Gal shape good,gal look good
But when I tell you this pretty girl here is a dawg sh*t you better believe it.mi si she all a dis jigga di other day thru Badman a f*k har now but wait until Teflon find out di b*tch you be and batta bruise yuh
Because you a gal weh hide and f*k a how much man a philly and gwan like you a good gal plus yuh f**k from state to state
Shi f**k all some man a philly weh sick stomach
And gwan like yuh sh*t can mek patty
Soon send een some video wid har to met
To be continue…


  1. Pretty dog sh*t have car
    Pretty dog sh*t have home
    Pretty dog sh*t have career & citizenship
    Pretty dog sh*t don’t have a chick nor child
    Pretty dog sh*t don’t have ring on fingers & isn’t obligated to anyone
    Pretty dog sh*t do as she pleases
    Unuh F off & leave di girl. Di girl a live her life & not troubling nobody.
    Sender you are a real hater. Just deh on di girl page a watch out her life. Smh. How unuh idle so? An all the made up stories weh unuh a come wid, unuh man dem still a run her dung. And she still nah look.
    Big up yourself mi pretty dog sh*t friend. Continue giving them sleepless nights. Abayyyyyyy.

  2. A di video yuh shoulda send een mek we finish har pretty dutty bad character self……sen on.

  3. Disgusting women, HOW low art thee ?
    Using filthy words to describe and insult another woman ?
    All for the sake of disloyal penis ?
    Wishing another woman ‘s harm,by hoping she gets battered ?

    Tragic. It seems many women have become lmonsters and lost their sense of softness and heart, that makes us feminine.

    – Fyah Empress –

  4. Di sender sound hurt. Tell us why u really hate the girl. Cause if a because she a use up HER PU$$Y then the sender has to be a jealous witch. Fly away on yo broomstick and leave the woman alone.

  5. The sender sound like dem want Jigga c**k fi suck n nah get it.. bitch/ Mitch.. go look a life Hater.. the worst part they obviously be on her page lurking and hating and probably see har n smile up in har face. Jigga is a bitch and throw wud like a gyal nuff pon him page and be low key dissing people n anybody that knows him man/woman know a suh him tan so if him get diss up him deserve it, him nuh innocent. N as far as Batta bruise goes, duppy know who fi frighten Pussy!! It hurt you how she look good and shape good and all she a dawg shit the man dem loveee the dog shit. Go eat a dick low life.. get yourself together and your self esteem up because only someone that don’t feel good about them self and life would take time out to do this type shit just because they want to see people tear another person down. U R a sad sad case sender!!

  6. She sure deserve to f**k on Jigga because he is walking around f**king all philly nasty girls. No he f**king man. I will send the gay incident with Jigga to you soon Met.

  7. Nobody nah hate pon di gal
    Di gal a whore fi true
    She really a f*k Teflon
    When she use to f**k Gregory and Teflon and him a fren
    No sah dem yah gal yah nuh easy

  8. A gwine done dah gal yah
    Me ago bloodclaat disgrace har
    A gwine send in some pics and vids wid har
    Me ago show unuh how dah gal yah a devil
    Bigga whore Dan dis yuh cyah find
    Pretty likkle bitch

  9. Tracey you a big woman
    Lorna a big woman
    Di 2 a unuh need fi bloodclawt change unuh dutty life
    A vintage pussy unuh have now
    A full time unuh settle dung and stop hide and f**k tom,dick and harry

  10. 4:39 you must the girl in the picture you commented so far 4 times in here what a waste you don’t sound educated at all . Sad how you classify your self as dog shit so many times come like you hav low self esteem for a pretty girl

  11. Wen dis week is over so much things going to come out with dis girl
    Y’all don’t be shock
    All the skeleton will be out her closet

  12. As bad as things be Teflon nah lef she
    So unuh low di people dem life
    It obvious seh she and him in love
    Mek dem grow together
    It nah badda Teflon but it a badda unu
    Unuh really have time fi waste
    Mi gone back a di people dem wuk

