Fun n joke aside y Lisa culture don’t tell the police what’s really going on she out here snitching recklessly … This is not over no hate jealousy r grudge it’s over his thiefing mama!!! N his bad man behavior u started something that finish with u getting injury (sorry about that) but y not pay back what ya stole instead of flossing every night ya want how much money 250k I think ya stoles that over d past year from all these ppl ya was scamming and thieving.



  1. First & foremost, please learn fi spell heinous properly & if him hospital bill ah $100K, why dem want $250K?!?!? Dem tek people fi idiot! Dem really tink GoFundMe is fi dem kinda phuckery yah????

    1. That is REALLY funnyyyyyyyyyy!!!! You should quit your other full time job and go on the road as a stand-up comedian.

  2. If y’all could help , help if not SHUT UP AND MOVE ON that’s someone’s life , once unno did it with a good heart that’s all what counts and matters

  3. Every night these ppl in the club Flossing, on the gram fronting with Jewelry and name-brand clothes that they claim value thousands of dollars. Yet when they sick or dead the family always begging for donations. what happen to the money they were flossing and showing off on Social media? None never put down for Rainy Days. Your mother rob a lot of ppl their money and never know think that one day someone will hurt her or her family to get theirs. I will donate to ppl who really needs it, not the dancehall Rich and Famous. Why not apply for temporary mediaid? Yall quick to make Go-Fund me like ppl a idiot. Talk to a Case manger at the hospital and see what benefits are available.

  4. But didn’t he just got stabbed and ended up in the hospital? if I’m correct don’t they usually bill you upon discharge and or send you a bill within 30 days. So how come they know the total amount of the bills already when he is still in the hospital?

    Please to provide an official statement with the patient’s name and DOB on an official hospital letter head.

    Unno too good. I’m sorry this had to happen to him, but look at his neck and look at his wrist…with no money to pay hospital bills. I am sure he wasn’t just a innocent person who was at the wrong place at the wrong time…as clearly stated it’s the company he chose to keep.

  5. A bunch of hype people with nothing. Everyday dem deh Pon Instagram a brag. How dem Rich n dem nuh have nothing sorry seh him get stab but things like this happen to people like dem. Di whole a dem a thief mi tink him have rich nigga problems Dwl look real broke to mi & Sade just a look money no bill cah suh high thieving f**k dem tek gofund me fi joke

  6. How did hospital bill already reach 100k when he’s clearly still in the hospital. Ur a so called King flossing in every scene but now u begging for money. It’s just another way for u to scam ppl. Sorry for everything but not buying it. Sorry.

  7. Yes y’all want to floss and act rich, now hit y’all want people to donate. Melz you next in line. You think it was cute to put up video of u so call beating up someone. Probably you the one bring this on your cousins baby father. Everything y’all want to post on social media. Just remember karma is a b** every action have a reaction. Now this poor guy sitting fighting for his life. And everyone saying it’s because of bad mind people Kmt. Maybe did couldn’t get to Melz, so he suffered the outcome. She think that she will forever go untouchable. Remember go don’t sleep. Praying for this young man.

  8. I heard dude became a target because of some stray his babymother call family. I wish him good health. But me nah nah pay no bills fi people who would trace me cause me currently not doing the keeping up with the Jones life style. I can give dem $2.50 fi about 2 guaze pads.

  9. What I wanna know is how y’all have all kinds of jewelry and clothes and shoes but. No health insurance? Well kotch up a pay St. Tropez 1500 dolla rent and can’t find 150 outta yuh money to pay Coventry a month time for some good old insurance? Y’all thought y’all were invincible. I hope crybaby gets better and I have nothing against him but y’all making HIM look stupid as f k right now because unuh glutinous. F***n melz and Sade embarrassing af! He gon come out the hospital and smack tf outta y’all embarrassing ass hoes He gotta keep up appearances and y’all there begging???? Lmao


  11. Ah ya suh nice …suh tell me now ,how is it dat di richest set a family ah Florida a beg money fi hospital bill an dem wear di best an have the most bottle inna dance …mi confuse to bloodcloth

