nasty tonni yuh naah stop carry Yuh p**y pon Yuh forehead now gyal whole park know Yuh a hide and f**k Kareem Yuh can’t beg him build on a house fi Yuh b**tch. Come class people inna fake cheap ass hair duty gyal Yuh haffi wait till Yuh mada fly out fi book inna fi her part a house walk all over f**k every man Yuh friend Dem link with😂😂 memba nuh breed again cause Yuh nuh know father Yuh first child naah go know the one fi this yah one.


12 thoughts on “DIS A NUH HIDING

  1. Senda you sound hurt thou like u wish u did have a good pussy like di gal own, pussy come fi beat up like egg suh weh yah sey?? Badmind a kill yuh dutty bloodclatt bitch. Come affa di bloodclattt gal name and gweh.

  2. Tonni a who trouble them..all dem know Fi do a watch out ppl business..you still bless my girl.. badmine active…

  3. Some nasty gal no know ntn wehba gwan them stink no bloodcloth…. Some gal sad like funeral n salt like sea TPC u can siii say a somebody weh no know ntn about Toni a make up sumu…. Move u bloodcloth

  4. Must rat bat doneisha or man mascot tassy post this but tassy your story coming in shortly you never stop bawl and say you ago kill you Pitney till you get back the big pants boy no ambition unu leave toni a follow u a follow tassy stop carry news fi clothes young and worthless

    1. Tell yuh this don’t put me inna unno f**y mix up yet me ago class tonni that done with long time mi nuh business who tonni a f**k only low life gyal pree out gyal pussy me know bout one father for Jahleel so when unno want try mix ppl go find out write this f**y tonni must know her enemy mi nuh class ppl pickney suh you nuh write me rass name bout rat bat check yuh pussy…..see how far me deh from woodfortpark f**k it have to do with me if tonni want f**k pussy come fi f**k suh when unno f**y mix up a gwan nuh call me rass name cause me lost Inna all a Dem drama yah.

  5. Talk truth nuh call my bloodclaat name who ever you be, tonni and me anuh friend that’s it f**k I care who tonni want f**k me nuh pussyclaat business Inna people life in no nuh call me rass name Inna nuh mix-up cause me naah watch nobody pussy my life nuh sad fi a watch gyal sad life people watch out ppl life…..out all a tonni one time friend dem unno choose to call my rass name please unno nuh mix and blend me worst when Dem a talk bout child mi nuh class ppl Pinckney no unno come off mi bloodclaat name.

  6. Talk truth or whatever you want name that a hide behind a fake page nastiness please don’t call doneshia name cause i don’t know why you think tonni sex life is important for tete to post it on pink walk please to hop off cause the only rat bat i see here is you

  7. That’s all yu all good for to mix an blend people in yu all mix yu don’t put mi sister name in a nothing waste gal bout yu name talk truth tonni child is like family cause he is my son god son so i don’t know why yu think tete would put tonni on pink wall and class yu her child what a way you remember mi nice clean sister that yu a call up her name

  8. I knw Tete didn’t do this bt all these f**ng badmind gal yah weh a write up mi name plz leave my life alone.all who a do it knw dem self is nt my fault mek unuh Pussy nuh good unuh come off a mi name n nuh body caay write up this n feel me ago jump n seh a sumbody do it fi me n ppl inna tings.i live my life di way I want.mi ave a son a live fah.unuh need fi go get unuh self a job r go suck a hood r pussy n leave ppl business outta unuh mouth nasty sour pussy gal

  9. I knw tete didn’t do this ok.unuh caay mek me m ppl fight I ave a son living for ok I don’t ave time for waste ppl n matter.u bitches r free to speculate wateva u want to ok bye leave out of ur thoughts plz n thx u

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