Met it look like seh Usain brother Sadiki and the dentist girl lef dem delete each other picture and she a post other man wit gud gud caption and it nuh look like usain and sadiki a deal either coz i never see sadiki go in usain cabana not one time at cabana city


    1. Yes just like nuff hairdressers hair never look good and dem hairline leff dem. Just like plenty therapists need therapy themselves… Life. She can get them fixed though. Smh…

  1. We already did go over the Usain and Sadiki situation from summer….Sadiki don’t like the limelight, but him and him brother alright!

    And is not secret that him and di girl lef….the funny thing though is that the UPT one dem no different from the ghetto one dem, dem and somebody lef and dem get somebody new them haffi show up and show off to everyone who try prove a point…

      1. It’s not hard for them because they always have more than one man at all times. As one gone a next one move up in rank

  2. Someone said Sadiki posted pictures of him and Usain on snap chat maybe a month ago and, I see him on instagram all the time liking pictures of Usain.

  3. Good for her! Years and years of cheating and no real commitment! Some of these men serve a purpose and it’s a limited purpose and for a limited time! New boo may not be a hot boy or popular but he’s stable and that’s what you need in the long run. Good for her!

  4. A nuh long time dem lef? Di amount a bun dat deh gyal deh get. Mi did well serious seh anyhow mi fren did deh wid him mi done wid har. Sadiki nuh like limelight where? Nobody nuh hype like dat deh

  5. @Mrs. Cricketer nail on the head Sadiki is VERY HYPE all this talk Usain ooman sadiki ooman dem nuh different dem swap ooman all di damn time when dem dun fxck dem a Germs dem sadiki nuh all dat good looking neidda him just nuh suh hard fi look pon like Usain but dem his 2 hanattractive bolt 2 piece combo

  6. When a suh yuh get di man a suh yuh go lose him Sadiki had a ooman in Sav and cheated on her with this dentist girl. A suh it guh Miss bun fi bun bun fi fun

  7. Usain posted a picture of Sadiki on his snap chat from his New Year’s party and Sadiki posted a picture of himself on IG this morning from Usain’s driveway.

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