  13. She pick di perfect IG name cause har pump pump get no rest.. Dis gal teck all a di man dem a Philly who act like they got a dollar.. Funny thing is she nah collect no money cause is pure cheap I G boutique clothes she wear.. Juss di sight a har Nose turn me off bout she cute.. she did a sleep word sveral of the wild bunch boys. Then on to young Fudge, then on to Jigga and none a dem Neva claims har up. Hide and draw way afta dance dem fi call har.. She cah diss jigga cause him Neva want har up. Funny how she and Shauna love sleep behind one anada. Young Fudge and Jiga had those broads like ping pong putting in extra work with no rewards but mouth and back pain

  14. She has a lengthy f**k list let I help you
    mappie champaign
    Young chow
    Phone thief
    Hammer Donna Gucci step son
    And the list continue
    Dah pussy deh must beat out
    My god inna mi twin of twins voice

  15. Dah gal deh a big ediot
    All di f**k she a f**k she nuh have nutten fi show fi it but di cheap 35 clothes dem
    If you a f**k so much man baby love yuh fi have house car and land worst you nuh have no Pitney fi mine

  16. She’s not pretty to me and her voice is so annoying and she’s so old her womb don’t make sense having she can’t have kids but then again all the girls them in Philly is not up to date all looks like trash

  17. This girl is a big time whore no telling how many yankee men she sleep with on the quiet as well. Her file been put out on Groupie years ago she been whoring long time. And she told a guy that Teflon was her cousin before she really put pics of him on her page. She’s insecure and deletes women off Teflon page. She does pretend to be miss perfect but everybody knows the real you When will see ever really settle down she doesn’t have a house she lives in a apartment. Any money she gets I was told pays her bills including her old loans and trips to Hawaii so I guess her sleeping around serves some purpose lol. She left her husband because he wasn’t what she thought he was she likes money men Either way I hope she finally really settle down and rest her and hopefully she can breed for him after the many abortions she had And another thing please park de Gucci slides and Louis Vuitton clutch and old shoes for early 2010 how you sleep wid so many money men and never have a decent outfit qor shoe to put on

  18. Cooley gal dem run bout is a shame. Dem a peppa. Man always love dem, dem can have a date every night and nobody nuh lie and love f**k like dem. Jamaican man dem tun idiot fi di dutty Indian woman dem. Dem run bout, nuh man nuh gi dem number and dem nuh refuse.

  19. Why Caribbean people love watch people life so much? Who cares what and who anybody is f**king.. Some of you wish you could get some f**k inna unnuh hole some of you not getting ANY… So stop grudge people fi the f**k dem a get. Get yours and get a life of your own.. This is another warning why people need to stay away from Jamaican Caribbean parties cause most of you go there to watch people and fass in people life.

  20. Her ex husband smart fi run her. She was next true him get a next girl pregnant but if she breed would she know the owna? she fool cuz he have more money than the drugs man she deh with. I saw her ex with a next brown big batty one a Lancaster last week. Mi dawg dem always a look di girl but look like him ger her. Tracy don’t even look like his type. The girl sexy and round and ever roll with top man but the Fukka me see har with. Tracy sexy but she have a hard old face. She have low self esteem. Jigga dun har out n turn har fool. Mi dawg leff Tracy not other way

  21. Hehehe me a pop up
    She neva know seh people have her file
    Send in some more things wid her deh
    Because dem comment yah a nuh lie
    She is a decent jancrow

  22. Mappie Champaign f*k har and tell me seh har hole nuh good
    But him wi gwan f*k it cyah she look good
    Other than dat she’s a empty shell

    1. He isn’t qualified to talk about good or bad hole..Average penis men can speak but when u are below 6 inches u really have NO SAY

  23. Lorna bring her go mobay and mek all a di scamma dem f*k har out
    Plus Courtney and him fren den
    World dwag dat