  12. HAHA 2.50 f0r gauze pad dem lucky… not even dat mi wan gi dem. dem too f***g hype.. yesterday she ah argue wid gyal who deh ah hospital wid cry baby bitch you know your baby fadda always a f**k pon yuh, mi see she ah cusss di gyal sade ah who give you balls.. mi kno seh ah neva yuh write dat. unno ah ask fi help but unno ah cuss ppl and ah point fingers mi think when things like this happen unno woulda learn fi leave ppl alone but i guess not unno get wat di duck get .. ah good .. unno rich unno betta guh return back some of those designer items weh unno spend all your money on .. better yet unno cyann scam fi the bill too AH JOKE DISS or guh start suck and f**k. lisa and cry baby already ah pawn off dutty melz to ppl when she harself nah slamm it … unno love seh ppl life sad like funeral but ah unno life sad nuh bloodclaat.

    1. Sade bitches Neva have much about dem. The Melissas a trouble makers. Sharons, Beverlys, Donnas Michelles, Janets and Nadine’s worst sets on earth.

    1. Guess again. Illegal immigrants get the best healthcare for free. Even the ones who get off the plane to have the children in the US. One girl I know ran up a bill of over USD$650K when premature new born spent 6-months in NICU.

  13. mi would ah neva donate my good up 9 to 5 money to dem.. dem dont appreciate shit and when dat nigga get betta a per f****y him ah guh chat. watch memba mi tell unno

  14. i thought when lisa came out of prison she did have so much money put down.. what happened and all these years cry baby here you mean to tell me he is not straight.. what the hell

  15. Wait you know all along me think is jamaican dollars until somebody say florida. Me personally think them fi cut out this go fund me bullshit. The good affi suffa fi the bad.

    ~ms fab~

  16. I wonder which gal she a cuss in a di hospital. is it hide and f**k baby mother sexysinglemother miss firm promo queen susan, lisa you tell sade yet bout har and the baby girl

  17. Me just go look pon them page if it was me my pride naa mek me beg. Hype and bruck. We will not be funding your lifestyle so go look a work.

    ~ms fab~

  18. so why they dont reach out to the 9 baby mothers what he have and let them help. he burn all his bridges ..

  19. Dwl @ Kemmy ..tpc ur a so right!!! …Nah rejoice pon nobody downfall but GOD gave a way of humbling ppl and Mayb now it’s his time!…U Mean to tell me not evn $50 a month Humana insurance Unu don’t have???? And a floss n a Gwan so pon social media??? y’all need to do better go pawn some a dem chain dey n clothes n boot him have bout unu a beg bbc! The dealer mumma Wey him have should can foot that bill with no damm problem! This goes to show u ppl on these social medial a live worse dan hog n dawg and no have dry shit to dem name! Bet u ain’t got rich nigga problems no more fuq outta here! Unu always a dweet fi the gram now when this over Wey Unu ago dweet fah?????? being young is one thing but young and dumb is a next muhfukka! With all dat scamming money y’all flossing now Unu ever think bout getting a 401k plan?? Wch dealer n scammer Unu Eva hear get retirement offa dat? Do bbc betta! Unu better wise up after this! it’s a sign! can’t hype wid clothes n boot n cum a beg! Unu known as top scammer a Lauderdale n Unu a try scam ppl out a dem lil money pon gofundme smh.Unu Mek it bad fi ppl that actually need the likkle rass help! Geez man

  20. This whole situation just sad! Everyday unno on social media & bare hype but the man don’t have no insurance! Before unno go lease rass Benz you should of ensure say yuh man have insurance now you out here begging! Bibi safe, and crybaby all dem good for is scamming people! Man if y’all don’t get this shit together! Y’all better go start look somewhere to rent before unno loose the Likkle place always a hype weh she live! It’s sad did happen but trust be it had to happen because these people are not humble! Now dem ahh talk bout god this god that! But unno love their! I swear dat nasty nasty whore melz she need a beaten of her f** life! Somebody need fi tie are dung and beat har and dash peppa inna at pussy! She so dirty and ugly and love hype like she is somebody! Ready go call gyal whore like she nuh memba say she didn’t know who baby daddy is! Di crawny it’s a f** shame! Keysha look way beta than har and she have the nerves fi want to argue wid keysha she need fi walk wid her head down she nuh cute at all! Boy dem life sad bad and it’s not going to get no better! Scamming is all dem good for! And bibi only good fi f*** down the place! Stop say Sade a good wife! A good wife would make sure her man stop flossing and put down money for insurance if him need it! Go fund me need to advice these donors that the people dem will scam dem out dem draws! People already know the deal dem put it up since last night and only read 250 people know how dem roll God bless who give them hard earn money to these people! Nasty Sade and bibi don’t need to hide now them can go sell dem what left hole to mine crybaby!

