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September 5 at 3:43pm ·
DISCLAIMER: I DIDNT SEE THIS UNTIL AFTER THINGS WAS DONE!!! And he would be leaving me 4 and 5 days a week to go sleep and mess with the other girl!😂
Since thé post from last night can no longer be seen on my page sadly I’ll post this Here instead. Guys be 26 years old hype to own and wear ethika underwear but it be full of shit stains. This is how you Queens guys give it up? Come to the Cuse and don’t know how to act. Out here trynna play girls but your draws look like this. Maaaaaan i was tight i didnt see this sooner. I hope after this experience with me Dashawn never tries himself again 😭😂 want to try to be a player well good luck talking to girls now

10 thoughts on “DIS A MORE DAN SKID MARK

  1. Which nasty woman post this? Lady yu never have a problem with the dirty draws a just because u getting bun or him leave you mek u posting this. Nasty bitch it look worse pon you than him. Women teach your boy pickney dem to wipe properly or to take a shower after pooping, because a nuff man out here walking round wid skid marks like dem hot.

  2. Quite so, his back passage muscles have caved in. He is taking large ones round the back there, and I don’t know why the sender did not realise this for herself #naiveorwhat

  3. But look pon him good, he looks dirty, playa where? Him have on name brand dirty clothes ( women have it ruff, all him a playa)

  4. HE HAS ALWAYSSSS BEEN NASTY!!! If you’ve been with him for some time you’ve smelt him, and have previously tried to remove numerous other stains. HIS MOUTH, ARM PITS, BEHIND HIS EAR, HIS HEAD, HIS BELLY BUTTON, UNDER HIS NECK AND UNDERNEATH HIM STINKS! I’m sure you used to suck him off, and possibly have eaten a few bags of groceries!!! PLEASE BE CLEAR THAT ITS EXTREMELY EVIDENT THAT YOU ARE THE ONE THATS NASTY!! MY GIRL YOUR MATTERS, DINING CHAIRS AND SOFAS SMELL, AT THE VERY LEAST!! The things you people do just to say you have a man. Flippin nasty!! :hammers GET IN THE TUB RIGHT NOW!!

  5. You really want people to believe, he got this nasty, this fast after you’ve ended? :hoax2 :hoax2 NAHHHHHHH!!! You got so good at removing the sh#t stains, he didn’t even wipe anymore. :hoax2

    Met, it’s not a skid mark, ((ITS A STOP WIPE)))!!

  6. Lawwd!! How much days him have on that deh drawz!? And question is why the woman dem who him a cheat wid neva see it? Unless him a hide it good, him suppose to stink tho.

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