0 thoughts on “DIS BIG KRISMUS EVE

  1. It’s called supply and demand…ya’ll soooo desperate tuh do business with this nasty attitude girl and because she knows this, she’s gonna continue tuh take ya’lls money and treat ya’ll like shit…

  2. Bet if she had business competitors and she started losing her customers tuh them, she would change her tune real quick..

  3. Looooool listen all them shoes she selling for $4000 and up she buy them for $9.88 and I will assuming she buy them in bulk so she get them for less, I know she got to pay to ship and clear them but come on now…..to me it also seems like she walk around and look to other people price and then put hers for less all them makeup she’s selling probably fake ass well she got from fleemarket……not hating on her because money out there for all of us but her tacky ass really need to chill I’d rather wear a garbage bag than spend my money with her is she was the last store on earth…..seem like she really desperate for a boo or one to own her lol

  4. I wonder if unno know this girl is not even 21 yet she is a child and she acts like it so they just doing business with a little pissy tail pickney

  5. She is 23 I believe so she’s grown her attitude is too stink that’s all…..and everything don’t gotta be posted we don’t need to know if ur business doing good or bad……her so called friends don’t mean her no good especially the dude that have goat in his IG name he stay under her pics gasing her up.

  6. At the end of the day people still a buy, her progress will keep going up and up suh I Doah see why people waste so much energy to try stop har thing, it clearly nah work . It nuh matter where she get har shoes dem or har things dem. unu jus hate fi see seh people a support the girl thing and she a get Likkle recognition all over.

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