  21. haneous is that a word? .. beauty no brains…

    i thought the word was heinous (hei┬Ěnous)

    this needs to be the word of the day..

    they need a dictionary along with the funds

    to help them spell

  22. Firm promo queen go donate to your baby father gofund me account sade go call your matey Susan fi help

  23. None of the go fund money will go towards paying a cent of that hospital bill. He doesn’t need to pay that bill.

  24. This me always hear old ppl say, empty barrels make the most noise. Now look at these ppl that wear the most name-brand and one bag of “expensive” jewelry now have to resort to begging. That’s why I never envy or go out by way to wear what I cannot afford. Health and Life insurance is very important and also if you can get the insurance them call AFLAC. When I had my baby, I didn’t have to rush back to work because Aflac paid me disability and also some Life insurance do pay in the case you can’t work. Please use this as a teaching lesson, save your money, invest in some IRA accounts, start a business either here or back in your native country and make sure you have Health insurance and a Life insurance policy. Ladies who love the scammer and hustlers, worse yall have kids for them, take out a Life insurance policy on them.

  25. So me must tek up my good good 9-5 money help dirty Jermaine and him family wa siddung pon dem ass a scam people everyday. I don’t wish death or harm of nobody but at the same time Jermaine and Lisa know exactly wa cause this to happen now them a paint picture like him innocent. Wa people coulda bad mind Jermaine dem fa?? After them no work fi nothing wa them have. Every car wa dem brag bout and hype with on Instagram get repo, Jermaine cya read so wa ppl bad mind him fa, Jermaine Eva a borrow money so wa people could really bad mind them for??? And Mels and Sade love f***y and Eva a cuss and trouble people but now Jermaine get stab unnu gwan like unnu holy. Goodbye!! Wish him a speed y recovery but they wouldn’t get a dollar outta me cause if mi or anyone else accidentally step pon one a dem toe then a big cuss them ready cuss people. Just yesterday Melz a argue with Tiffany bout she work a Walmart and jealous because she can’t live Melz lifestyle. So what even if the girl a Mek minimum wage she still getting up early go make a honest living for her and her daughter. Maybe if u guys tried that instead of scamming and thieving people this wouldn’t happen to him and maybe people would actually help u guys.

  26. She better Godoy d up the new baby mother fi the baby wa born wa day ya (Susan), Bianca, all the other baby mothers plus the brown girl he was with at the party. Bright!

  27. She better go round up the new baby mother fi the baby wa born wa day ya (Susan), Bianca, jordy, all the other baby mothers plus the brown girl he was with at the party. Damn bright. Them a the first fi walk and curse and class people but now them a beg. When you’re scamming be a humble scammer. don’t hype on regular working people who are simply trying to make a living.

  28. Crime facilitated by his own associates?? Dwl unnu fi gweh man. A must him mother Lisa them a talk bout. No she put her son life in a danger with the life wa unnu a live??

  29. Nasty hide and f**k dirty baby mother #9 firm promo mattress Susan guh help yuh pickney fada yuh worthless set a shithouse

  30. Dwbllll unuh too bad crime affiliated by friends so who a d friend Shoota? Cuz him use to ova d house a f**k melz till him gi har d std n she gi makeral n makeral gi keyshia !!! So u mean to tell me that Shoota set up Jermaine hmmm . Nasty Sade u n u sister n d whole family a scammer unuh don’t need no donation what ya need is a dictionary

  31. First of all unu don’t know anything at all LISA CULCHA feed most a ft lauderdale ppl dem a years she live yah plus for the record she no owe nobody nothing ppl chat too much shit and don’t know nothing you all are the same ones at their yard a look something to and as soon as them walk in the parties unu a beg them a drink. Lisa in a lot of parties by herself and a drink Rozay so if she owe ppl y she out by herself?? See unu a idiot unu need go do the maths and stop chat if u naw donate don’t donate who cares unu same one pon dem page and send out prayers and then come yah so a talk sh…t really you all day ago come one day trust and mi glad that black a Lisa fav color yes even the government ask for help so it’s not a crime it’s just a shame so many a unuh du…y gyal dem a hate pin the ppl dem a time for unuh go s…ck unu stink…g muma and leave the people dem alone a murder Rick that crybaby beat up a year and a half ago a vybz and the no neck fish Isiah it takes 15 or more to jump him and still get dem ass whip a knife dem haffi go fah so a coward dem deh unu fi go whey and leave dem alone Kmt look how quick we ago see some a unu family get sick dead or something bad gonna happen to them watch and see

