Wi Seh Nice Ladies seh it’s always us and never them.Everyday they stay posting on instagram and facebook that no other girl dance group or crew in all of South Florida can never,ever be them or compete with them in dancing”they could never be we they seh”…
not in their league they seh!!!!Oh damn please!!!!!These b*tches washed up,tired and busted!!
Their hair and weaves are never done properly….all of their clothes are old and f***g tired like they scraoe all of the old clothes from the f*** bend down market or some clearance rack at some department store.

Kadiann(Fire Redz Babymother)are not setting any example for Monique(D.j National ex)& Randy Innocent(one time f**k)& Daneisha who doesn’t f*** work just be at home all day being a live in babysitter for Kadiann when she at work!!!!!No example Kadiann setting for the little 21 year old young girls and ladies before she motivate them to find better paying jobs and go back to school but she is not…..but tell her to have Monique & Daneisha up and down on the road with them twenty four seven noone have to tell Kadian to do that.

Tell Kadian to have them up and down on the road with her all damn hours of damn f***** night……gallivanting and carrying on the most way that will be o.k right?!?!?!?Honestly all of these dutty waste gyals stay bad,look bad,they say bad,shape bad,look bad,ugly bad,everything bad.The shower and tub calling each and everyone of them.Fire Redz dutty babymodda face look like she always smell sh*t.
Kadiann your time in dancehall is done,done,done.You need to set some examples for those young whores you hanging with,parring with,and walking with you.Those little children/girls are only 19/20 years old dancing all over the place for free tickets to people events and parties and free shout outs on mircophone.

Yall have to do better.Monique you need to focus on your Denny’s job and not not ugly ass Randy Innocent and stop mind those two ghetto sisters,because it’s not a good look at all with yall asses crawling over the people dance floor,hair never done and when yall hair are done it still looks like shit,hair never fix,eyebrows always asking why nothing about yall sexy or attractive,but what i fail to understand why wear a ballgown to the club or to parties to go on your headtop and do damn spilts and backflips and handstands!!!!!Really??Waste gyals!!!!!!!!!!!!

19 thoughts on “IS UNO GETTING PAID??

  1. Thank God pple start talk now boy oh boy the gal them sick me stomach them stayyyy badddddd no bloodclatteee never look gud them need cloths them face no look gud them hair never done gud yetttt them need to bloodclattteee gooooooooo

  2. A fire reds baby mother write this and send it in because them have party coming up.kmrt WE STILL NOT GOING !!!!!!!!!

  3. Mother Hen Kadian you and baby chicks finally reach Pink Wall & finally grace Pink Wall with their presence!!!!!!!But watch Kadian too the way how she rass broke from doing her little live in HHA & CNA job…….i wouldn’t be surprised that Kadian the self proclaimed Boss Lady Kady pimping out Monique & Daneisha because lord knows she need the damn money because its so far Fire Redz damn selector/ selecting money can stretch.

  4. Same thing I said . Dutty waste gals , find another party because y’all don’t fit in that big fat stay bad nasty princess you are a disgrace you need to put on the proper clothes to hold up your nasty body ! Those girls are not your friends yes they will laugh and cheer you on because ppl love to be entertain but y’all only making a fool out of y’all selves . Just stop party cus y’all don’t meet the standards to be in half of these parties . I remember y’all was at poolside skinning out y’all big hole for dollar bills, shameful .

  5. Who ah go to dem party ?! No sah Dwl another flop party like big pussy so call sexy reds lol let me guess the party will be about who can clean the floor the best ? smh and they hair is eat right out these waste gals don’t even have natural hair to cover their tracks what still showing lol oh boy I hope they upgrade from this , monquie how do you feel being a young whore ?! Nike wearing slipper thirsty bitch y’all really think y’all look good ?! Oh and that Unstoppable only giving them self a bad name f***g with these waste GYALS lol

  6. People just don’t have nothing good to do these days……not because dem look betta dan most a unu…..smrh…..haterzzzzz

  7. Look good where ????? No one is hating on y’all NO ONE! y’all should take these as advice and do better and principal up unno self …the min ppl try to tell someone the truth they always think someone is hating on them , please learn the difference between when someone is speaking facts ! Instead of assuming someone is Hating on unno

  8. Tell me how idiot gyal keisha ah come pun dis ah chat we seh nice girlz nuh you wah fuk the rasta man name bobo mi tink yuh did married gyal mi hope him gyal and we seh nice gyal dem beat yuh rass big pussy gyal yuh chat to much..

  9. Tell me how idiot gyal keisha ah come pun dis ah chat we seh nice girlz nuh you wah fuk the rasta man name bobo mi tink yuh did married gyal mi hope him gyal and we seh nice gyal dem beat yuh rass big pussy gyal yuh chat to much..

  10. The last three comments is the SAME DUMB ASS PERSON. Dwl ,waste GYALS y’all can’t hide! don’t try come drag other ppl in it , everyone no y’all dutty GYALS time done …… so go sit the f**k down !


  12. Y’all dogs always think y’all could do someone something besides with y’all apperance THATS IS ALL ! That’s it ! Y’all low life dogs needs to go hide somewhere mi tired a see unno

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