1. Damn Kasi, unuh really nuh deh fi true. All this time me think him wudda even come link u fi help u save face but no man…

    1. I agree. From the underwhelming arrival home yesterday to the subdued look here. Something is definitely amiss. He looks troubled.

    1. Me feel sarry fe de wole a dem. The stupid games of love and war that some people play, even on themselves is a real damn shame. I honestly think that Kasi touched Bolt like no other woman and I bet you they would have had a future, had she not gone to the press, if indeed she did. My man is hurt, so hurt that in his attempts to hurt her, he ended up hurting himself. He is thinking it over now as she is probably doing also.

      Like I say, the foolish games that people play.

      Well, that’s my take on it and for the last time I am not Kasi or her friend. I am here for the labrish like everyone else. Another poster said and attacked me that I write with conviction like I know the set up. Well, I work in legal so that may explain it. So can I respectfully ask people not to cuss and fight me over the Internet. I don’t flex like that. Me garn.

      1. Touched? Gabriella den how him neva feel fi dat touch these past few weeks? Dis a conviction ooo cause di evidence shoddy bad…The reason why we saw Usain all over the press is because Kasi seh she on her way to Rio..How he was acting at the club and with women is normal for him , only that it tipped into the media..He didnt change a thing because he hurt..he was doing him like he always does. And if him can look him bredda in him eye and talk to him den go sleep wid Kasi..aint no obstacle in the world those two cant climb u hear mi? :nerd

      2. Gabby girl, to most of us it looks like he dumped Kasi before the Olympics and his partying in Rio and London was affirmation of him dumping her after she posted all the tweets and such on the social medias making it look like they’re still in a relationship.
        You say you’re not Kasi but, you seem to be caping for her. You’re always trying to build her up to be more important than she appears to be. :cool

      3. Gabby Yuh faithful baaaad…..it look like Yuh can relate doe. Anyways the evidence is there and ppl seeit tuh…. A only some ppl have blurry vision. Das why ppl a run een and yaw clear it from early cause it sound crazy mi naw lie. Mi a look fi a greetings at the airport him an kasi hug up an tings.. All now! all now! But ppl like all kasi affi inna di world fi all me look an :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak dwbl an say I wouldn’t want to be her…

    1. Just as simple as that, Family.

      All this arm chair psychoanalyst of whoring bolt boils down to the fact say him: trained out hell, ran races, did interviews, photoshoots, jetted off on a 1/2 day flight to England, partied nonstop on short sleep, possibility phuck till him collapse nuff times and now jetlagged after another 1/2 flight HOME! Repeat cycle different hemisphere.

      Bout depress :ngakak :ngakak Gimmie a rass break yah :ngakak

      Kasi pat yu pu$$y and tell bolt fi come suck it dry like him emotions!

        1. ___________ :ngakak :ngakak Mi call fi help all now nobody nuh come whoooooooiie. No man yuh naw behave. If him eat kasi wid dat deh teeth dem affi go fix har vag-ina.

        2. Rotten teeth and pum pum is not a good mixture, then again, who care bout the teeth them when money a run. Him need to fix him teeth with all that money he has before the rest rotten out with the different punny juice him a consumed. Kasi no cater for the teeth, who knows? maybe is her punny juice make them rotten and discolored.

          1. Him teeth dem corro-corro long before K asi pussy tun pipelineinna him mouth corna.

            Some man sex appeal nil and some gal stomach mek out a steel. Kasi, Betta yu tek gully bop to rass

          2. Kasi not taking below har standard PP…she get in wid bredda one and now unto bredda two…if she was being a good woman all di mouth wudda sort out but dem a play nice and dem naughty.

    2. Same so the man f*** out. Him need fi reach Trelawney and get some good food and go fisherman beach fi some oyster and go take a wash off

  2. That’s in the UK. Sturridge would not be in jamaica at the moment.
    And it was supposed to be a serious pose.

    1. Daniel tweeted they were at The Cove Bar and Restaurant in Kingston so yes, that pic was taken in Jamaica. On their fb page they have a pic of Bolt congratulating him and they said he’s a regular customer.

  3. LOL. Unno a kill me. Yeeoowww, this is roast of the year. She get the award fi the end a da year ya. A di FUSSS TIME mi a go see GIRLFRIEND get GROUPIE MATIE A D year. lawd jesussss.

  4. He just looks popped down. It has nothing to do with Kasi, di man just worn out from olympics and back to back partying. Honestly speaking, as a woman, I don’t feel sorry for anyone in this situation. Kasi wanted the money and fame so bad she probably still hanging on like a thread because she need the ratings. Instead of putting her degrees to use and make a name for herself she would rather take the easy way out and use Usain to climb the ladder to success, she opening store right?? Kasi is di true definition of waste gyal cuts you couldn’t be bragging bout degrees and nun have nutting fi show for it besides being Usain “once in a while” girlfriend.

  5. What if kasi just chose not to put up any pic or video of when he went to visit her at home in private when he got to jamaica??