  32. the whole family n household a unu sad no bloodcloth!!!!!….how crosses and destruction can follow unu so?????…broke bloodcloth hype! A hype inna party n av no insurance? A hope unu av the ppl them rent money wa due tomorrow woiiyoiiiii. Cuz Melz u affi go back go live with your mumma and Sade with fi u muma weh shame a unu . Unu life sadddddd no bloodcloth. A money unu a look fi unu self bout hospital bills. Unu av pussy go f**k n Mek man pay unu dwbclllllllllllll. Unu is the laughing stock of Florida and the donkey of the day goes to unu eeeeeee haaaaaaaaa

  33. Wait look how long Lisa did those things you speak of.. Ok is it alright for them to scam ppl and steal from ppl. You sound stupid . So what do these ppl get outta setting cry baby up ? He don’t have no money he didn’t even have money in his pockets it amazes me how they know God so quick but why didn’t they pray to God and ask him to guide them

  34. A must more than one Murda Rick deh a Fort Lauderdale to pussyclat cause Jermaine and Murder never fight yet and that’s facts. Bout beat up a year and a half ago dwl a joke this…..So the person wa name shut up need fi follow them own advice and shut the **k up. Stop call up the man name bout jump cause I was at Vypz lounge and a Jermaine friend get beat up (Virgo) and Jermaine wasn’t even fighting. Furthermore lisa know exactly who jump/stab Jermaine. A ppl unnu a look fi put blame pon. Go blame Jermaine and him mumma. Cause If she did so much good things fi Fort Lauderdale ppl and feed so much people then why nobody nah donate nothing to them and them still stuck a $240. Instead a try put blame pon extra people unnu need fi talk the real things behind it and stop look sympathy when Fort Lauderdale done know unnu already.

  35. Who has Lisa ever put up look how long people was taking care of cry baby when Lisa wasn’t around.. They turned their backs on a lot of ppl they even turn their back on some of the mothers to his children I heard with my own ear cry baby talk bad about his first son . Someone of you do not even know these people how I know them everything on the internet is not what it always seems I’m glad I’m in newyork living my life laughing at them all these entertainment

    1. So wait how nobody called up the boy who jermz keeping pandA panda with cause wasn’t he there front and center I seen them at the first party together so what happened where yo ass was at ?.. How he ain’t defend his friend .. I need answers met the ppl dem wan JUSTICE dwrcl

      Nasty naga

      1. Is how many people jump di young man? Dem fi stop jump people, owing and scamming a one but why a bag a man need fi jump one man and stab him up? Dem a go jail oo so better dem neva badda go stab him

  36. A must more than one Murda Rick deh a Fort Lauderdale to pussyclat cause Jermaine and Murder never fight yet and that’s facts. Bout beat up a year and a half ago dwl a joke this…..So the person wa name shut up need fi follow them own advice and shut the f**k up. Stop call up the man name bout jump cause I was at Vypz lounge and a Jermaine friend get beat up (Virgo) and Jermaine not Murda wasn’t even fighting. Furthermore lisa know exactly who jump/stab Jermaine. A ppl unnu a look fi put blame pon. Go look pon the camera round a luxurious and see who unnu see round there a fight Jermaine when him get stab unnu love call up people name. Go blame Jermaine and him mumma. Cause If she did so much good things fi Fort Lauderdale ppl and feed so much people then why nobody nah donate nothing to them and them still stuck a $240. Instead a try put blame pon extra people unnu need fi talk the real things behind it and stop look sympathy when Fort Lauderdale done know unnu already.

