I dont know if it fake or real but which white woman name Sharon Lewis and if the page real.Why do white people think because dem have a problem wid our hair we have a problem wid it tuh?
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  1. Well Metty, maybe this would explain why *some* sistas are bleaching their skin and wearing Caucasian type weaves..one thing I will agree with Betty on, is this…black women have got to change their very nasty and negative attitude and tone towards one other; that shitt is a **HUGE** turn off to me as well, and I’m a black woman. When I see it coming from a far, I just avoid it all together cause it makes no sense to me…no sense what so ever…unfortunately, the reality of this debate is that there lies truth within her statement…so let’s talk about it..

  2. Morning Metsy, Yep happy Sunday many blessings
    U know say there is truth to what she has said I don’t know if a di hair or attitude but black men are suckers for white women.
    The other day at the ESPY was evidence of that 80% of the black men who has come across some sort of wealth has a white woman on his arms n this has been an age old thing a black man icing to his cake in life is a white woman don’t ask me y but it really is so n it SAD BAD!!!

    1. Chuetty, it more dan sad…now, I’m not giving the brothas a pass for some ah the almshouse weh dem love kip up when it pertains to black women in terms of love and respect, but I really hate it ( and I rarely use the word hate or feel hatred towards anyone ) when black women kip up fidem fuhckrey as well, ova man, and love claaaat up dem one anedda wid bay careless man argument and who fa puhssey tighta and one bag ah dis and dat…like get it togetha already cause dat ah the last ting ah woman should have to worry about, much less fight ova….is ah man..now, while ms.Betty ova there tootin her own damn horn, she best be careful before ah sista run in and take her man..whether he be white or black cause knife cut both ways….

      1. That is why I so like you Yep. I don’t like white women, in fact, I like VERY dark skin women since high school. Must be a fetish or something. I also dislike women who wear weave….won’t talk to them…weave look stupid to me.

  3. I call bullshit on her comments. Look fram when Black man a run behind white ooman, fram eena di late 70s early 80s, which Black ooman did a wear weaves back den. A nuh dis yessideh dis stawt . Furda, which ooman loyal, supportive and will go di distance fi dem man like Black ooman? When a Black ooman truly love a man is a love wah cannot be described wid any words. I have read where white man who date Black ooman exclusively seh dem will never go back to a white ooman causen Black ooman do more fi dem man. If white ooman was all dat dem marriages would last and dem man wouldn’t a trod di globe a seek odda ooman fi comfort dem.
    Bitch Please! Like mi going to teck advice from a group a ooman wah full di newspaper every day fi a sleep wid pickney and animals.kmt

  4. Black women need to think about the shows they watch on TV.Stop feeding your minds with a lot of the foolishness.

    1. You honestly think that television is our compass, get real we are not that naive. I have no time for that white devil if she so secure she has no need to spread the word, the real reason black men gravitate to white woman is for that easy pussy and that’s the truth.

      1. I disagree with your assessment. The insecure black men are attracted to white women because in their minds, they are more attractive. These men have an inferiority complex, just like some of the black women that wear these long weave and bleach their skin. A lot of black people simply hate themselves. Of course, the white women, for the most part, target rich and/or successful black men.

  5. Look I don’t think hair is part of the problem plus they use African American woman as the example they go by with their description of black women and they are the worst examples lol not saying in jamaica we don’t have some disgusting bad behaving woman.but nah know wi women need to step their game up them gwaan like men begging them stuff,bad attitude and behavior nut know how if treat a man and have that little humbleness and be passive a little .stuck up nuh want try things, love argue act up if even if bring a food a plate to them man dem gwaan a way.in America dem known if be lazy and love child support etc

  6. And black men nuh owned by any specific type of race black women a get embarrassing and get caught up in bad stuff that over shadow the good and great ones us wi need better example other than the stripper,twerker, fighting ones ion wshh,the side piece bitchy ones in the tv shows like scandal ,get more educated ,wanna work more stop f**k dads over who wanna see their kids because of personal issues and using child support to f**k them over then don’t spend the money on the kid so the post right in some ways

  7. i beg to differ….black women always be talking bout ride or die etc etc…….i call bullshit cause aint no woman ready to ride and die for her man like a white woman……when last you heard a black woman getting shot and killed in a police shootout with her man??……or helping him kill and dismember 10 ppl then help hide the bodies??…..some may say the women in these cases were brainwashed but like i said…when last a black woman really did a ride or die move with their man??…….not withstanding i find non-american blacks due to tradition/culture etc etc typically marry or seek partners in their own culture/race…..as far as jamaicans the only ones who i know actively seek out white women are the numerous rent-a-dread on the north coast beaches…..that being said……scarlett johansson mi woulda run dung all day and nite….gyal got body fi days….

  8. Ok lady you can have all a dem muscling black men deh.. tek all a dem.. dem is not my type.. you are welcome you can have the undacova battyman dem.. mek dem f**k u inna u battyole cause a dat some a ooun white woman like.. ooun doe even see the gayness until him telling ooun.. by that time ooun wan come cry the black woman dem a river

  9. I get my hair done at a white salon (by a black stylist) and you would be surprise to see the amount of white women that come in and pay her $150 per hour for hair weave. Some black men mess with white women for money. They are quick to hand over the keys to the car and the house.
    At least rain water nuh mek wi smell like wet dog. dem smell raw like……

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