  24. Tracy been bad long time that’s why her husband run her years ago. He divorce her before two years and they don’t have a child. He say her hole huge. But make sense when they was marry she tek man double. She was sleeping with Mikey from Reef, jigga, wild bunch men and her husband. She sleep with her husband friends.
    She wanted money from him and sex from anybody else. She take her ex money and mind man. Her husband start deal with a next girl and get her pregnant before he even divorce Tracy. His baby mother no prize either but she was a little better than whorin Tracy. Tracey pass thru whole heap a man and none a dem give her shit

  25. It’s obvious that it is the same person or the same group a people talking about the woman. .The same comments over and over just different wording smh

    1. At 11:12pm I agree with you , me think a me alone pree dat. You can tell many of the comments is by the sameee person. It’s the same message, she’s a whore, f**k box, she hide n f**k. Everybody dem put up here dem say dem hide n f**k n a undercover whore . Miss Be sure to send them a telegram n notify them appropriately next Man U tek. It must be creepy to know someone is paying such close attention to your life n sadly probably someone you interact with.The worst kind of human, smile all in your face but deep down despise u. Sender hope you’re being rewarded kmt bout not hating on the girl . U R 1000% a hater . she mus tek somebody fi u or u friend .Even if she a whore how is that affecting u n your life?? It seems everytime she fuk a u feel it. U doing over time boo!!, nuh man nuh want her, the girl ugly , har clothes cheap, har hole nuh good, she fuk whole continent, A u hold di cock dem n push inna har hole.?? It obvious she a mad u bloodclaat she deh pon u brain badmind fukka.
      N to the faggot that talk bout him have 5 friend dat fuk her , u a the only one wah couldn’t get none it seems n it bun u BC . hush batty bwoy go change u pad cause u is a bitch. Can bet see some a di fukka dem n di life dem a live wah deh class her to , si dung a grin dem teeth n it mek dem day, nuh cry n wonder when some things reach onu inna life, too hateful n bitter man. Miss, Leave dem Philly f**k boys alone , they talk more than the females, u can do wayyy better, n these dumb bitches will hate your guts over a nigga that don’t even want them either. Girl as long as u a protect yourself and they not paying u bills, they not feeding u, they not putting u up a who dem?? give Caesar what is due to Caesar whore or not every time I see her out she well put together , keep it up my girl You Cheap clothes a kill nuff a dem inna dem name brand n red bottoms n mek foolishness me wuda borrow some a u shape u look good fi a big woman.

  26. Lorna chat Tracey wid fi mi fren
    Bcuz Lorna seh Shi use to f**k Tracy bredda and Tracy get vex bcuz Lorna neva tell her
    And how tracy gwan like she better dan har and look how much man Tracy hide and f**k
    Lorna is no f**king fren to di gal
    All dem do a jealous ova di gal
    Tracy fi low dem alone and be by her self
    Lorna jealous ova di gal bad
    Lorna stop hide and chat yuh fren
    Tracy a neeve alone a yuh fren

  27. First off I don’t know anyone else commenting under this post mi just talk straight facts. Tracey own cousin said she was a mattress for Jigga while she was married. You are a disgrace to your family girl. Tracey is s freaky gal when she get that alcohol in her system. Mi personally hear stories how she deal wid different money men regardless if them hav their woman she don’t mind being the girl on the side. She begged for help to get a new car before she have the Lexus she beg fi help to get the Lexus upgraded. She begged for a sandals bag and money fi har rent. And all this begging was was multiple men. She like to be wine and dined and don’t mind opening her legs to get what she want. Yes she has a nice shape but that face. Years of drinking and partying and sleeping around did her no justice at all. She also a lesbian tell the people how you go Cali and did a threesome. All for the love of money. I will also admit she does have low self esteem I don’t know what happen to her in the past but her list of sexual partners is off di charts. I’m not hating on the girl this is just what’s heard on the streets so everyone will have similar stories. She talks about other woman so it should be expected to see your file on groupie if your a known whore. As far as Teflon nobody don’t want him yes he was the one who follow behind Flippa. Teflon use to live in NY in his mom small apartment broke he was dealing with a girl in JA and probably still is he will never leave her. I’m sure he don’t have much to offer her and she’s waiting for her next big come up. But those two been dealing with each other from what I seen since 2016 she took him to her family house so she’s feeling him I guess but then again she took Jigga and the list goes on I wonder what her mom think cause she knows her daughter a whore.