  37. Wait deh a my friend Murda name dem call?? Wo yoiiii a when Jermaine coulda ever step to murder??

  38. Everybody wa involve Ina the jumping of cry baby at bubbles is on camera! So when unnu a call name make sure say the person actually deh pon the tape to. F***g fool

  39. @SHUT UP. When and where Lisa Culcha feed ppl or help the homeless? You mean the lil young boys and misguided girls she tek in and have them set up rob and scam ppl? Look here if Cry baby so innocent why haven’t they involved the police and give the police the information on the culprits who did this “Haneous Crime,” according to his baby mother? I am not rejoicing over this incident because this is nothing to be happy about but this young man and his mother or not INNOCENT. Wasn’t the mother in jail about two years ago and was also facing deportation? Ask her how much songs of freedom she sing and ho much man she give feds them info to be free. You live by the gun, You die by the gun. Don’t Rob and scam ppl and expect to live free,harmless and prosperous all the days of your life. Lisa and her family are no Angels. Instead of coming over here come call names and give us the autobiography of Fort Lauderdale’s Humanitarian, I suggest you make the call to Crime Stoppers. The 250k Yall begging for once you give them the info and they make an arrest you can collect the reward. Before unno go sell, auction or return the name-brand, clothes and jewelry unno come a torment ppl to give to help repay back the money Lisa thief from ppl. We aint no fool. is the money them a look to pay off the ransomed or else more things ago reach them.

  40. Before them go to d police they need to remember them a scammer n drug dealer n d boy them a go bring unuh dwn wid them to. Jermaine did not get jump wicked n lie like. N we not talking about that we talking about this rich nigga who looking for help. Unuh tek dwn that bloodcloth go fund me account we nah help unuh Dutty crosses go look wuck n stop try con ppl out a them money 250k under unuh big hole muma ! Unuh tek we fi fool … Informer Lisa u time a wine down wait mon

  41. Murda n Shoota n cry baby not even friends dem mon nuh rate cry baby dem laugh affa him like we know the real unno try nuh call call up certain man name dat mi ah mek unno kno when f**k Ah gi weh melz Neva get look pon mi kno nuff mon wah slap it but ah nuh dem two so fix up unno argument

  42. So how Sade sister Shantae didn’t put up the picture she didn’t even say sorry or a praying hand or I’m praying for my sister or nothing .. But they are all about there FAMILY .. She over in Mexico with her baby daddy friend what is life no sah the world really ah end

  43. Shantae n crybaby a nuh friend only stinking Mel’s love him off wid her nuff self shantae a man clown she love bring man pan trip n buy di man dem wid her stinking pussy ave 3 Pickney n all she do a run down man di whole a dem a idiot bunch of thieving scamming bitches real man clown from tflexx to kini to swagy only one she nuh like a her baby father di Haitian boy…all di designer she a wear she can pay di hospital bill fi her sister instead a Mek she embarrass herself Pon ig

  44. Its very funny to me when someone sit an rob and guh round ppl Lisa and crybaby and someone defend dem thing its a problem talking about hate what is there to hate on every car you get is repo he drive bare rental and hype and gwan like the richest set of thing Eva the money they claim to make why not make a payment plan or sell some assets oh sorry they ain’t got none he should of died that night an his mother 2 act like they are saints u do street shit and f**k up Yuh know how that guh then u have em baby mother sound like ah fuking idiot he owe nobody from you read that line you know the rest is a lie y’all donating like he gonna pay it

  45. them have a right fe start a go fund me…all that FAKE JEWELERY cah pawn a bloodclot…the only thing that nigga got real is the stab him get and him hospital bill . him betta mine them fake shit deh rotten off him neck.

      1. Yuh know dese ppl nah ease up none tall doah,mi nose… no man did de smaddy seh de ungle ting real a de stab :tkp

          1. mi spread right out a swear :ngakak

            de ppl dem tired a de scamming nd all other things yah man

    1. You a bad bitch! :maafaganwati :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak a going to sleep now…do don’t be the first person me read during me coffee hours later (7:40-10:30am) :ngakak

  46. So wait deh when people inna scamming business and certain tings gwan and people can’t get them money wa unnu think go happen. People ago defend dem tings so why unnu a talk bout bad mind. Sade go suck yuh madda and move up idiot gal yuh never see Jermaine and him woman at the party together? Hmmm. Nuh Jermaine just get new baby couple weeks ago. Jermaine No have no record??? If I dead in ya tonight. Not because unnu see nuff ppl a say get well soon that don’t mean shit. It just means that most people wouldnt wish death on somebody but it definitely no mean say dem no know wa gwan or dem ago tek dem money GI unnu Likkle scammers. None of unnu work but unnu living good lifestyle. That a Melz favorite line bout lifestyle. Mi hope Him recover but not my money!!! And go back to school girl cause yuh nuh ready yet at all.

