up too. That can’t go without filter

  9. Sammy she name and she’s a stripper and a whore who nuh fck her a Bronx nuh born yettttt member that she’s another one who filter out her face to the point where she’s not even recognizable ! She use to work at mingles and word has it was suckin her boss Errol dick to get the job ! Plz pare fck she sell a mingles facts!!!! Maybe she and usain was fckin but it damn sure wasn’t serious FOH

    P.s mi hear she give a sweet batty wash!

  10. Ambitious where ??? Dwllllll
    Sammy stop giving yourself credit mi know ah you send this in you a look hype Gweh my girl you done out from bout 2003 .. Back in the day you claim you was doing real estate but bitch what you was really doing was really estimating that pvssi price girl bye !!! Ambitious where? You Bianca, Chin and Yanniebear been selling pvssi since the day y’all could say y’all abc’s shit I’m surprised you and chin still friends since the whole pvssi selling crew mash up where is Bianca and Yanniebear they retired or nah? DWFL who fa batty nuh get lick out in the TRISTATE area ah who nuh born yet it don’t look good that every Man U buck up INNA Bronx or queens dem can tell u seh yuh tongue was in dem batty yuh too nasstyyyyy! Bout deh wid bolt girl have several seats. You’re a dark skinned girl I could never understand why you wear makeup 2000 shades lighter than your skin you look dirty and ashy in person and u need some Rhatid clothes fi smaddy Weh fck so much bitch u should’ve owned a house by now !

  11. When people nuh know nothing them speculate. Some ppl here sound bitter and hurt. Anyways. Unuh story old. She not even seem to e. I’m around her practically all the time n mi wah see wh point fi spit pon dem. Pl too ducking mix up

  12. Unuh lto be speculate though. As someone who know this girl personally. She not the girl they trying to make her. Bathe straight up she honest. She is a pretty girl. Proud and always in a good spirit. She love her girls yes but ppl need fi stop try speculate on ppl. Cuz it nuh right. They girl always trying to better herself

  13. suh him a mek history on the track and in the bed. Unno caah blame him. Blame the females who don’t mind playing from the side bar. Cause for now a Kasi him own up…so all the others are sidechicks. I still say Team Mizicann.

  14. The girl nuh post say she single? And looks to me like she more into girls based on her post dem. Nuh see the big deal

  15. Me Fren nuh wah nuh attention bout Usain. She love the nigga. Maybe a fi status who knows. She nuh hide her f**ks. N she nuh hide her gal Dem. Mi love her gal dem. Her family will give her money she nuh need fi sell pussy. She do real estate and bottle service. Both making money. If she wah take her f**k and money from bolt and that make her an escort them a so

    1. Sammy does not do real estate Samantha you and your friends need to stop coming on here and lying for you.. your family will give you money?? well shit can they pick up a few pieces of clothing for you as well? cuz bih you look bummy every time I see you ! YOU SELL PVSSY ah dat u do admit it ! nobody lying on you and u know it too ur dirty tongue been everywhere girl plzzzzz and yes we do peep chin selling it in LA mainly these days when dem done one state dem move to the next .. I CAN GIBE HER PROPS though after the whole mikey and Sabrina classic situation she really calm down fi true .. wait but chin and Sabrina classic was tekkin mikey same time thn her n Sabrina start fck to just goes to show how nasty unu is yuck! … and still nothing to show for it … Samantha yuh weave alwayssssss and when I say alwaysss I mean it ALWAYSSSSS TAN BAD! hype u ah look off USAIN kmt real estate my ass :ngakak

      1. Unuh see the girl dem on them page n assume. All them sell pussy shit yah played out now. N suck batty thing and suck n suck pussy business yah. And all who say she ugly or bummy and how she and her friends traveling to sell sound like they hating on the whole crew a girls. Unuh wah go with them?

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