    1. UnUh can stay deh cause nah leave Teflon alone.. She fine a size fi fit har well.. Teflon hood Bigga Dan fi Jigga and is that’s why she Move up Jigga. Both Jigga and Teflon love woman mine dem. Tracey boo, Teflon nah and cah leave him woman a Jamaica Eva.. Him and har deh ova 13 years, him is the reason she cannot travel. Him affi teck ur things and send go gi har every month. Go look pan har pics how she live good.A Jamaica and Teflon nah work no weh. you no see boy a sell him Buffy fi teck care a him gal.. Funny thing is she no ramp fi gi him back bunn when she hear bout him unfaithfulness. How ironic she wah fava Tracey but she no have no nose problem.. Veachy and sexy shauna was Teflon groupies too. If you Eva notice The mafia ladies dem a laugh with you Tracey , they are actually laughimg at you cause dem know Teflon sell buddy fi a living

  28. Like they said up top, same group of people commenting the same BS. A suh unu dislike the girl & she nah bother unu though? All b/c she a use up unu pu$$y a f*ck? Because a muss fi unu. Damn. One thing bout this girl, she nuh keep or change friends. She’s been friends with Neeve an Lorna for ova 20 odd yrs so all the nonsense dat unu talking will never stop their friendships haters. Come off di girl now man. Unu think dat a go stop man from look her? Unu have another thing coming. Live your life boo. Dem can only come wid made up stories behind keyboard. Sender you’re obsessed with the girl. She not even acknowledge you. Dwl to PC

  29. Tracey a hoe Neeve and Lorna laugh about it. If more than 3 ok we will give you 4 men in the same dance know what under you look like something wrong! You a hoe. Call it what you want pretty hoe lol what ever. Let’s do the math out of the last 5 men you tek, how many of them own you up or claim you as their right woman? None. Not even your ex husband don’t tell anyone you was his wife. That man shame of u bad. The amount of his friends that frig you.
    And Teflon? Didn’t flippa run him cause he get caught stealing in Macys? You sleep with anybody. Broke men.

  30. The stink p***y germs weh obsessed wid the woman need fi get a plunger an clean out r hole an left off the woman . Worry how u getting evicted bitch . U face fava the salvage vehicle u driving, u bitter bitch, according to you she’s a whore yet u keep f***king behind r , jigga pay u yet so u can Mek up fi look a place dogshit.

  31. Ole dun out Tracey and her dun out men lol. Teflon Tracy lol. You gone from big respectable man to cruff. Teflon is a Mafia reject and perry tief
    Tracey no want no betta so they good

    1. Bitch u mad or Naah! F**king hater. I bet ur uncle f**king ur daughter & ur still lonely as f**k. Low di people dem and stop watch di gyal pussy. Old sodamite

      1. You worse mad Tracey if all di comment dis one cause you fi cuss! Hahaha ole clown you really dun all the man a Philly you hon to Teflon oh God why uno no go other place and leff Philly Dancehall.
        U work a airport yes you tuff lookin but u muss can get lil white man or indian man fi mine u lol. Uno just pass round the same ole Philly trash and waan bex an cuss. U shoulda mad ma at your flop hole. Walls gone it nah hole no man. Poor u

  32. Who a di big respectable man she from? A cudden Jigga yuh a talk cuz him a di biggest hoe there is. Mi nuh know how him nuh ketch AIDS yet.