  47. Mi hope him Mek it through still but watch as him recover a bay hypness again. Memba mi tell yuh

  48. Bwoy unuh nuh easy a raasclaat …. pure negativity just wish the young guy well and stfu wit the negative comments like the whole a we nuh have a pussyclaat past !!! God alone fi judge us

    1. Anuh dem past is them present & after dis pass dem ago still be d same thing. God alone fi judge is right an God nuh blind either. What goes around come around them fi stop wid d sad story like dem a innocent people.

  49. Met dem too rass great wid dem wicked rass self and the muma need to stop it cause shi a get old now look and seh a di son a feel it

  50. all these so called crews and gangs a ft lauderdale smh one bag of clowns!! but wi soon see who a wicked heart and who a murderer and shooter cause isiah and all dem pu$$y deh weh jump and stab the man a bare battyman dem bout bad them only bad inna crew but anyday no bwoy a ft lauderdale play wid me just watch what ago gwaan cause mi naw play wid dem pu$$y ya cause a bare clown an wannabe badman dem haffi walk wid dozen man but a rifle me fiah so a could 50 a dem gunshot mo a put inna dem bl#@dclaayt face!

  51. No wi can’t stfu! If it was somebody else Big pussy sade and big push bibi would have that shit pin light post! There never f**g humble, you can’t even look to hard on the f**rs and dem nuh catch feelings! And now you want to beg the same f*** y’all don’t like for help GTFOH!! Sell his sold call assets that bibi love hype over and get money from that! You don’t see that for more than 10 hours no one has donated! Y’all stuck at $240. Why because the streets know how these f**rs are! Lie! And Steal! And Gwan like them life golden! Bare f**g bibi do, she always ahh talk bout she have man! Where the f**k he at No one claiming that dirty girl her life f**d up! It’s all for a f**g hype …she has a f**g record she can’t work at no decent place! She ah talked about Tiffany Walmart , bitch Walmart wouldn’t accept you! She love talk about teleperformance hoes ! Where the f**k can you work without dem run background check! Dem life f**d up! Them f**g lashes Sade say she ahh do full time don’t make no f**g money! Them shits don’t even look good! She have to beg people to come get they shit done or somebody stupid with no sense like her sister or ugly ass bibi who let her do dem lashes! Y’all nuh see! Karma is tumbling over them! Crybaby is not humble! He always talking about put some respect on my name but him don’t even respect his babymothers! Sade is a big fool! More babies on her… And all she doing is eating up the f***g place and loving the f***ng ig fame! See how she get rass big! She not even have on bathing suit at sands! The only reason crybaby will marry her after this is because she’s that dumb ride or die thru shame and all! Furthermore hospital don’t even start billing you until 30 days after you leave the hospital! How the f**k they know it’s 250k for his stay, it’s money dem need fi mine dem self! Broke life know dem ! Dem nuh fi sing atm! ! dem only put on for the f**g media! Bibi is a walking disgrace for a woman! She need fi send her son back to Jamaica he’s better off! She so dirty! Mi Neva see ahh gyal look so tired and beat up! She getting too old for this shit yo! She so f**g ugly and people hype up the ugly gyal Mek she feel like she nice! I don’t even know keysha and watching the arguments ahh Gwan! Mi say to mi self how dis crawny gyal ahh call keysha ugly! Bitch how! The girl way prettier than dutty foot melz and she have a way better body that her! She cussing about keysha staying with a man that’s always cheating on her! So what happen to big hole Sade? But she quick to call people delusional bitch your whole ATeam is f***g delusional!! Bibi life so f***g depressing! Bitch calling people a hoe! , but she give man jacket! What the f**k your baby daddy can do for you all the way in f**g Jamaica! But she ahh sellout Pon Tiffany! This broad lost her damn mind! Dem nuh humble and always quick to talk shit bout people who work hard for dem stuff! Bibi love boast name brand well bitch start selling them to mine your bro or what ever you want to call him! Bibi start selling what’s left of your dutty pussy! Don’t come promote go fund me account, when y’all know damn well not one red cent would benefit him in his sick bed! You need your rent money, the people money him owe , and yuh truck payment, unno know damn well He can get Medicaid ! Stop trick people! The streets knows the real!

