1) You are a side not a main! A snack cannot replace a whole meal. Do not try to replace the meal!
2)Thou shalt “Stay in your lane”.
3) Do not expect wifey benefits. Take yuh piggy and hush!
4) Holidays and special occasions are not for you. Take yuh piggy and hush!
5) USE PROTECTION AT ALL TIMES get STD testing every 6 months!!! & for Christ sake DO NOT MAKE BABIES
6) Always keep in mind no matter how much he says he will leave HE AINT LEAVING!!!!
7) Remember no matter how much he says “I love you” He loves his wife more and he loves himself the most. You are at the bottom of the pecking order.
8) Always keep that man happy. Do not send him back stressed to his wife. Whatchu dey for?? Do your dam job!
9) Keep your options open that way you can be somebody’s main one day and get horn too #karma
10) Do not blast the man publicly on social-media etc. If you have an issue contact the wife and spill d tea. She will handle things from there 🙂

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