A justice of the peace was the centre of attention last week in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Court after he accused his two brothers of beating him in a fight over a barbecue grill, which was at the family home of their deceased parents.
Lorenzo Jacas, a 54-year-old IT specialist, and his brother, Sylbert, a 52-year-old insurance investigator, were both taken into custody on July 9 and charged with assault occasioning bodily harm following the fracas at the family home on Wickham Avenue in Kingston, where they both reside.
According to the police report, the three brothers had an argument over the barbecue grill which got physical after the complainant tried to remove the grill from the home.
It is alleged that during the fight Sylbert used a padlock to hit his brother over his left eye, while Lorenzo kicked the complainant to the ground. Both brothers then reportedly punched and kicked the complainant repeatedly while he was lying on the ground.
The complainant said in his statement that he would have died if the police had not rescued him from his brothers. Lorenzo was later released on station bail while Sylbert was kept in custody.
On Wednesday when the matter was mentioned, attorney Everton Bird, who is representing both accused, told the court that Lorenzo and Sylbert are among eight brothers for their parents and that the fight was over property that belonged to their father.
He then asked Resident Magistrate Georgianna Fraser to grant Sylbert bail, adding that his clients had also laid a complaint against the complainant but that “their brother firsted them”.
“There is a saying, father has his own, mother has his own, blessed be the child that has his own,” RM Fraser then remarked.
“And in this day and age I didn’t know that people were still fighting over dead-lef’,” she added.
Sylbert was then offered bail in the sum of $100,000 on condition that he reports twice daily to the Grant’s Pen Police Station.
Lorenzo’s bail was extended and both brothers are to return to court on August 31.
Jealous man claims he and ex-lover share emotional bank account
An ex-convict, who punched the mother of his child in her eye, had the court laughing after he told the magistrate that he acted out of jealousy because he and the lady shared an “emotional bank account”.
Kemar Nelson was taken before the court on a charge of assault occasioning bodily harm after he used his hand and his knee to hit the complainant during a domestic dispute, damaging her eye.
But on Monday when Nelson appeared before Senior Magistrate Judith Pusey he was very apologetic.
“I am very sorry. I did it out of jealousy,” he explained.
“Me and her a go through emotions. We both shared an emotional bank account in the relationship and we both had an argument till it reach an altercation,” Nelson continued amidst laughter from the court.
The complainant then told the court that she had bled from her eye after she was punched and kicked by Nelson and that she is now unable to see when she is out in the sunlight.
“So what I must do with Romeo?” RM Pusey asked.
“Your Honour, me nuh waan sen’ him back a jail ’cause him just do ’bout four years and come out,” the woman said.
Nelson was then reprimanded by RM Pusey for abusing the complainant.
“You never listen to Tarrus Riley and hear how him say fi treat a woman, you who love to talk about emotional bank account and all the nice words? You never listen to Beres Hammond? Love means never to say you’re sorry,” she said to Nelson.
“You lick har and mek har eye bleed and then a tell me nonsense about jealousy. I want to remove that evil component from out of you,” the magistrate added.
She then asked the complainant: “Is the bank account closed?”
“Long before the beating,” she quickly replied, eliciting more laughter from the court.
The magistrate said to Nelson: “You have to feel it; you just can’t walk out of here like this.”
He was granted $50,000 bail in his own surety and instructed to return to court on July 21 with $25,000 to compensate the complainant.
Man punches cousin over ‘skirt tail’ dispute
A young man who punched his female cousin in her eye and then told her to call the police, claimed he felt violated after she let her “skirt tail” catch him.
The court heard that the complainant was climbing down the staircase at her home at Water Lane, Kingston, on June 17 when she passed her cousin, Stephen Haffman, 19, and his friends sitting on the stairs.
Haffman then turned to her and said, “Suppose yuh mek you skirt tail touch me?”
The complainant said she replied, saying: “Afta yu nuh live down here.”
Haffman, the court heard, got upset and punched her in her right eye, causing bruises and swelling and then told her: “Go and call yuh police friend dem now.”
