Met come inna dis! Yuh nuh see Jamie finally breed and hve pickney fi Rory P.S. and the one who Jamie dash juice pan last year a absinthe nah let guh mek dem young gyal yah fool and caliss suh. Nosah!! Me sorry fi d likkle gyal suh til. It look like sey him deh wid d 2 dem straight out. Wat a calamity dem sure living the life of royalties . Mama



11 thoughts on “WHO DEM OO

  1. A hate that damn filter pon snap chat yuh see,anyways three really look good young ppl a hope them get them act together.

  2. is Rory is Jamie baby father ??

    a lie

    wonder how she did just disappear off the scene

    and see Rory post a baby picture

    connecting the dots

    ok ok

    well they both good people

    wish them the best

  3. Lolol they been on here b4 and I think people was saying him have sex on bunkbed or sex while son in the room they share room.

  4. Hmmm….Did a wonder weh she deh! And I actually buck up his page by mistake. Yet something bout him and her together just seem off! As for the the other girl! Honey go look somewhere else cause ntn nuh deh ya suh fi win!

  5. i doa understand how Jamie allow herself fi go breed fi rory who still deh with the little dark skin pretty girl and have her up n down with him…jamie deh home pregnant and rory n the pretty girl up n down…smh…den when the baby born it was bitter sweet caws him little niece or god daughter or whatever she is to him in the hospital

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