  6. Kasi suppose to a ring off bolt phone or message him down a apologies coz she fool like that b4 she delete off him pictures off social media him not even follow har pon the gram a the fame she want, she want people fi know say she did associated with him . Met a how da gal yah fool so?? No sah big sports star like that and you claim to be his woman/girlfriend and him nuh introduced yuh to the world or acknowledged yuh no man it bad :tkp :tkp. Not even a vacation or date unno never go pon even pon yuh birthday not even pon fi him birthday kasi you are irrelevant to bolt and you know it. Not even a government functions yuh nuh get fi go with bolt woiiiieeeeee this is serious to baxside :siul :hammer

  7. Usain yuh look very tiad papa,just gwan home guh whole a nice little rest and get fi tek on some yard pus-c and party scene next…yuh may end up being the new face of ruff ride chef ambassador and all.

  8. Model pon yuh one time gal cause she can’t tek back all di threesome dem weh she done did give yuh, eh eh, eh eh

    Pose pon yuh one time gal, cause a fi yuh money and a you tek care a you, eh eh eh eh


  9. I had my poocorn ready to see the next chapter when Bolt did return. It a pop more than this story smh. Poor dem mix up inna media circus.
    Quest: why unnu keep on a seh Kasi went to the media with the relationship and wah unnu expect her fi do or say now if them really break up?

  10. Usain seems to be like another Jamaican horny trickster dog, go round a fool up people gal pickney, yes he came from far and made it big but him fi stop go round and disgrace the woman them, look what he did to Lubica remember how he fooled her and had her on Page 2 a kiss her for the world to see them he dumped her right after and shame the poor lady, same sh*t him do him first girl weh did wit him from him did a struggle ,him literally piss pon her and run go eff down the place,people have feelings Usain, him fi stop it ,him is a big rusty kin 30 year old man, not a kid, you and that short tuff bwoy Christopher a gwaan like unu a teenagers, the way nuff of these Jamaican men disgrace women you affi wonder if dem a nuh battyman,any day him ketch disease up ina him kakahole him will cool

    1. Well said kiss…I agree with you..I’ve got two beautiful daughters and I would not want the likes of these ass holes messing with any of them.

    2. I’m not sure he’s fooling anybody. These young women are attracted to the excitement and the idea of being with a celebrity. It’s cool if they can maintain their composure, but so many of them put aside self esteem and dignity to be part of the excitement. If I’m a young man having fun I’m not concerned about u and your lack of self esteem, I’m just concerned that you came throwing yourself at me. So I think that’s more the issue. For Kasi, I don’t have too much judgement pon she except to say, as a big Oman nuff of us get bun, but there is a certain level of disrespect a woman mustn’t take. He’s having fun, not blaming him etc…but woman must know thy self. There is no way she won’t look like a fool..stay or leave. The damage is done

  11. So hold on if dem leff, and by St Leo actions it look so. You mean after 3 yrs with a millionaire Kasi no own no house, land or business? This little girl must have been in love. Love or no love Alleluia with Bolt money. Winening and dining, exotic vacations, shopping sprees. And establishing yourself financially should be paramount.

    1. Mi think a me alone did realise…Di girl nuh hav ntn fi show but fi seh she f**k him and get post up on di gram!

      Mi see woman deh wid man weh hav less and get/make so much more outta it!

  12. England is playing on Sunday and I saw Sturridge training with the team just this morning and Usain is back home.
    That pic have to be old or in the UK recently.

    1. According to the news reports such as the Daily Mail Sturridge is on international break. Perhaps the footage of him training was old.

    1. My man didn’t leave me behind for an escort and then post pictures all over the world wide web and follow it up with tonguing down a stranger he’d just met in the club. I’m not on social media trying to save face by pretending to be in Rio when I’m really in Panama because I was too embarrassed about being left behind like a side chick while all the important people in his life celebrated his accomplishments with him in Rio. I’m not the one excluded from my man’s 30th birthday celebration while he was poppin bottles in London with his closest friends while she sat on twitter RT like a twitter crazed groupie so I’m good.

    2. If that is true Usain is an idiot to stay with that stupid girl. His true shine has been dimmed by this news of him “cheating”. people should be celebrating the man creating history and all them a talk bout is this stupid girl thats what I hate.

  13. TIRED??? IF him did tired him wouldn’t deh a gym the whole day today. Him look like him nay too ready fi land back foot a JA.. And come to think of it I feel they both come to some agreement, I fail to believe someone would be that naive where she go as far as put his initial on her nail after all that disgrace. A affi supm dem talk bout rasta

  14. I don’t care if him have money or not he must respect women because him come from woman. Some of these ladies will do anything just for fame and to wear name brand and be in spotlight.

  15. This is very risky and dangerous business/behavior. I don’t get this “wait your turn” foolery when it comes to “community d**k” or should I say “worldly dick” which is even worse. “Wait your turn” for what? Possibly being exposed to major risks and possible diseases. Some of which in this day and age you can’t get rid of. Someone need to go ask the Rich American Actor Party Man, Charlie Sheen’s, jumpoffs, side chicks, first lady and etc. how they are feeling now. Sheen revealed to the world on the Today Show that he is HIV+ after he was tired of being blackmailed. No amount of money in the world is worth these types of risks. Condoms do break and they are not 100% An oops baby should be the least of someone’s worries in these type of situations. Also, if you are all liquored up most of the time when you are partying, do you always remember to put on a condom? All this seem to be beyond filthy and nasty.

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