The complainant said she went to the police station and reported the matter.
Haffman was later arrested and charged with assault occasioning bodily harm.
However, when he was cautioned by the police, he told reportedly them: “Officer, a she draw har frock tail over mi head and violate man.”
On Thursday, when the case was mentioned in court, Haffman pleaded guilty and his bail was extended for him to return to court for sentencing on July 25.
Man robs woman after failed sexual tryst
A painter, who reportedly got angry and stole $2,600 from a woman after he ejaculated prematurely while having sex with her, told the court that it was the woman who stole his money.
“I have my money on the nightstand an’ a she tek it,” the accused, Garfield Asphalt, 30, said after pleading not guilty to simple larceny in court on Monday.
According to the police report, on June 29, about 12:15 pm, the complainant was passing Asphalt’s home on Bedward Crescent in August Town, Kingston, when she stopped at his gate and greeted him. Asphalt then reportedly invited the complainant inside his home and charmed her into having sex with him, as she had not visited him with the intention of getting intimate.
However, the complainant said that while they were in the process of fondling Asphalt ejaculated and when she asked him what happened he told her that she “bruk mi vybz” and got angry.
Asphalt then reportedly tore off the complainant’s brassiere strap and grabbed her money from her shirt pocket which included $2,000 that she had got from her boyfriend.
The complainant said she asked Asphalt to return her money and he refused. As a result, she reported the matter and he was charged.
Asphalt’s bail was subsequently extended for him to return to court on August 18.
Biting couple causes laughter in the court
There was more laughter in the court on Friday when the magistrate admonished a man who had bitten his woman in her face.
Twenty-year-old Julian Clarke was taken into custody and charged with assault occasioning bodily harm after he bit his woman in her face during a dispute at their home.
However, when questioned by RM Pusey about the incident he told the court that his girlfriend had first bitten him on his chest.
“What is this, some sort of foreplay?” the magistrate said, eliciting laughter.
“So why you bite him?” she then asked the complainant.
“Because him did want talk to me and me never want talk to him at the moment and him did a hold on pon me and through him bigger dan me and me caan manage him, me bite him,” the woman replied.
“Why the two a unnuu nuh jus’ gwaan home and continue biting each other,” RM Pusey said before ushering both of them out of her court.
No evidence was offered against Clarke in the matter.
Old man remanded for stoning boy out of his guinep tree
An old man who threw two stones and hit a 10-year-old boy in his guinep tree was taken into custody for the weekend when he appeared in court on Friday.
Carlton Warner, who appeared to be in his early 60s, was remanded for sentencing on Monday by Senior Magistrate Judith Pusey who revoked his bail after he pleaded guilty to assault occasioning bodily harm.
“Stay with me for the weekend and let me think about what I should do with you,” the magistrate said.
Warner, before his bail request was revoked, told the court that the complainant was a nuisance who had been terrorising him for quite a while.
“This little boy is a Philistine. I can’t keep nothing in my yard, this little boy is a thief,” Warner said.
However, the magistrate told him to stop maligning the child’s reputation. She then asked him if he had never stolen any fruits from anyone when he was a boy and Warner told her “No”.
She then told him that he should have called the police when he saw the boy picking his fruits, as he could have blinded the child.
Warner then explained that he never intended to hit the boy and was only trying to scare him off the tree. Further to that he told the magistrate that he did not want to get the police involved because he was a peaceful man.
But the magistrate told him that what he did was very wrong and that she was going to keep him in custody for the weekend.
“The little pickney pick two guinep, not that it’s right, but you must use the correct approach,” she said before Warner was remanded.


  1. “The Likkle pickney pick two Guinep” why dem neva seh dat bout di man wha dem did sen go a jail wha did a pick di ackee up a Gordon house..di man no have no right fi a stone di pickney out a him tree, but it could have been solved without holding the man in jail for the weekend.. Different zip code equal different reaction to fruit picking I guess

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