Hi Met,

How the Chris Gayle him one so hype a have 6 nights of birthday celebrations and parties?What yuh think of his golden suit and isn’t it odd that sometimes men with lots of money dress like poppyshow?


10 thoughts on “DI SUIT UGLY DOE

  1. Senda mi nuh si nutten wrong with him having 6 days a birthday celebration hell if I could afford it I would celebrate mines the whole damn month. A fi him money don’t???as fi di suit in question How Swayyyyy :sorry :sorry

  2. The suit don’t look good, simple as that… He was truly doing the most but celebrate your birthday hun, as long as you feel fit.. But please don’t wear a suit like this again on any special occasion. Thanks

  3. The suit ugly! Chris dress ugly in general!

    But wah wrong if the man waan hav him personal week worth of partying to celebrate himself! Man a enjoy himself, him woman, him pickney and him money!

  4. I see this man all over instagram in his shiny and bold ugly clothes and think to myself, gee does he not have any real friends?
    Why must he dress like a 1970s pimp? Happy Birthday doe.

    1. I understand that he has a wife ! Clearly she isn’t around when her husband leaves the house looking like a court jester.

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