28 thoughts on “DIDI YUH WIFE A BLEACH?

  1. A wa do aidonia????? Anuh now kim a bleach. A weh him deh when kim use to par with tunya dem and want fit in and a bleach r body hardddddddd. Kmft aidonia go and have several seat, him a gwan like anuh one regular gyal him pick up weh do the things dem….

  2. She’s not bleaching it’s the filter. I’ve used this filter before and it made my feet look 4 times darker than the rest of my body. Didi right fi cuss him off.

  3. He has every right to defend his woman.

    What are we like as a society that cuss when a man defends his wife.

    Good God.

  4. Girl bye bout filter. Kim used to bleach back in the day. This a come from parrings with Kael, Carrien, Mello and the pelpas them. Way back 2008 2009. its surprising thay shes doing it now that people are so into this Melanin movenment. Her skin complexion coooool mi a tell you. Skin envy for her REAL colour. TrishT is also bleaching but you didn’t hear it from me.

  5. filter ? yeah rite, when di face ah seh europe and di foot a seh africa.

    none of the white tile look dark like the foot neither.

    the over the top cussing and the deletion of the pic seals the case.

    The court finds that Bleach was used your honour.

  6. What a way unuh love blame filter!

    Yanow what cause Kael, Kim and Carrien to stop parring? They used to be inseparable! Carrien and Yanique had opened a store together one time I believe and then poof…silence.

  7. It’s definitely bleaching in comparison to pics from two months to now her face is way lighter! Toning only correct discoloration it does t change your complexion and that drastically. Idk why she doing cuz she have a beautiful complexion. When did we forget black is beautiful

  8. @Anon 8:33am thank you very much….if ntn never go suh den di pic wouldn’t delete…and curios does the filter make knuckles black?….and Kim used to bleach and think she well cute wid it to so unnuh must stop it….

    …ah seh him mustn’t defend him wife, but is what Aidonia do, siddung pon him wife instagram a check every comment!?

  9. The difference in her feet and her face was caused by the filter and flash of the light BUTTT Kim a tone from way back in the days. Check the first JMG website archives and you will see how Kim used to dark and pretty. A dem time deh she favor coolie!

    She started getting lighter around 2009 or so. I understand him defending her, but there shouldn’t be any outrage when she really does bleach her skin lol

  10. stick a pin. Wha dat she have on??? You can know when girl nuh have NO STYLE! Everything Kardashians put down dem tek up. That top is lingerie and not to be worn with jeans, fool!

  11. Aidonia fi go eat she wasn’t him the same one talk how her mouth stink? And princecess hole nuh fi bigvor some shit like that….who is trish man tho?

    1. Trish don’t have no man for herself. She used to be side chick for a man from NY, would never post his face just his arms and tattoo. Shi a di most brite side chick mi eva see inna mi life! All a comment on the man pics wid him and his woman and daughter. Trish can’t show who deh wid because a ppl man!

  12. The picture and comments are still on Aidonia’s page. I’m not sure if she’s bleaching or if she posted said picture on her ig but a Donia page the person commented on.

  13. I think it’s the camera quality of filter. She looks the same as she did a few months ago and she don’t have the ashy bleached look many of them have.

  14. What does Kim do for a living does anyone know. I remember few yr ago she put up one pic saying she was so at work maybe digicel or Clara..and how old is she she has a baby face but I’m sure she soon Push 30 cause a long time mi see har a do road from she did dark-skinned and a particular wid Tanya and from carrien and shenna days.. dem did hot no lie

  15. Me see she post up shoes talking about she had took a break because of wedding lies all lies she wasn’t even selling shoes like that she only buy one box at a time…but the key to success is consistence Kim u can’t sell make u money and then stop and start again when u want money.

  16. I dont bleach & if I take pictures outside in the daytime my complexion is uniformed. But when I take a picture indoors in the night time the flash from the camera hits the face and not the feet and so it looks that way in photos

  17. I completely agree with your comment. Indoor lighting & the flash from camera will definitely give off 2 diff effects.

  18. Just saw skkanme pics of her at cabana city reserve and her skin dark. Is the filter that she used to lighten her complexion. Aneka use di same filter cus she always look yellow in all her pics.

  19. It’s the lighting and the filter. Why unu cyaa leave people alone? Maybe she used to bleach but I doubt she still is.

  20. No man!! Mi no think unuh can this stupid. Wen unuh no like somebody it seems like unuh find the worst to say an it annoy me. Unuh DUNCE!!! That is not bleaching and who no wa believe its the filter try it fi unuh self. The girl na bleach. She post other pics before and she look the same from before so y that one pic a go tell if she a bleach. Me never know bleaching come in one day!! Unuh need fi use unuh brain plus the girl didnt post the pic is har husband post it and him still have it up. That prove me point hoe unuh love make up story. Unuh did she the lady post anything?? Unuh ready fi say she delete. Di gyal never post ntn man. Even if she a bleach di gyal look good . nuff a unuh a bleach an crawny no bc and some a unuh na bleach n still crawny. But unuh have the most to say about people. Go take care a fi unuh body. Make di gyal live har life. True unuh nuh have a man . gweh yaa. Mi no know har but me no like when hating ass people make comment. Worst unuh a go say the girl post the pic n she didnt. Unuh just wa have something fi chat. Me come here for the mix up cause me love it but me no like false news. Dont chat wa u dont know . make sure everything a fact n if u no sure say u no sure. Unuh will say anything fi make people look bad yet unuh a watch out them life . unuh sick stomach. Slay ya mrs Lawrence n bleach if u wa.

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