1. All di man a try reason wid har she nah hear..all him a try tell har seh a di trouble him a try help har if avoid she insist fi war ..anything she get if she go ova deh she work fi it teck yuh pickney and gaaa yuh yawd look how much a dem a tell har dat

  2. A very understanding man ;this gal needs to get a serious check she not even thonking bout the baby

  3. This girl lives in my scheme in Braeton portmore. Her head is 25 %. She has 3 kids in all 3 different baby daddy. None stay all run. She is a nutcase. Her parents took the other 2 kids. Saw her the other day with this new baby she said she and this new guy will be getting married. I was saying to myself is must a mad man breed r. Anyways come home Shana to your parents bad leave man alone. Try to get some help from mental doctors and stop getting pregnant.

  4. This is what is wrong wid the world, dem people yah wah a give birth. Man likkle but him talawah, sorry fi him, caz di gal shame him fi tru, if a did me lakkah him mi wouldah tek mi pickney and send har back a har yaard caz she is just a “surrogate” as far as mi concern. Dyam wukliss gal, di man all deh seh “look how u decent and ah come up yah a gallang suh”, shame and disgrace in di fambily..Poor man..ar gwan guh find uself a next woman who deserve u.

  5. Dat gyal hab ah piece ah determination sah. Di whole time she days ah focus pon di war and nah think bout di likkle baby. Di bwoy shoulda think bout twice bout breeding dis mad gyal.

  6. Met as soon as me see the video we eyes start water. Years ago i would have the same opinion but but not anymore. The girl is sick. My sister is like this when her bipolar sickness hits. If you dont know the person you think they want to fight. My sister is the quietest person you could meet but when her head tek har she want beat everybody. Now i have to be very careful with my choice of words when i talk to her ( I avoid mad or sick head, sick, mental and any thing close to it).

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