  52. So how shooter name a call up and mi see the man wid mi own two eye a try part the fight. Unnu bombohole just love run off unnu mouth.

  53. can someone plz explain to me why everyone hate lisa ? what do these people do for a living? what kind of scamming plz explain

  54. dis is how Jermaine get da car dem. Dem a have a link this guy weh work a car max name LEE. him do all a da paper work and mek dem put down like $500 pon any car den dem payments be like $800 plus insurance fi all $500 and when dem cant pay dem it get repo thats $1300 a month pon car payment and insurance just cause dem wah hype. Jermaine anuh saint jermaine war anybody and everybody, man, woman him nuh care. him bruck him first babymadda jaw mi mean shift har wul mouth all now har mouth twist up. him beat jordy, him beat sade jermaine hand dem very nimble. all jason flexx jermaine beat pon video just a box up da yute. Jermaine anuh good yute nuh time at all. Sade a clown everytime she breed fi jermaine him av a next gyal pregnant. and da fool still sitdung wid him bout dem a king and queen. king and queen mi pussyclaat. from jermaine and sade deh about 6 pickney him get and a only 2 out a da 6 belong to sade mi seh mi a wait pon da go fund me account from longtime cause mi just know dem did ago mek one a dem a da real poor and boasy. MELISSA KISHSHANA EDWARDS aka bibi mentally ill yo mi neva see a gyal weh love internet war suh and if unno notice everybody she fight she beat “nikki blakks, marsha spotyle, keyshia, malika, angel, marsha, shantae and da list goes on” and mi sure know seh mi deh deh and witness nikki blakks beat har to pieces afta she go inna har trunk fi wrench fi beat nikki and nikki tek it out a har hand but yet she walk and talk how she beat nikki and all video post and she seh a edit dem edit the video. melz neva beat keyshia, keyshia whopped dat hoe she claim the beat keyshia and fraid fi post da full video. marsha spotlye neva did a play no games wid har is har gun she go fa fi shoot melz and melz run like thief. mi see she write pon tiffany page seh she mase marsha and angel wid har liad self and da night at gaby’s a swaggy did affi come tek angel off a har. and marsha f**k up melz face. har own a cousin shantae she claim seh she beat. mi neva deh deh fi witness da fight deh cause if yuh ask me shantae fraid a melz. melz really truly believe seh she a jetlee to rassclaat. she threaten tiffany seh she ago shoot har, when she and stina did fi war da gyal hide out stina not to mention har best fren dawn and mika. melz a really south florida beating stick and best believe a she always a walk and a start war wid people and love cuss people pon internet and den hide. whoring melz wid da gun inna har draws. yuh full a disease like. junjo a tek up yuh ole. dr. murray tired fi see yuh. melz yah crasis a u shoulda pick up da stab dem fi jermaine. anyways mi nah donote not even a red cent cause dem nuh deserve nuh help. da wul a unno can go dead. drankro unno.

  55. Suh yall depend like dem innocemt murder rick n suck pussy std dick shoota bol murder n shoota is well invovle a them set it.them bin know say dem did ago f*** up jerms . murder n shoota member yall keepinh party that if yall ago deh a road fi keep it. Shoota get buss a road now him a live by him name him set up dis nigga Neil a miami fi billyfi rob him n dem end up shot di man. Shoota ur day a come

  56. Big pussy stinking Melz, man who f**k you no stop say your pussy stink and all your family kno your pussy stink. You cant recover from the one ya, everybody kno u a lame ass hoe who pretend like u rich. You son not even a grow good every minute you move with him from house to house. Your life messy bad! U not a bad bitch u doing bad bitch. You don’t even have money a bank or own nothing inna foreign. Wa you own bitch???….only thing u av a thieving clothes. See your hair wah do? Be consistent hoe and stop spend your tax money try impress ppl. We all know the truth. The whole Florida know u no av dry shit inna your ass

  57. Melz beat up all these ppl so wheres the videos at cause how she run go put up keyshia video.. Oh and wait what ever did happen to her best friend that’s why she family family now aah joke dis .. Shantae don’t even like her as soon as Shantae not talking to them she tells each and everyone of dem secret. I still dont understand how the Dipex girls don’t done her yet bout she with dipex kam in mexico .. rolls eyes .. shoota and murda never inna problem yet … just cause dem start keep dance now and have to do road ppl ah call up dem name ..

