A man was the butt of laughter in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court last week when a cop told the judge that his woman was always beating him.

The 33-year-old man appeared in court as a complainant, saying that his lover used a knife to cut him on his left arm after he told her he was ending their relationship.

The man’s companion, Tasheka Watson, 35, of Allman Town in Kingston, who was charged with unlawful wounding, was also present.

The court heard that the couple got into an altercation at their home because Watson did not want the man to leave her.

During the dispute Watson reportedly used a knife to inflict a wound to the complainant.

However, on Tuesday when Watson appeared before Parish Judge Sanchia Burrell she denied the allegation.

“Is the door hit him,” she said.

According to Watson, she went inside the house and was closing the door after the complainant, who was leaving, told her not to follow him.

But this was denied by the complainant, who told the court that he was attacked after he asked her to allow him inside the house to take out his clothes.

The cop who investigated the matter interjected and told the court that the couple was always going to the police station to make complaints about each other, but most of the times the man was the complainant.

“She always a beat him,” the cop said, sparking laughter from the court.

Watson then told the court that she and her partner had been living together for two years and that he was a good man to her and her eight-year-old daughter.

“Everything we do together — we cook together, go church together, and if anything to do up a mi daughter school, we do it together. He is like a father to her. Everybody in the community think he is her father,” she said.

The judge told her that it appeared that she had a good relationship with her partner but that she needed to start behaving herself and learn self-control and conflict-resolution skills.

“You need to think seriously about what you want. You want to go spend time with the ladies at Fort Augusta, or you want to go home and be with your man?” Judge Burrell asked. “Behave yourself. Every minute you have the man a run go down a station.”

The judge again told Watson to improve her behaviour, adding that this was necessary, not only for the sake of her relationship as she had a good partner, but for her child as well.

However Watson, in her defence, said she was a good woman.

“I teach him a lot of things. When I meet him he was like uptown. I teach him to cook and explore him,” she said, eliciting another bout of laughter from the court.

Judge Burrell then told the couple that she liked both of them, noting, “You have a lovely relationship.”

She instructed the probation officer to organise counselling for the couple and extended Watson’s bail for her to return to court on October 24.

Man slaps girlfriend for answering his phone call from ‘side chick’

A conductor appeared before the court for slapping his woman in her face during a quarrel after she answered his phone when his alleged ‘side chick’ was calling.

Junior Cunningham, of Waltham Park Road, Kingston, was arrested and charged with assault occasioning bodily harm following a dispute with his girlfriend at their home on August 24.

The court was told that about 1:00 am the couple was in bed when Cunningham’s phone rang and his girlfriend answered, triggering an argument.

During the dispute, Cunningham slapped the complainant in her face, causing pain and swelling.

Last Friday when he appeared in court he pleaded guilty but told Parish Judge Simone Wolfe-Reece that he did it out of frustration, as he was tired of his girlfriend nagging him about being unfaithful.

“Mi an her live and every day when mi come home from work she accusing me of having other woman, and every night she always a dig,” he said.

But he told the judge, “Mi know say mi wrong fi hit her.”

Cunningham then sought the court’s help regarding a report he said his girlfriend made to the police.

“Next thing she say, mi beat har and mek she lose har baby and mi waan know when dat?” he asked.

But Judge Wolfe-Reece told him, “When you come out you can go ask her when and where.”

She also told him, “You must not lick people, no matter what is going on; that’s not how you deal with issues.”

The judge then told Cunningham that she was going to fine him $8,000, but he indicated that he would need one working week to pay the fine. As a result the judge postponed the sentencing until September 22, and extended his bail.

Schoolboys accused of injuring another with knife and screwdriver.

One of two high school boys accused of injuring another during a stabbing incident outside the gate of a school was remanded when the case was mentioned last Friday.

Javaugnie Darby, 19, was remanded while his 16-year-old co-accused had his bail extended. Both are charged with possession of an offensive weapon and wounding with intent.

The allegations before the court are that on June 19 at 8:30 am, the complainant was attacked by the two accused as he stood outside the locked school gate with a group of boys.

The 16-year-old was reportedly armed with a screwdriver, while Darby was said to have had a knife. They used both implements to inflict wounds to the upper and lower back of the 15-year-old complainant.

The complainant was taken to Kingston Public Hospital where he was admitted for four days. According to his mother, he is still being treated at a health centre.

The investigating officer told the court that Darby had evaded the police and that they took him off a plane from the Cayman Islands and arrested him on his return to Jamaica.

But his lawyer, Charles Williams, told the court that his client did not deliberately keep himself away form the police. He had gone to visit his family in the Cayman Islands but when he heard that the police were looking for him he returned to Jamaica.

Williams also told the court that his client did not stab anyone.

“There was a fight, but we did not inflict any wound,” he said.

The prosecutor told the court that the medical report was outstanding and another mention date was subsequently set for September 15, when Darby’s lawyer is expected to make a bail application.

Attorney Vincent Wellesley is representing the minor.


  1. What a judgement from the learned Judge…they always a complain to the police about beating each other. .and the judge declares dem have a lovely loving relationship! !??okkkkk

    I bet by explore him..she really means that she freak out that poor lil uptown can’t mash ants yute smh!No wonder she a stab him up fi prevent her top trained freak from leaving smh.

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