1. Fuss time mi si dis mi nearly kin ova..lool lol.. Keisha yuh wikid bad bad. All ur name nuh good again.

    Can si seh di man hurt bad, till him all ah cry..lol lol

  2. Keyshia you is a wicked Girl, have the man a swim in a ocean with no bottom and a ask him to swim deepa, Wicked Gal you be.

  3. Why he don’t just shut up and show off the “big dick” so me can judge it? Cause
    Keisha might be right. Most man think them packing all when them nah even a stand up. Then want claim gal pussy big like when man throw hot dog down a hallway.
    Leave Keisha and show yourself.

  4. keisha need to go bathe in a bath of baking soda fi try get little muscle contraction going ….

  5. Ah mussi oscar this bwoy ah look. Not one tear drop from his eye’s. No sah, Keyshia yuh see it, when you feel sorry for puppy dem tun round and bite yuh.

  6. but the way the fingas long mi inclined to think him have buddy. yes, in my research in my lab, I have come to the conclusion that the fingas tell u more bout buddy size dan the zhoes size

  7. Dis nuh funny. Him put di whole ting inna wah. If yuh put the whole ting yuh cocky likkle youth! Mi can tell. An check him it a hide sumting, see him a class a girl undaneet is a high telltale chance that he is a battyman.

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