    1. Jigga and she match ole foot Tracy was married to a better man than any of these little tief she run behind. And she was a big woman for him when they married. He run weh her whoring BC and no man ever own her since. The man and him family a strive and Tracy pop dung no education and all di pretty she claim she haffi go work a pickney job at her big age and run behind mafia man.
      Mafia man dem played out since how long and Teflon Flippa did run whey long before him go jail and nah claim u. Batty man Jigga never waan Tracey. Don’t get mad at me for the facts ma get mad at your whole weh a fail you. All the give you a give it weh and pretty you no get no break yet. No man no make life easy for you yet. No man no waan u call dem pickney ma yet and Tracy ya a big ole woman it show in ya face years ago.

  33. So wah if a d same group a ppl a comment???????? Soh dem member the THINGS dem, dem write, aint nothing wrong with dat , nuff a uno a gwan like uno perfect, uno chat ppl to , uno kn dis is a gossip website an uno over yah, if its not dat gal up top uno a talk bout , is someone else, uno may not a lick out cause a uno friend , but wen a some bady else uno a chat and bash dem , soh lowe d ppl dem meck dem chat , if uno noh like gossip or mix up , uno WOULDNT be on pinkwall , cause a mostly dat post up over yah , soh uno comment and move along an stop stress if a d same person or persons a comment kmdt

  34. Unu bitta bad. The girl is a pretty girl. Granted she wearing weave in that pic but why she can’t have long hair if she don’t mix with coolie. Unu say how she look old but she look better than the majority of these young chicks in the dancehall. Btw I don’t know this girl personally but so what want to sleep around. Unu act like she a sleep with man of substance. All these dudes worthless. Jigga with his tic tac toe face ass should be lucky she even look on him much less the rest of the scruff them. You women need to stop putting down each other. Unu sick stomach.

    1. Why should anybody be glad to get a girl that sleeps with anybody? Jigga was bottom and she get Dun out by him and stoop even LOWER with Teflon. Hahaha guess he should be glad she a rub her toss round self on him to? You sound stupid.
      Obviously the point is Tracy is no prize. She don’t look no better than anyone in Dancehall she look like all the regular tired Philly Dancehall girls that done before they time. Tracey not ugly but please get over this pretty shit she bout 40 look bout 47 and yes she shape good for her age but all the Dancehall girl buying shape to do that is nothing? Kmt why uno love compare yourself to the worst set of girls in the world to validate yourself.
      Please old lady stop defend these foolish ways time a run out pon you. You gone from professional husband to Dancehall flunkie your hole get a demotion and only thing u can say bout her is she look better than other Dancehall mattress. Big Woman please stop it. Better yet continue do what you best at!

  35. It’s a blogg. Plp can write how they feel. You don’t have to agree. Nobody is no damn coward. She not ugly she just f*** out. Nobody cares if she wah f*** the whola Merica. Plp a state facts. Jigga neva write nutten bout this girl. Why unnuh a attact him? Is a other females a talk up di tings dem.

  36. Philly bitches are haters hate on each other day in day out laugh in your face and stab you in your back,any ways new topic now munchy show time what’s up with you and the eviction.

  37. Sender you bitter bad. If you never bothered you wouldn’t send this in. All a dis over man? A so jigga sex good? Cause him no rich. Bwoy unnu stupid. Jigga don’t even look 100 percent straight needa

  38. He really does look straight fi real. He is mean. Him nuh gi woman nutten but a dick but all these nuckle head bitches be wanting this shit. Dem Philly gyal yah nuh have no ambition. Stop fellow backa a man weh f*** man,dwag and gyal. He ain’t shit.

  39. Munchy where are you in the attic with beachy or all bundled up,unnuh love chat people and more chat deah pan unnuh dat mean all that f**king and no collecting it Betta unnuh sell f**k to pussyclathe big old waste you mek tyesh a laugh off a you.

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