Dionne you is a evil gal old witch! You worthless bad! You chat everybody Nancy shanika Wendy kiesha you own mother and sister a you a the crosses everything you do fi ppl you bring to social media that’s why you no have no friend. You chat shanika how a bay clothes and shoes she have and how are child a dead fi hungry a Jamaica and how shanika mother look like she have aids and how shankia old best freind obeah her because she sleep with the gal man! You claim Nancy a you sister lol if she ever know how you can dun her say the boy no want her! Everyday you on “Fb live” Inna kitchen a cook why you no tell the ppl dem a the old woman weh you a take care of house u kotch up Inna and the car weh you a drive a fi the old lady you need to stop gwaan like life good wid you. Why you no tell the Ppl dem why you affi move from queens, tell the ppl dem say a you mother move out lef you ass! Inna the empty place with no light. You run go Jamaica weh day to man and the boy tek you money and disappear you bawl and burn him shoes of “FB live” Dionne you know the boy no want you because you say him no wah left him gal fe you.that’s why you pay obeah man 2700 us fe hurt the boy woman BUT GOD NAH SLEEP evil heart gal and tek the ashes of the shoes you burn carry bk a NY fe the obeah man tie the boy pon you because you say him nyam out you money so him affi stay with you! #evil the last boy u try with from Ja as him get the visa him left you!

2 thoughts on “DIONNE PART 2

  1. What away Tommy weh bad dwrcl
    Is only people over seas she bad up enuh cuz the whole a water house know Tamara is a dirty piece a shit dwl

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