  58. Shoota is a known Clothes thief but him no f**k with people and Murda never go a party go fight nobody yet and never in a problem.How them set it up inna party fi Jermaine get stab? Mi coulda understand if unnu say a them tell him fi come a di party or some shit. A Melz shoulda get the bloodclat stab she walk and f**k with people to much. All a unnu live in a the same house and not one a unnu no better than the other so how u expect fi live good if none a unnu can’t set an example fi each other. I feel bad for those children because kids see and understand everything and you have to set a good example fi them from early.

  59. u nuh si seh melz son retarded like always a mek up per sound when she ah video him .. like me did think seh him ah talk already! the time she ah tek and ah cuss ppl she shoulda teach har pickney fi talk good. even jade sound like she talk, look at shantae son dyaln and ah how much him is ..

  60. Dipex gal dem fraid a Shantae. Whitney n her use to share di same man n Kiara did a f**k swagy di whole time him n shantae deh n him leff her when she a breed fi Kiara…She did deh revel wid Kam n dem cah seh nothing dem know shantae will buss dem ass…shantae nuh have no ambition all di name brand clothes she wear fi cover up har dutty life she f**k man in di same circle

  61. Yall can come and talk all yall want bout shoota and murder do have anything to do with this at the end we will all see yall don’t know them like we do . them did know them did ago jump Jermaine. Yall think shoota just a clothes thief talk about the guy a miami him set up billy n the fat guy to rob. Ice friend man.them try rob the man and when them never get everything them shot him. Them wicked cause them do it while them use live over the cave with the guy woman ice friend so think shoota so innocent. Like me say shoota and murder time a come shoota have too big fish a fry and jail na miss him.murder did qucik to say a long time Jermaine should get mash up them did want to fight him ago vybz when them beat him friend but true Jermaine never get into the fight. Just know yall going to pay. Thats a promise we know where yall live and yall real name.so keep talking bout innocent when yall don’t know the real store behind everything

  62. Shoota u need to thank yo partner billy a him tell ice a so everybody know bout the robbery and shotting.caa go on works with man that love to talk.

  63. All who a call up ppl name need a stab pon dem fuvk mouth chat too much and don’t know anything

  64. Ok well Mek the police dem do them work and in the end we will all see. Everybody pon dis ya post ya know to much and mi no see no arrest mek if dem know weh people live and names and so on.. So let’s all wait it out and see what happens before we all jump to conclusion and think we have all the right info. Good luck to this young man.

  65. They all need their priorities straight…. And wake the f**k up… They need to realize doing shit that way is not where it’s at… F**k that Sade was straight before she met Jermaine and even a little bit after Jade… And ah yuh ah di real salt one, come salt up di man life, whid your salt pussy… She’s dumb for settling with him and breeding for him like, the other baby moms …. Lisa ass need to go be a “grandmother” like her king made her to be… And stop with all this hot girl shit.. Time ah change now and you too old for that shit and them grand babies piling up… Invest in a f***g mini van now and take them for ice cream…. BiBi life really miserable as f**k and she do need to go find her own man and stop f***g Jermaine and them other broke niggas that do not want her forreal forreal hoe… Leave people alone, worry bout your self and your jit… You f*** with Keisha who is FOR SURE Mackeral baby mom, like bitch WAKE UP miserable slut… You erk my f**g nerves… Jermaine hope this shit help you out to understand and learn f***g life.. Shit ain’t sweet homie…. Sum all this shit up and take it in… All them kids out there you need to go fund them… Only thing left to do now wish for a full recovery and get a rain check (LIFE)

  66. Quick question the Redd bleach out girl who was with him screaming for mercy after the incident pretty chikka isn’t she so called gay? What she doing standing with crybaby but then again you f***g std suck pussy crybaby and walking like you a saint why she didn’t do anything to girls who hit him also like they say what goes around comes around I might not know the guys who jumped him but mi rate them big them up

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