26 thoughts on “DID HE HAVE A RIGHT FI BOX HAR?

  1. Regardless, he had no right. If he knew that she was gonna spend the money on trash, he should have gone out and bought what his child needed. Out of order.

  2. He’s a punk! I bet he would box a MAN and brag about it in social media! Man with woman strength gets no respect, none whatsoever!

  3. Boy if a did me get dem lovely pair a bax deh boy Yuh wouldn’t siddung a wait fi nuh police when my mad bredda done with you… A pair a ass whooping… Him neva affi bax har deal wid it different a doh like a off breed man weh have powa fi ooman some a dem nuh get nuh breast milk so a nuh man dem. Fada know everything best still an know who have strength to endure dem tings.. Cause all like me a mad gal mi we tek Mi beaten an beat Yuh inna Yuh bloodclaat sleep yea! Caah mi caah manage!

  4. Him shouldn’t box har…but frustration can be a hell of thing! And I lot of us as women would probably box down some woman fi see how dem hav dem pickney an a treat dem!

  5. She deserve couple more box…if you never give her sh!!t st8 jail yuh ago. Ppl don’t look at that. The majority of these biiatches do it.

    1. They considering the Bax but fail fi see say the bitch leave the baby without her basic necessity…FOOD!

      If him wasn’t playing his part these same feminist would go bitter pon de man. Bax out the audacity out a har so next time she think twice about the baby!

      1. How sure are we that he’s telling the truth about the mother not feeding the child? He is a punk for putting his hands on a woman and then boasting about it on social media. If it was a man, him wouldn’t dweet. Him fe gwey. The time him tek a box people girl chile him shoulda go buy a can a infamil.

        1. Him don’t have to buy not one rass when him gi de gal de baby money.

          She fi go sell her pu##y and get the baby maintenance back.

          Me sure him don’t want him girl child careless like har punk ass mumma.

          If him miss a payment she would a bringle.

          Child support is fi offset feed, clothing, shelter, education/ recreation and possible savings NOT mumma hair and careless life.

  6. I dont support dem thing at all but mi understand the frustration, esp from a man weh long time ago cut one upt gal one fi violation n nearly go a prison fah lol. But we affi learn how fi deal with these sticky situations because nuff time woman nuh understand wah a man go thru fi mek 2 honest shilling then turn round come wid stinking attitude and waste behavior. My yute anything u pickney want u go buy it and walk go deliver it. If a school fee fi pay gwaan up a di school go pay it and carry the bursary receipt go gi ar. N keep a copy of everything in case she carry u go court and start the cow bawling and “white girl” lying.

    P.s. The FB thing kinda p#ssyhole u up still u fi get back one fi dat.

    1. :ngakak a cow bawling man is a tragic sight to behold :ngakak

      If a man know him pickney mumma and money a no friend or she in vindictive mode then your advice is on point.

  7. where is this, that’s why social media send nuff a dem a prison. this must be jamaica after u hit the woman u post it, mind u she wrong as hell a $5 head behaviour that still he has to go find the money again a so we send man a prison

  8. him a $5 cocky 5$ man too looking attention to put it up there, showing off himself is mus Jamaica where its legal to hit and kick dung woman, waste man, no used to nothing never see com see

    1. Which part domestic violence legal a Jamaica?

      It “legal” America too cause body bags wid all the kids and pets get carryout every hours yah!

      Him should a kick har in a har crotches too fi spend the baby food money on phuckry.

    1. …and many of us hate when parent (s) put dem selfish needs before their children.

      If him did drop dung dead after visitation a so she did ago beg feeding and have people think him never did a mind the baby? Too much breeders and not enough mothers.

  9. him should still a bax her.
    if him never did a give her any money for the child then this would be a different issue.
    she intentionally spend the money on hair.
    she did not even think about the milk for her baby.
    her hair was more important than buying the milk for the baby.
    what did she gain by going to the barbecue.

  10. It matters not nuh man suppose to put Dem hand pon a woman why him couldn’t chat To her bout wah she do kmt …punk ass idiots think everything Dem fi put hand on woman fah afta I’m not your f**king Pitney….suppose him did box har dung and God forbid she collapse an dead a same way Unuh would an still a defend a woman beater…..Mi granny use to seh there’s more ways than one fi hang a dog or whatever that saying is….

  11. Wutless mumma. But still he had NO right boxing her. What that a go do for the Baby. You should have just run back inside. An next time give her money order to keep a paper trail. I hope she lock u up.

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