1. I actually was brought to laughter. You know how many people in Toronto who are NOT Jamaicans act Jamaican, talk Jamaican, love de music, de food, culture, music, etc ? So, nothing new that I find it entertaining to see the Mayor Rob Ford, trying to speak patois. Dis Mayor is DIFFERENT from all adda Toronto Mayors. Him smoke, drink, dance wid church choir members, and hang out wid lots a black people – quite a few members in his crew (security, drivers, assistants, etc) are black. Dis Mayor don”t act polished, and “on cue” at all times. The elitists dem overreact to everything he does, even when things are done on his personal time. While his actions might be embarrassing for them, it is not for Rob Ford apparently. Ok, he drank a bit and was just chumming wid some locals. Dis Mayor street talk when the occasion arises. People around him were in complete comfort with his banter. Not like he was going off and making people uncomfortable. Despite his antics, dis Mayor is a man of the people. I”d like to see another Toronto political bigwig hang out in a diner near Jane and Woolner, Lawrence Ave, Eglinton Ave, Malvern, Weston Road, Trethewey, Regent Park, or an area wey nuff yawdie dey on a late Friday or Saturday night ? None a dem a go do it, only Rob Ford.

  2. me use to live a toronto and as soon as me se dis me sey ppl fi realize seh everybody want piece a jamaica culture a dat de pussyhole trini dem grudge we fah wen me use to live toronto me par wid a little st vincent yute if u eva cal him vinci a strajght war im pree run go fi him iron n tel u seh cal him dat again if u bad u a fe treat like a strait yardie new york de same now me live a england a d same paki turkish russian african everybody luv we vibes is just a shame sey we own jamaica govament no proud a we culture de pussyhole polititian dem

  3. I forgot to say good morning Met and Metters. Met, you done know say mi like yu site bad, bad, bad. Look how mi dey inna Toronto (it cold outside you see ), and yu know wah a gwaan ya so. High five mi likkle sista , and keep up de good work !!!

  4. I am not too amused. In Toronto there are 44 City Councillors and only 1 is black, and is a Jamaican at that. To be proud of a Mayor who hires black people is not rewarding as there are a large percentage of black people in Toronto who have the qualifications but are not considered for executive positions.

    As for Rob Ford, smoking crack, weed, drinking and acting stupid in public does not equate to relating to the so-called “common folk”. Black people need to wake up and own what is there own. The funny thing is if you have a bus load of black and white people who all say they are black or Jamaican and it gets stopped by the police and they say all those who are not black of Jamaican get off the bus, others remain in as you are going to be arrested. You will see how many so-called down ass white people or anyother person will jump off of the bus.

    Black people open up your eyes.

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